Nelson Mandela Sculpture

Nelson Mandela by Marco Cianfanelli. Located near Howick, South Africa, the sculpture was commissioned by Cultural Mechanics, a group that funds cultural projects for governments around the world. Cianfanelli’s work is positioned along the R103 road where Mandela was captured by apartheid security police in 1962; after his arrest, Mandela spent the next 27 years in prison.

Marco Cianfanelli的納爾遜曼德拉。該雕塑位於南非豪伊克附近,由文化力學委託,該組織為世界各國政府的文化項目提供資金。 Cianfanelli的工作位於R103公路沿線,曼德拉於1962年被種族隔離安全警察抓獲;在他被捕後,曼德拉度過了接下來的27年監禁。

South african artist Marco Cianfanelli has developed a memorial to recognize the 50 year anniversary of peace activist and politician Nelson Mandela’s capture by the apartheid police in 1962. Viewed in profile, Mandela’s noggin spans 50 steel columns measuring 6.5 and 9 meters high, anchored to the concrete-covered ground. The shape signifies the leader’s 27 years behind bars for his efforts to bring equal rights and governmental representation to the once racially divided nation. Cianfanelli’s perceptive rendering is located in Howick, a town located 90 kilometers south from the city of Durban in the countryside of the southernmost african country. The 50 columns represent the 50 years since Mandela’s capture, as well as solidarity. Becoming part of the surrounding landscape, the art object is affected by the changing light and atmosphere behind and around it. Made possible by the Department of Co-operative Government and Traditional Affairs (COGTA) the uMngeni Municipality, the Apartheid Museum and the KwaZulu Natal Heritage Council (AMAFA) in association with the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory, this historic memorial site was inaugurated and unveiled on the 4th of August 2012 by President Jacob Zuma.

南非藝術家馬可·西安法內利(Marco Cianfanelli)在1962年制定了紀念和平活動家和政治家納爾遜·曼德拉(Nelson Mandela)被種族隔離警察俘獲50週年的紀念碑。從概況看,曼德拉的頭顱橫跨50根高6.5和9米的鋼柱,錨定在混凝土覆蓋的地面。這種形式標誌著領導人27年來因為他努力為這個曾經種族分裂的國家帶來平等權利和政府代表而努力。 Cianfanelli的感知渲染位於Howick,一個位於最南部非洲國家鄉村德班市以南90公里處的小鎮。 50列代表了自曼德拉被捕以來的50年以及團結。作為周圍景觀的一部分,藝術品受到周圍和周圍不斷變化的光線和氛圍的影響。由合作社政府和傳統事務部(COGTA)成立的uMngeni市,種族隔離博物館和誇祖魯納塔爾遺產委員會(AMAFA)與納爾遜曼德拉記憶中心合作,這個歷史性的紀念館落成並揭幕2012年8月4日,總統雅各布祖馬。


FROM:Nelson Mandela Sculpture Time Lapse

FROM:Nelson Mandela Capture Site, Tweedie, South Africa

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