Capital Hill Residence

Capital Hill Residence is the only private residence designed by Zaha Hadid that was built in her lifetime. Vladislav Doronin, the owner of the house, speaks on working with Hadid to build his unique residence in Moscow. Zaha Hadid Architect’s Patrik Schumacher, who worked on this project, explains the legacy of Capital Hill Residence as a testament to Hadid.

Capital Hill Residence是紮哈·哈迪德(Zaha Hadid)設計的唯一一座私人住宅。 房子的主人弗拉迪斯拉夫多羅寧談到與哈迪德合作在莫斯科建造他獨特的住所。 參與這個項目的Zaha Hadid建築師Patrik Schumacher解釋了Capital Hill Residence的遺產作為Hadid的證明。

In 2006, russian businessman vladislav doronin commissioned zaha hadid to design his private house on a remote plot of land outside of moscow. now, the ‘capital hill residence’, which is the only private home that hadid designed, is complete. located on the north-facing hillside in barvikha, where pine and birch trees grow to heights of up to 30 meters, the form of the building is defined by its natural topography with fluid geometries emerging from the landscape and remaining partially embedded within the hillside.

2006年,俄羅斯商人vladislav doronin委託zaha hadid在莫斯科郊外偏遠的土地上設計他的私人住宅。 現在,’首都山住宅’,這是唯一設計的私人住宅,是完整的。 位於barvikha朝北的山坡上,松樹和白樺樹的高度可達30米,建築的形狀由其自然地形決定,流體幾何形狀從景觀中浮現出來,並部分嵌入山坡中。

The house was designed for vladislav doronin, the founder, chairman, and CEO of OKO group — an international real estate development firm. in explaining his vision to zaha hadid, doronin said: ‘I want to wake up in the morning and just see blue sky’. hadid replied, ‘you realize you have to be above the trees?’ consequently, the dwelling is divided into two main components. the first merges with the sloping forested landscape, while a separate volume ‘floats’ 22 meters above the ground to benefit from the spectacular views of the forest over the trees.

這所房子是為國際房地產開發公司OKO集團的創始人,董事長兼首席執行官vladislav doronin設計的。 在解釋他對扎哈哈迪德的看法時,多羅寧說:“我想在早上醒來,看到藍天”。 哈迪德回答說,“你意識到你必須在樹上?”因此,住宅分為兩個主要部分。 第一個與傾斜的森林景觀融為一體,而另一個體積“漂浮”在地面以上22米處,可以欣賞到森林在樹上的壯觀景色。

Comprising entertainment spaces, an indoor swimming pool, fitness and massage areas, sauna and hammam, as well as guest rooms and exterior terraces, the residence reflects vladislav doronin’s health-centered lifestyle and his passion for both wellness and hospitality. a film where doronin explains his ideas for project can be viewed at the top of this page. the movie also features patrik schumacher, the architect who has led zaha hadid architects since hadid’s passing in 2016.

酒店設有娛樂區,室內游泳池,健身和按摩區,桑拿浴室,土耳其浴室以及客房和外部露台,反映了vladislav doronin以健康為中心的生活方式以及對健康和熱情好客的熱情。 多納寧解釋他對項目的想法的電影可以在本頁頂部查看。 這部電影還有帕特里克·舒馬赫(patrik schumacher),這位建築師自2016年哈迪德逝世以來一直領導zaha hadid建築師。



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