Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum

The Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum (colloquially MSU Broad, not to be confused with The Broad in Los Angeles), is a contemporary art museum at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan. It opened on November 10, 2012.

Eli和Edythe Broad藝術博物館(俗稱MSU Broad,不要與洛杉磯的The Broad混淆),是位於密歇根州東蘭辛的密歇根州立大學的當代藝術博物館。 它於2012年11月10日開放。

Established:November 2012
Location:547 East Circle Drive,
East Lansing, Michigan
Coordinates:42°43′57.88″N 84°28′36.29″W
Collection size:7,500 items
Visitors:125,000–150,000 annually
Director:Marc-Olivier Wahler
Nearest parking:Campus parking: Lots 7 & 8 and the Grand River Parking Structure

地點:547 East Circle Drive,
坐標:42°43’57.88“N 84°28’36.29”W
主任:Marc-Olivier Wahler
最近的停車場:校園停車場:7號和8號大道以及Grand River停車場結構

On June 1, 2007, Michigan State received a $28 million donation from businessman Eli Broad and his wife, Edythe, for the construction of a new art museum, to replace the old Kresge Art Museum in the school’s art building. At their June 15 meeting, the MSU Board of Trustees approved the construction of the museum with initial plans to demolish the building then in the proposed location, the Paolucci Building. Michael Rush was named as the founding director in December 2010. Michael Rush died of pancreatic cancer on March 27, 2015. Marc-Olivier Wahler was named the director on March 9, 2016.

2007年6月1日,密歇根州立大學從商人Eli Broad和他的妻子Edythe那裡獲得了2800萬美元的捐款,用於建造一個新的藝術博物館,以取代學校藝術建築中的舊Kresge藝術博物館。 在6月15日的會議上,密歇根州立大學董事會批准了博物館的建設,初步計劃拆除建築物,然後在擬建的地點Paolucci Building。 Michael Rush於2010年12月被任命為創始董事.Michael Rush於2015年3月27日死於胰腺癌.Marc-Olivier Wahler於2016年3月9日被任命為導演。

Construction and opening
Construction on the museum began March 16, 2010, at a groundbreaking ceremony attended by Eli Broad and Zaha Hadid. Originally scheduled to open April 21, 2012, the official dedication was delayed until November due to “a combination of material supply delays and the priority placed on involving students in opening activities”.

The angular facade is composed of pleated stainless steel and glass and was conceived to give the building “an ever-changing appearance that arouses curiosity yet never quite reveals its content.” (Zaha Hadid Architects). Seventy percent of the 46,000 square feet (4,300 m2) is dedicated to exhibition space.

The museum also includes an educational facility, a works on paper study center, administration offices, a café and a shop; as well as a pedestrian plaza and a sculpture garden.

博物館的建設於2010年3月16日在Eli Broad和Zaha Hadid參加的奠基儀式上開始。 原計劃於2012年4月21日開放,由於“材料供應延遲和優先考慮讓學生參與開業活動”,官方的奉獻推遲到11月。

棱角分明的立面由褶皺不銹鋼和玻璃組成,旨在為建築物提供“不斷變化的外觀,引起好奇,但從未充分展現其內容。” (Zaha Hadid Architects)。 46,000平方英尺(4300平方米)的百分之七十用於展覽空間。

博物館還包括教育設施,紙質研究中心,行政辦公室,咖啡館和商店; 以及步行廣場和雕塑花園。


FROM:Michigan State University, Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum

FROM:Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum fly through animation Zaha Hadid

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