The Bow 弓塔

The Bow is a 158,000-square-metre (1,700,000 sq ft) office building for the headquarters of Encana Corporation and Cenovus Energy, in downtown Calgary, Alberta. The 236 metre (774 ft) building is currently the second tallest office tower in Calgary, since construction of Brookfield Place; and the third tallest in Canada outside Toronto. The Bow is also considered the start of redevelopment in Calgary’s Downtown East Village. It was completed in 2012 and was ranked among the top 10 architectural projects in the world of that year according to Azure magazine.

Bow是位於阿爾伯塔省卡爾加里市中心的Encana Corporation和Cenovus Energy總部的158,000平方米(1,700,000平方英尺)辦公樓。 這座236米(774英尺)的建築目前是卡爾加里第二高的辦公樓,自Brookfield Place建成以來; 多倫多以外的加拿大第三高。 Bow也被認為是卡爾加里市中心東村重建的開始。 據Azure雜誌報導,它於2012年完工,並被評為當年世界十大建築項目之一。

General information
Location:500 Centre Street SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Coordinates:51°02′52″N 114°03′44″WCoordinates: 51°02′52″N 114°03′44″W
Construction started:June 13, 2007
Cost:$1.4 billion CAD
Owner:H&R REIT
Roof:236 m (774 ft)
Technical details
Floor count:58 floors
53 office floors
2 retail floors
4 mechanical floors
3 sky gardens
Floor area:2,150,425 sq ft (199,781.0 m2)
Design and construction
Architect:Foster + Partners, Zeidler Partnership Architects
Developer:Matthews Southwest
Structural engineer:Halcrow Yolles
Main contractor:Ledcor Group of Companies

地點:500 Centre Street SE,Calgary,Alberta,Canada
坐標:51°02’52“N 114°03’44”WCoordinates:51°02’52“N 114°03’44”W
所有者:H&R REIT
建築師:Foster + Partners,Zeidler Partnership Architects
開發者:Matthews Southwest
結構工程師:Halcrow Yolles

Groundbreaking took place on June 13, 2007, with work starting on both sides of 6th Avenue South between Centre Street and 1st Street East. Sixth Avenue was excavated, after closure of the block (August 21, 2007) and the six level underground parkade was constructed on a two block area, on both north and south side of 6th Avenue.

A neighbouring historic building – The York Hotel, built 1929–1930 in the Edwardian Commercial Architectural style – was demolished to make room for the new building. Because of the historical significance of the York Hotel, it was important to save as much as reasonable to incorporate into the new structure. Between 70 and 80 percent of the bricks were saved and used to reconstruct two of the hotel’s exterior walls. The brown brick originally supplied by Clayburn Brick in Abbotsford and the cast-in-concrete friezes have been removed, numbered and graphed to show the original location the brick and friezes were installed on the new building in their original locations. The remainder of the building was demolished ahead of schedule by Calgary-based demolition and environmental contractor Hazco.

The concrete foundation was continuously poured over 36 hours on May 11 and 12, 2008, being the largest of its kind in Canada, and third largest in the world after the Howard Hughes Center in Los Angeles and the Sama Tower (Al Durrah Tower) in Dubai. Some 14,000 cubic metres (18,000 cu yd) of concrete filled the 3,000-square-metre (30,000 sq ft) foundation.

Erection of the above-ground steel superstructure began in October 2008 with the installation of the first of two Favelle Favco heavy-lift tower cranes.

Construction was briefly halted in December 2008 due to a $400 million shortage of financing needed to finish the job. The project continued to move forward, despite the unresolved financing issues. In April 2009, a secondary tower in the project, the 200,000-square-foot (19,000 m2) building planned for a block south of the main tower, was put on hold for at least two years. The main tower, however, was set to continue, having secured the remaining $475 million required for completion of the structure.

On July 8, 2010, the Bow surpassed Suncor Energy Centre as Calgary’s highest building. The 215 metres (705 ft) tall Suncor Energy Centre was the highest building in Calgary since 1984. The addition of a steel girder, part of floors 55 to 57, raised the Bow tower to 218 metres (715 ft).


鄰近的歷史建築 – 約克酒店,建於1929年至1930年的愛德華時代商業建築風格 – 被拆除,為新建築騰出空間。由於約克酒店的歷史意義,重要的是盡可能合理地保存到新結構中。 70%至80%的磚塊被保存並用於重建酒店的兩個外牆。最初由阿伯茨福德的Clayburn Brick提供的棕色磚和混凝土澆築的帶狀物已被拆除,編號和圖形顯示原始位置,磚和帶狀物安裝在新建築的原始位置。卡爾加里的拆遷和環保承包商Hazco提前拆除了該建築的其餘部分。

2008年5月11日和12日,混凝土基礎不斷傾倒36小時,是加拿大最大的混凝土基礎,繼洛杉磯霍華德休斯中心和薩馬塔(Al Durrah Tower)之後,世界排名第三。迪拜。大約14,000立方米(18,000立方米)的混凝土填滿了3000平方米(30,000平方英尺)的基礎。

2008年10月,安裝了兩台Favelle Favco重型塔式起重機中的第一台,開始安裝地上鋼結構。

由於完成工作所需的4億美元資金短缺,2008年12月施工暫時停止。儘管融資問題尚未解決,該項目仍繼續向前推進。 2009年4月,該項目的一座二級塔樓,計劃在主塔以南一塊20萬平方英尺(19,000平方米)的建築物被擱置至少兩年。然而,主塔將繼續進行,確保完成結構所需的剩餘4.75億美元。


Building details
Height: 236 metres (774 ft)
58 stories
2 retail floors – 200,000 square feet (19,000 m2)
3 floors – sky gardens, spaced approximately every 18 floors (sky lobbies), served by express elevators
53 office floors – 1,700,000 square feet (160,000 m2)
4 mechanical floors
In total over 84,000 square metres (900,000 sq ft) of glass
Footprint: 190,000 square feet (18,000 m2)
Parking: 1,400 parking stalls (6 level parkade, spanning two blocks on both sides of 6th Avenue)
+15 skywalk connections to neighbouring buildings (Telus building, Suncor Energy Centre)

2個零售樓層 – 200,000平方英尺(19,000平方米)
3層樓 – 空中花園,大約每18層(天空大廳)間隔,由快速電梯提供服務
53個辦公樓層 – 1,700,000平方英尺(160,000平方米)

Public art
Encana officially confirmed on June 16, 2008, that Jaume Plensa, an artist most famous for the Crown Fountain in Chicago, had been chosen to complete two major public art installations for the project. The first work, entitled Wonderland, was unveiled on January 25, 2013, on the south plaza. The second work, entitled Alberta’s Dream is located on the north side and depicts a bronze casting of the artist embracing a living tree.

There is an observation deck on the 54th floor that gives the visitors views of Alberta. Floors 55 and 56 are home to the private meeting, lounges, conference center and sky high clubs.

Encana於2008年6月16日正式確認,最著名的芝加哥皇冠噴泉藝術家Jaume Plensa已被選中為該項目完成兩個主要的公共藝術裝置。 第一部名為仙境的作品於2013年1月25日在南廣場揭幕。 第二部作品名為艾伯塔省的夢想,位於北側,描繪了一位藝術家的青銅鑄造,其中包括一棵活樹。

54樓設有觀景台,可供遊客欣賞艾伯塔省的景色。 55層和56層是私人會議,休息室,會議中心和高空俱樂部的所在地。


FROM:The Bow skyscraper in Calgary Alberta

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