Taking its cues from a cuckoo clock, Cuckoo House is a cafe combined with a four-person house in Da Nang, Vietnam, designed by architecture studio Tropical Space.

Built entirely from local clay bricks, the coffee shop forms a single-storey base, while the two-storey home sits on top and cantilevers out over the green space below.

Cuckoo House從布穀鳥鐘中汲取靈感,是一家咖啡館,與越南峴港的四人住宅相結合,由建築工作室Tropical Space設計。


Cuckoo House’s ground floor is wrapped by a brick shell, made permeable by large arched openings. Half of this area forms a large outdoor courtyard, while the other half houses the glass box of the coffee shop.

Cuckoo House的一樓由磚殼包裹,通過大型拱形開口滲透。 該區域的一半形成一個大型戶外庭院,而另一半則是咖啡廳的玻璃盒。


The various elements of the programme are all held together by what the architects called “buffer layers”, areas of loosely programmed space that encourage movement out of rooms and chance encounters.


“Habits mean most people’s daily lives usually take place in functional spaces,” said the architects.

“We have detached the walls that define these spaces to offer buffer space, urging people to leave their rooms and join together.”



For the home, these buffer areas are the uncovered space between the three blocks. They take the form of elevated, planted alleyways that run through the brick forms of the house, which is split into three distinct blocks.

對於家庭來說,這些緩衝區域是三個區塊之間的未覆蓋空間。 它們採用高架的種植小巷的形式,穿過房屋的磚形,分為三個不同的街區。

Depending on the level of privacy desired, various areas of the house can be connected or closed off via these buffer areas, through windows and small cuckoo clock-style wooden doors.

These open areas are also part of the natural ventilation strategy, allowing cool air to flow through the home during hot summers.



The spaces of the home continue the arched language of the ground floor to provide large windows, while above bedrooms are given more privacy with a perforated brick facade, which also provides the potential for natural ventilation if the inner layer of glazing is opened.

Internally the brickwork, along with exposed concrete and wooden floors, creates cool, shaded spaces, dappled with the light that enters through the facade.



Tropical Space has form with using these strategies to bring natural ventilation into its designs.

Shells of perforated brickwork were used to surround both their Termitary House project, also in Da Nang, and Terra Cotta Studio near Hội An.


穿孔磚牆被用來圍繞他們的Termitary House項目,也在峴港和HộiAn附近的Terra Cotta工作室。



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