Universal Studios Singapore and Resorts World Sentosa announced this week that a Minion Park and a Super Nintendo World will come to USS in the next years – see D&M article HERE. The announcement of two new lands for a park which has a such limited space is an important one, so where in the park will they build them?

新加坡環球影城和聖淘沙名勝世界本周宣布,Minion Park和超級任天堂世界將在未來幾年登陸USS–請參閱此處的D&M文章。 一個公園有兩個新的土地,這個公園有一個如此有限的空間,這是一個重要的公園,所以在公園裡他們會建造它們嗎?

For the first land – Minion Park – it was revealed that it “will replace the current Madagascar area”. For those of you who are not familiar with Universal Studios Singapore you have the current park map above and i did some Google Earth screen captures as well. At the top you have one showing the whole park and the one below is showing the Madagascar land.

對於第一塊土地 – 米尼恩公園 – 據透露它將“取代目前的馬達加斯加地區”。 對於那些不熟悉新加坡環球影城的人,你有上面的當前公園地圖,我也做了一些谷歌地球屏幕截圖。 在頂部你有一個顯示整個公園,下面的一個顯示馬達加斯加土地。

As you can see the Madagascar land – including the huge show building for the Madagascar flume ride is not small at all. Personally i will regret it for its lush tropical theming, its giant baobab, and even the flume ride, which was not perfect i agree – the ride was originally supposed to have some falls but from what i’ve been told they had huge problem of water leaking and had to redesign the ride and cancel the falls.

I’m not really enthusiastic to have the Minion park as the first land that USS guests will enter when they’ll turn on the left at the end of the entrance Hollywood street, but i’m afraid we don’t have the choice…

The other land coming to Universal Studios Singapore is of course the big Super Nintendo World and this one they didn’t revealed where they’ll put it. My guess is that it will be built where the Waterworld area with the stunt show arena currently is. They certainly won’t delete the Jurassic Park “Lost World” land, neither the Ancient Egypt land with the popular Mummy coaster and also Sci-Fi City because of the highly popular Transformers ride and Battlestar Galactica coaster. They won’t touch also to the New York area and neither the Schrek – Far Far Away land where they built recently the new Puss the Boots Giant Journey family coaster. This leave as the best option to find room for the Super Nintendo World the Waterworld area.

正如您所看到的那樣,馬達加斯加的土地 – 包括馬達加斯加水道的巨大展示建築也不小。個人我會後悔它的鬱鬱蔥蔥的熱帶主題,它的巨型猴麵包樹,甚至水槽騎,這是不完美的我同意 – 該車本來應該有一些下降,但從我被告知他們有很大的問題漏水,不得不重新設計騎行並取消跌倒。

我不是很熱衷於將Minion公園作為USS客人在好萊塢大街入口處左轉時進入的第一塊土地,但我擔心我們沒有選擇。 ..

來到新加坡環球影城的另一片土地當然是超級任天堂世界,而這一天他們沒有透露他們會把它放在哪裡。我的猜測是,它將建在Waterworld地區與特技表演舞台目前的地方。他們肯定不會刪除侏羅紀公園的“失落的世界”土地,既不是古埃及與流行的木乃伊過山車,也不是科幻城,因為極受歡迎的變形金剛騎行和太空堡壘卡拉西卡過山車。它們也不會觸及到紐約地區,也不會觸及他們最近建造新的Puss the Boots Giant Journey家庭過山車的Schrek – Far Far Away。這是為Super Nintendo World the Waterworld地區尋找空間的最佳選擇。

As you can see on the above screen capture, the size of the area is surprisingly big, much bigger than it shows on the park map, almost 80% of the Jurassic Park land nearby, the main reason is that the stunt show and its arena are taking a huge space. So, i put my bets – an easy bet, i agree – that the Super Nintendo World will be built there. The Waterworld stunt show is still quite popular for a movie not really known in Asia, but it won’t stop it to get the axe anyway.

Pictures: copyright Universal Studios, Google Earth

正如你在上面的屏幕截圖中看到的那樣,該區域的大小非常大,比公園地圖上顯示的要大得多,幾乎80%的侏羅紀公園都在附近,主要原因是特技表演及其競技場 正佔據了巨大的空間。 所以,我把我的賭注 – 一個輕鬆的賭注,我同意 – 超級任天堂世界將在那裡建立。 Waterworld特技表演對於一部在亞洲並不為人所熟知的電影而言仍然非常受歡迎,但無論如何它都不會阻止它獲得斧頭。




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