Longgang Cultural Centre 龍崗文化中心

Shenzhen has been growing rapidly since being named a ‘special economic zone’ in 1980. High-rise structures have transformed the city’s skyline as its population has grown to over 12 million. Located in the city’s eastern Longgang district, the Cultural Centre contributes a rich and varied cultural programme housed in an iconic urban connector.

自1980年被命名為“經濟特區”以來,深圳一直在迅速發展。隨著人口增長到1200多萬,高層建築改變了城市的天際線。 文化中心位於城市的龍崗區東部,提供豐富多彩的文化項目,位於標誌性的城市連接中。

Architects: Mecanoo Location Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Category: Cultural Center
Architect: in Charge Mecanoo
Local: Architects CCDI
Area: 95000.0 m2
Project Year: 2019
Photographs: Zhang Chao


Urban Connector. Sitting on a long and narrow 3.8 ha site with strict height restrictions, the building connects the surrounding areas by subdividing the programme into separate volumes. The passages between these buildings, which align with the adjacent roads, provide access from the new business district on the west side of the building to the park on the east.

城市連接器。 該建築坐落在一個狹長的3.8公頃的場地上,有嚴格的高度限制,通過將程序細分為單獨的捲,連接周圍區域。 這些建築物之間的通道與相鄰的道路對齊,從建築西側的新商業區到東面的公園。

The volumes all have curved edges and tilting facades, which frame dynamic views, shelter public squares and naturally guide pedestrian flows. The fluid forms also channel air currents and provide protection against the sun and rain in Shenzhen’s subtropical climate. By sharing the same formal language, height, and material, the volumes form a visually cohesive whole without an apparent front or back facade.

這些卷都有彎曲的邊緣和傾斜的立面,框架動態的視圖,遮蔽公共廣場和自然引導行人流。 在深圳的亞熱帶氣候中,流體形成通道氣流並提供防曬和防雨保護。 通過共享相同的正式語言,高度和材料,這些卷形成一個視覺上有凝聚力的整體,沒有明顯的正面或背面。

Varied cultural programme. The Longgang Cultural Centre has four main programmatic elements: an art museum, a youth centre, a science centre, and a book mall. The science centre focuses on popular science for children and young adults. Next, to it, the youth centre offers a place for meeting and extracurricular activities such as music and sports. The art museum combines public arts on the upper floors with an urban planning centre on the ground floor and in the basement. By locating the entrances to the cultural centres at the covered squares, the various cultural programmes can extend outdoors. The largest of the four volumes contains a “book mall” – a mall exclusively for books and book-related events such as book-signing sessions, book launches, and exhibitions.

各種文化節目。 龍崗文化中心有四個主要的項目元素:藝術博物館,青年中心,科學中心和書店。 該科學中心專注於兒童和青少年的科普課程。 接下來,青年中心為您提供會議和音樂和體育等課外活動的場所。 藝術博物館將樓上的公共藝術與地下和地下室的城市規劃中心相結合。 通過在有蓋的廣場上找到文化中心的入口,各種文化節目可以延伸到戶外。 這四卷中最大的一個包含一個“書店” – 一個專門用於書籍和書籍相關活動的商場,如書籤會,書籍發布會和展覽會。

Sculptural interior. The in-situ concrete structure was carefully designed to become part of the visitors’ experience; wandering through the building is like viewing a cast concrete sculpture from the inside. The structural facade of each volume integrates beams, columns and massive concrete cores, resulting in a building where everything is revealed. The full-height tilted interior spaces at the edges of the volumes become architectural highlights where the visitor can experience the impressive scale of the construction elements.

雕塑的內飾。 現場混凝土結構經過精心設計,成為遊客體驗的一部分; 在建築物中游盪就像從內部觀看一個混凝土雕塑。 每個體積的結構外立面都集成了梁,柱和大型混凝土核心,從而形成了一個可以顯露出一切的建築物。 體積邊緣的全高度傾斜內部空間成為建築亮點,遊客可以體驗到令人印象深刻的建築元素。


FROM:Longgang Cultural Centre

FROM:Three Cultural Centers & One Book Mall

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