Not long ago, Starbucks, the world’s first container built by Japanese architect Gengyan Wu, was just unveiled in Hualien. Nowadays, the creative building giant is also endlessly working with Starbucks to create the fifth in the world in Tokyo. Starbucks top store, and the world’s largest flagship store, Reserve Roastery (Starbucks selected coffee Tokyo baking workshop)!

Looking back at the opportunity between Kengo Kuma and Starbucks, he will build it from the Tianman Palace in Dazaifu, Fukuoka in 2011. The Omotesando store, built by 2,000 wooden blocks, said that this is the most beautiful store in the world. Injecting fashionable charm into the old streets and historic sites, it is also the beginning of Starbucks’ active creation of local specialty stores. Now, for many years, Japan has once again welcomed the new Starbucks store, which is dominated by the masters, compared to the Omotesando Omotesando store. Exquisite and exquisite, the Nakameguro flagship store, which is expected to be unveiled in Tokyo, is expected to show the spark ambition of re-engagement between the master and the brand.

不久前由日本建築大師隈研吾所打造的全球首間貨櫃星巴克(Starbucks)才剛亮相花蓮,如今這位創作源源不絕的建築巨擘,也確定繼續攜手星巴克,將在東京中目黑打造全球第五間星巴克頂級門市、也是全球最大旗艦店門市Reserve Roastery(星巴克臻選咖啡東京烘焙工坊)!


The new Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Tokyo’s Nakameguro is the fifth Starbucks store in Seattle, New York, Shanghai and Milan, and the store is next to Meguro, which has the highest name in Kanto. The geographical location matches the natural beauty that changes with the seasons, and it is bound to set off the wave of tides.

在東京中目黑全新登場的星巴克Reserve Roastery,是繼西雅圖、紐約、上海和米蘭後第五間星巴克頂級門市,而店址更是選擇擁有關東賞櫻名所之冠的目黑川旁,絕佳地理位置搭配隨四季變化的天然美景,勢必會掀起潮聖風潮。

Immersive space like a “coffee theater” 如「咖啡劇場」般沉浸式空間

In the design of the Reserve Roastery in Tokyo Starbucks, as the new Zhongmu Black Star Buck is adjacent to the Meguro River, as the premier cherry blossom viewing in Japan, Kengo Kuma also incorporates this image into the design, using floor-to-ceiling windows to break indoor and outdoor space as much as possible. Create the best view of cherry blossoms. 隈研吾 combines art and the use of natural and natural materials to create a warm and harmonious space. The interior space also compares with other top-level stores, and will plan an interactive space workshop to allow coffee lovers to communicate with Starbucks coffee experts and baking masters at close range. Enjoy a delicious coffee drink.

在東京星巴克Reserve Roastery設計上,由於全新中目黑星巴克緊鄰目黑川河畔,作為日本首屈一指的賞櫻花名景,隈研吾也將此意象融入設計中,藉由落地窗玻璃盡可能破除室內外空間的隔閡,打造賞櫻的最佳景觀。隈研吾結合藝術和自然與天然材料的使用,營造出溫暖和諧的空間,室內空間也比照其他頂級門市,將規劃互動式空間工坊,讓咖啡迷能夠近距離與星巴克咖啡專家和烘焙大師交流,並品嘗風味絕佳的咖啡飲品。

It is worth mentioning that the store has the world’s largest 17-meter Starbucks Roastery coffee barrel, copper coffee barrels running through four floors, and a closer look, will also find up to 2100 red copper material The copper cherry blossoms are scattered in it. It is like a romantic indoor cherry blossom rain. With the natural light of day and night, the copper cherry trees that can be seen in this season will also be different in color and shade.

值得一提的是,店內擁有全世界最大、高達17公尺的星巴克烘焙Roastery 咖啡桶,銅製咖啡桶貫穿四層樓,而仔細一看,還會發現多達2100朵紅銅材質製成的銅櫻花飄散於其中,有如浪漫室內櫻花雨,隨著日夜自然光照射,這座四季皆能欣賞到的銅櫻花樹,也將隨光影呈現不同色調,漂亮十分。

In addition to the copper cherry trees, the interior uses a large amount of wood and a warm atmosphere. The wood is purchased from the local area and treated with traditional techniques to delay the aging of the material and ensure bright colors in the next few years. The wooden ceiling is inspired by the traditional Japanese origami art, and the second floor design is also designed with Japanese and paper, which perfectly reflects Kengo Kuma’s “negative architecture” concept.


On the second floor space, there is the world’s largest, also the first in Japan, the Teavana Teavana Bar, which will change drinks with the seasons. Of course, as the cherry blossom season is approaching, the special special drinks will naturally be indispensable. The first to see Milan’s Arriviamo craft cocktail bar, this time in Asia’s first debut to enter the third floor, in addition to the introduction of authentic Italian pre-dinner wine culture, combined with Starbucks coffee, tea to develop a variety of creative bartender, like in the middle Minoki espresso martini is paired with the local chocolate brand “green bean to bar CHOCOLATE” to make Western-style wines encounter oriental flavors.

在二樓空間,有全世界最大、也是日本首見的的茶瓦納Teavana Bar,將隨季節更換飲品,當然隨著櫻花季即將到來,相關特調飲品自然少不了。而首見於米蘭的Arriviamo精釀雞尾酒吧,這回則以亞洲初登場姿態進駐三樓,除了導入正宗義式餐前酒文化,也結合星巴克咖啡、茶飲開發多款創意調酒,像是中目黑濃縮咖啡馬丁尼則搭配在地巧克力品牌「green bean to bar CHOCOLATE」,讓西式酒品遇上東方風味。

First workshop space 首個工作坊空間

In addition to the imaginative space like the “Coffee Theatre”, the AMU Inspiration Lounge on the 4th floor means that weaving, in addition to being the world’s first training facility certified by the Fine Coffee Association, will host different cultural events in the future. The TOKYO wall-shaped wall stitched by different colorful coffee bags is also the focus of attention.

Of course, when you come to see the famous cherry blossoms, Starbucks also plans an outdoor space. In the outdoor seating area on the third floor, in addition to the Tokyo architectural features, you can also enjoy the beauty of the Kurokawa cherry blossoms from a VIP angle.

There is a shortage of Nakameguro in the metropolitan areas such as Shibuya and Shinjuku. It is more convenient to experience the daily life of the Tokyo people, and the recent emerging food shopping business district, “Nakamuro Black Elevated”, is in a leisurely atmosphere. A variety of style shops are offered in one go, and now the first Starbucks store in Tokyo is determined to enter this area, adding another fascinating landscape to this area that is like the city’s secrets!

除了有如「咖啡劇場」般充滿想像的空間外,位於四樓的AMU Inspiration Lounge,AMU日文意思為編織,除了成為全球首個獲精品咖啡協會認證的培訓設施,未來也將定期舉辦不同文化活動,而由不同繽紛咖啡袋拼接的TOKYO字樣牆面,自然也是吸睛焦點。






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