Wonderland Head sculpture 仙境頭雕塑

Wonderland is a 12 meter sculpture created by Jaume Plensa standing outside The Bow Tower. It is the face of a young girl created by a mesh grid with doorways on either side of the base.

仙境是由Jaume Plensa創建的12米雕塑,站在弓塔外。 它是一個年輕女孩的臉,由一個網格構成,在基座的兩側都有門道。

Spanish artist Jaume Plensa unveiled a giant new sculpture called Wonderland at the base of Calgary’s tallest tower, The Bow. The wire mesh piece stands 39 feet high and resembles a young girl’s head. (It was actually inspired by a real girl in Spain.) Interestingly, the sculpture has two entrances so that visitors can walk inside of it. “My vision for Wonderland is to inspire everyone who experiences the sculpture: I believe the architecture of our bodies is the palace for our dreams,” said Plensa.

Wonderland is sure to be quite the experience for visitors or, more specifically, photographers. Said blogger Mike Morrison, “I got a chance to explore the sculpture and I was really impressed. Not that I’m an art critic, but it was really interesting to look at, it feels like it changes with every step you take in any direction and I think it’ll definitely be a favourite among those who like to take photos. Almost a year after it opened, I’m still seeing some amazing photography of the Peace Bridge, I think Wonderland will be the same.

“My one piece of advice would be to definitely explore it at night. For one, the crowds are a lot quieter, we practically got to experience the whole thing by ourselves, plus the piece really comes alive when it lights up. Especially with The Bow in the background. I will definitely be back…with a better camera.”

西班牙藝術家Jaume Plensa在卡爾加里最高的塔樓The Bow的基礎上推出了一個名為仙境的巨型新雕塑。金屬絲網片高39英尺,類似於一個年輕女孩的頭部。 (這實際上是受到西班牙一位真正的女孩的啟發。)有趣的是,雕塑有兩個入口,遊客可以走進去。 “我對仙境的願景是激勵每一位體驗雕塑的人:我相信我們身體的建築是我們夢想的宮殿,”Plensa說。




FROM:Wonderland Head sculpture by Jaume Plensa. Bow Building Calgary

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