The Architectural Fragment

The Architectural Fragment by Petrus Spronk. Located in Melbourne, Australia, this sculpture that’s seemingly buried underground, stands before the state library of Victoria. It’s meant to symbolize the downfall of civilization, while alluding to the transience of the present. The city commissioned the work as part of a larger public art project in 1992.

Petrus Spronk的建築片段。 位於澳大利亞墨爾本的這座雕塑似乎埋藏在地下,位於維多利亞州立圖書館前。 它意味著象徵文明的垮台,同時暗指現在的短暫性。 1992年,該市委託該工作作為一個更大的公共藝術項目的一部分。

Artist/maker:SPRONK, Petrus
Title:Architectural Fragment
Production date:1992
Medium:Port Fairy bluestone
Dimensions (H x W x D):250 x 700 cm
Inscriptions:partly inscribed with the word “Library”
Credit line:Commissioned for the Swanston Street Walk Public Art Project, 1992.
City of Melbourne Art and Heritage Collection

中:Port Fairy青石

A triangular pyramid shape constructed of steel onto which Port Fairy bluestone slabs are affixed. The sculpture represents an enlarged fragment of the State Library buried in the pavement. The frieze has been partly inscribed with the word “Library”, gilded with gold leaf. The work is hollow and the weight supported by the existing foundation at the site, no anchoring of the work is present as it is inset into the surrounding bluestone pavers, cut to fit precisely around the work.

Sited outside the State Library of Victoria, the pyramidal, Port Fairy bluestone sculpture represents a fragment of the library emerging from the pavement as an archaeological artefact might. It has been conceived to engage with its environment, visually connecting to its surroundings through both form and material.

三角形金字塔形狀由鋼製成,其上貼有Port Fairy青石板。 雕塑代表了埋在人行道上的國家圖書館的一個放大片段。 飾帶部分刻有“圖書館”字樣,鍍金箔。 工作是空心的,重量由現場基礎支撐,沒有工作的錨定,因為它嵌入周圍的青石鋪路機中,切割成恰好適合工件周圍。

位於維多利亞州立圖書館外的金字塔形港口仙女青石雕塑代表了從人行道上出現的圖書館的片段,作為考古文物。 它被設想為與環境融為一體,通過形式和材料在視覺上與周圍環境相連。



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