Bad news at the horizon for Disney’s Aulani Ko Olina resort on Oahu Hawaiian island as the project of an Atlantis resort right next door to Disney’s hotel is apparently on track to move ahead and we have the first renderings showing its design.


According to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, the state Commission on Water Resource Management approved in January a water use and well construction permit for the Atlantis project, though the city is currently reviewing Oceanwide’s application for another building permit to build a retaining wall and significant shoreline path improvements.

據檀香山之星廣告客戶稱,國家水資源管理委員會於1月份批准了亞特蘭蒂斯項目的用水和井建設許可證,儘管該市目前正在審查泛海申請另一個建築許可證以建造擋土牆和重要海岸線 路徑改進。

Back in 2016 Chinese developer China Oceanwide acquired several acres of land in Ko Olina for a planned new luxury Atlantis resort which would include 1,400 rooms and Atlantis-branded residences, restaurants, bars, conference facilities AND the now famous Atlantis water park and stunning aquarium. Recently, TravelPulse founder Mark Murphy told CBS: “What they’re trying to do is they’re trying to take that property they have in Dubai on the Palm Island and replicate it in Hawaii in a gorgeous setting. We’re talking about massive aquariums, wildlife, great experiences. It’s a fantasy world.”

早在2016年,中國開發商中國泛海公司就在Ko Olina購買了幾英畝的土地,計劃新建的亞特蘭蒂斯豪華度假村,包括1,400間客房和亞特蘭蒂斯品牌的住宅,餐廳,酒吧,會議設施以及現在著名的亞特蘭蒂斯水上公園和迷人的水族館。 最近,TravelPulse的創始人馬克墨菲告訴CBS:“他們試圖做的是他們試圖將他們在迪拜島上的房產帶到棕櫚島,並在夏威夷的華麗環境中復制它。 我們談論的是大型水族館,野生動植物和豐富的經歷。 這是一個幻想世界。“

And that’s where the problem begin as Disney’s Aulani resort and its superb theming by Imagineer Joe Rhode and his team is supposed to be the one with an Hawaiian “fantasy world”. Guests of the Atlantis resort as you can see on the renderings above and below will not only enjoy Oahu’s beach on one side but a huge water park with slides, lazy river, huge aquarium, etc, on the other side, much bigger apparently than the water areas of Disney’s Aulani. And guess what others guests will be able to see it through their windows without being able to enjoy it? That’s right, Disney’s Aulani guests, specially the ones with the rooms on the left side of Aulani hotel.

這就是迪士尼的Aulani度假勝地以及Imagineer Joe Rhode和他的團隊精湛的主題應該是夏威夷“幻想世界”的問題。 亞特蘭蒂斯度假村的客人可以看到上方和下方的效果圖,不僅可以欣賞瓦胡島的海灘,還可以看到一個巨大的水上公園,其中有滑梯,漂流河,巨大的水族館等,比其他地方要大得多。 迪士尼奧拉尼的水域。 猜猜其他客人可以通過他們的窗戶看到它而不能享受它? 這是對的,迪士尼的Aulani客人,特別是那些位於Aulani酒店左側的客房。

And there is an even bigger problem, this time in terms of architecture design. As you can also see on the renderings the Atlantis resort architectural style and the one of Disney’s Aulani couldn’t be more far one from the other. Personally i much prefer the architecture style of Disney’s Aulani which i think fit better for an hotel in Hawaii, but having this Atlantis Resort with, let’s say, a kind-of Tomorrowland architectural style right next to Disney’s Aulani kind-of Adventureland style will be hard to swallow as there is no way Disney’s guests will be able to avoid seeing the Atlantis. I’m sure the seaside land at Ko Olina is tremendously expensive but that’s the kind of thing which indeed can happen when you don’t buy / secure enough land…

Even if it will take some years before the Atlantis open ( if it goes through the final authorizations ) its construction will likely take 2 or 3 years which will mean lot of noise for Disney’s Aulani guests during these years, not to mention that the construction of such a huge building is always an eyesore… not the kind of thing you expect for a tropical holiday in Hawaii… Note that actually, on the left of Disney’s Aulani – looking from the sea – there is already another hotel, that you never see on Disney’s Aulani official pictures as they take care to don’t have it in the frame, which was built long before Disney built his resort, but this one is less of a problem. Also, the Atlantis resorts usually include a casino and we don’t know yet if it will be the case at the Atlantis Ko Olina resort – may be not, it will depends probably of Hawaii regulations – but if yes, Disney is not going to like that at all.

A question that one could ask is why they don’t use the famous architecture of the Atlantis resorts in the Bahamas or Dubai? It is possible that Sol Kerzner sold to the Chinese group the license to use the name Atlantis and the concept but not the architecture of his Atlantis resorts… or that the Chinese were not ready to pay the price to use the original architecture. The other Atlantis resort that the Chinese built in Sanya, China also does not look like the ones in the Bahamas or Dubai. But what is rather strange is that, when you look on the Atlantis Sanya website HERE where there is pictures not only of the others Atlantis resorts around the world but also the rendering below for the upcoming Atlantis Ko Olina, the hotel architecture on the rendering look like the ones in the Bahamas or Dubai, which in my opinion would have been a much better choice, and not like it looks on the above final renderings.

