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The Phæno Science Center is an interactive science center in Wolfsburg, Germany, completed in 2005. Phæno arose from urban planning by the City of Wolfsburg. In 1998 City officials were developing a plot of vacant, public land immediately adjacent to Wolfsburg’s railway station and just south of VW’s huge, then-unfinished attraction Autostadt. An art museum was planned for the site, but Dr. Wolfgang Guthardt, then the City’s Director for Culture, Sports and Education, knew that such an institution would compete with Wolfsburg’s successful Kunst Museum (Art Museum) and needed other options. Guthardt visited Technorama, a science center in Switzerland and became convinced that a science center in Wolfsburg would complement both Autostadt and the Kunst Museum.

Phæno科學中心是德國沃爾夫斯堡的一個互動科學中心,於2005年完工.Phæno來自沃爾夫斯堡市的城市規劃。 1998年,市政府官員正在開發一塊空地,公共土地,緊鄰沃爾夫斯堡火車站,就在大眾汽車巨大的當時尚未完工的景點汽車城以南。該網站計劃建立一個藝術博物館,但當時該市文化,體育和教育部主任Wolfgang Guthardt博士知道,這樣的機構將與沃爾夫斯堡成功的藝術博物館(藝術博物館)競爭,並需要其他選擇。 Guthardt參觀了瑞士科學中心Technorama,並確信沃爾夫斯堡的一個科學中心將與Autostadt和Kunst博物館相得益彰。

General information
Architectural style:Deconstructivism
Town or city:Wolfsburg
Coordinates:52°25′44″N 10°47′24″ECoordinates: 52°25′44″N 10°47′24″E
Completed:24 November 2005
Client:City of Wolfsburg
Design and construction
Architect:Zaha Hadid

坐標:52°25’44“N 10°47’24”ECoordinates:52°25’44“N 10°47’24”E
建築師:Zaha Hadid

Preliminary planning began in November 1998, and one year later Joe Ansel, an American consultant and designer, was approached to handle the exhibitions and other operational aspects of the project. An architectural design competition was held in January 2000 and the prominent architect Zaha Hadid won, in conjunction with structural engineers, Adams Kara Taylor. About five years later, Phæno opened to the public on November 24, 2005 with over 250 interactive exhibits from Ansel Associates, Inc. all enclosed in an astounding concrete structure designed by Zaha Hadid, her German associate, Mayer Bährle architects and Adams Kara Taylor. The architectural design has been described as a “hypnotic work of architecture – the kind of building that utterly transforms our vision of the future.” The design won a 2006 RIBA European Award as well as the 2006 Institution of Structural Engineers Award for Arts, Leisure and Entertainment Structures.

初步規劃於1998年11月開始,一年後,美國顧問兼設計師Joe Ansel接洽處理該項目的展覽和其他運營方面。 2000年1月舉行了建築設計競賽,著名建築師Zaha Hadid與結構工程師Adams Kara Taylor共同獲獎。大約五年後,Phæno於2005年11月24日向公眾開放,展出來自Ansel Associates,Inc。的250多件互動展品,全部由Zaha Hadid,她的德國合作夥伴MayerBährle建築師和Adams Kara Taylor設計的驚人的混凝土結構。建築設計被描述為“建築的催眠作品 – 這種建築完全改變了我們對未來的看法。”該設計獲得了2006年RIBA歐洲獎以及2006年結構工程師學會的藝術,休閒和娛樂結構獎。


The building stands on concrete stilts, allowing visitors to the Autostadt to pass through without interfering with the workings of the building. Phæno is connected to the Autostadt by a metal bridge accessed by escalators and stairs either side. The underside of Phæno and the “stilts” are illuminated.

Dr. Guthardt is now Phæno’s first Executive Director. Phæno has enjoyed high attendance and broad public acceptance since its grand opening. The Science Center has a theme song, “Phaenomenal,” which was written and performed by American singer/songwriter Amanda Somerville for the opening.

The Phæno was included on a list of the 7 wonders of the Modern World (objects built since 2000) by The Financialist.

該建築矗立在混凝土高蹺上,允許來自Autostadt的遊客通過,而不會干擾建築物的運作。 Phæno通過金屬橋連接到Autostadt,通過自動扶梯和樓梯兩側進入。 Phæno的底面和“高蹺”都被照亮了。

古特哈特博士現在是Phæno的第一任執行董事。 Phêno自盛大開幕以來一直享有很高的出席率和廣泛的公眾認可度。科學中心有一首主題曲“Phaenomenal”,由美國歌手/詞曲作者Amanda Somerville為開幕式創作。

Phæno被列入The Financialist的現代世界七大奇蹟(自2000年以來建造的物品)的名單中。


FROM:Phaeno Science Center (Cities Skylines – STEAM)

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