The description of the upcoming resort on the Atlantis website says: “Inspired by the ocean, providing contemporary elegance, Atlantis Ko Olina will celebrate the incredible natural elements of Hawaii’s environment, landscape and architecture and its distinctive heritage and character. Overlooking both the stunning Honu and Kohola Lagoons, Atlantis will offer a sense of awe-inspiring discovery, encompassing over 26 acres of unparalleled excitement and larger than life experiences, revolutionary water play in Aquaventure Waterpark, The Ambassador Lagoon and The Lost Chambers Aquarium and incredible dining experiences.”

而且這次在架構設計方面存在更大的問題。正如您在渲染圖中看到的那樣,亞特蘭蒂斯度假村的建築風格和迪斯尼樂園的Aulani之間的距離也不遠。我個人更喜歡迪士尼的Aulani的建築風格,我覺得這種風格更適合夏威夷的一家酒店,但是這個亞特蘭蒂斯度假村有一種明顯的建築風格,就在迪士尼的奧拉尼風格的探險世界風格旁邊。難以接受,因為迪士尼的客人無法避免看到亞特蘭蒂斯。我敢肯定Ko Olina的海濱土地價格非常昂貴,但是當你不購買/獲得足夠的土地時,這種情況確實會發生……

即使在亞特蘭蒂斯開放之前需要幾年時間(如果它經過最終授權),它的建造可能需要2到3年,這對於迪斯尼的Aulani客人來說將是很多噪音,更不用說建造這樣一座巨大的建築總是令人眼前一亮…不是你期望在夏威夷度過一個熱帶假期的事情……請注意,實際上,在迪士尼奧拉尼的左邊 – 從海上看 – 已經有另一家酒店,你永遠不會看看迪士尼的奧拉尼官方圖片,因為他們注意不要在迪士尼建造他的度假村之前建造的框架中,但是這個問題不是問題。此外,亞特蘭蒂斯度假村通常包括一個賭場,我們還不知道亞特蘭蒂斯科奧利納度假村是否會出現這種情況 – 可能不是,這可能取決於夏威夷法規 – 但如果是,迪士尼不會就像這樣。

人們可以問的一個問題是,為什麼他們不使用巴哈馬或迪拜的亞特蘭蒂斯度假勝地的著名建築? Sol Kerzner有可能向中國集團出售使用Atlantis這個名稱的概念,而不是他的Atlantis度假村的建築……或者說中國人還沒有準備好付出使用原始建築的價格。中國人在中國三亞建造的另一個亞特蘭蒂斯度假村看起來也不像巴哈馬群島或迪拜的那個。但更奇怪的是,當你在亞特蘭蒂斯三亞網站上看到這裡不僅有世界各地的亞特蘭蒂斯度假村的照片,而且下面還有即將到來的Atlantis Ko Olina的渲染,渲染外觀的酒店建築就像巴哈馬群島或迪拜的那些,我認為這是一個更好的選擇,而不是像上面的最終效果圖那樣。

亞特蘭蒂斯網站上即將到來的度假村的描述說:“受海洋的啟發,提供現代優雅,Atlantis Ko Olina將慶祝夏威夷環境,景觀和建築的獨特自然元素及其獨特的傳統和特色。俯瞰令人驚嘆的Honu和Kohola Lagoons一起,亞特蘭蒂斯將提供一種令人驚嘆的發現感,包括超過26英畝的無與倫比的興奮和超過生命的體驗,Aquaventure水上樂園,大使礁湖和The Lost Chambers水族館的革命性水上游戲以及令人難以置信的用餐體驗。

Don’t get me wrong, the Disney’s Aulani resort will still be great and elegantly themed, no doubt about that, but it’s never a good news to have a competitor right next door with plenty of exciting water attractions when you’re the one who is supposed to be the specialist of this kind of thing.

Although the opening date of the new Atlantis at Ko Olina is not known yet, if the project goes ahead as planned it will likely take some years before it open, which is probably the only good news here for Disney.

Pictures: copyright Oceanwide Holdings.

不要誤會我的意思,迪士尼的奧拉尼度假村仍然會很棒,優雅的主題,毫無疑問,但是如果你是一個擁有眾多令人興奮的水上景點的競爭對手,這絕不是一個好消息。 應該是這種事情的專家。

儘管Ko Olina新亞特蘭蒂斯的開幕日期尚不清楚,但如果該項目按計劃進行,可能需要幾年才能開放,這可能是迪士尼唯一的好消息。

圖片:版權所有Oceanwide Holdings。



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