The Clothespin sculpture

Designed by the Swedish-born sculptor Claes Oldenburg, the Clothespin sculpture sits near Philadephia’s City Hall. The work of art was completed in 1976, two-hundred years after the U.S. was founded.

由瑞典出生的雕塑家Claes Oldenburg設計,Clothespin雕塑坐落在Philadephia市政廳附近。 藝術作品於1976年在美國成立二百年後完成。

ARTIST:Claes Oldenburg (1929 – )
MEDIUM:Cor-Ten steel, with stainless steel “spring,” on concrete base

藝術家:Claes Oldenburg(1929 – )

Out of a subway entrance in Center City, between the two office towers of Centre Square, rises a gigantic clothespin. Facing City Hall tower with its venerable sculpture of William Penn, Clothespin has the jolting and humorous effect of a familiar object seen out of context. This witty monument was commissioned by developer Jack Wolgin as part of the Redevelopment Authority’s Percent for Art program.

在市中心的地鐵入口處,在中心廣場的兩座辦公樓之間,聳立著一個巨大的衣夾。 面對市政廳大樓及其古老的威廉·佩恩雕塑,Clothespin具有一種在上下文中看到的熟悉物體的震動和幽默效果。 這個詼諧的紀念碑是由開發商傑克沃爾金委託開發的,作為重建局的藝術百分比計劃的一部分。

Oldenburg has been noted for his attempts to democratize art, and Clothespin certainly draws a reaction from everyone who passes it. After the installation in 1976, cab drivers, pedestrians, art enthusiasts, and local office workers admired it or joked about it, and it soon became a Philadelphia landmark. But the sculpture’s resemblance to a daily object should not obscure its artistic qualities. It is not, in fact, a reproduction of an ordinary clothespin, but a sweeping, stylized version. Art critics have written of its “soaring” look and the “velvety” texture of the Cor-Ten steel, which turns a warm reddish-brown as it weathers. The sculpture invites many interpretations, and Oldenburg himself compared the form to Constantin Brancusi’s famous sculpture The Kiss in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Like Brancusi’s work, Clothespin presents two separate forms merging in an embrace.

奧登堡以其藝術民主化的嘗試而聞名,而衣夾筆肯定會吸引每個通過它的人的反應。 1976年安裝後,出租車司機,行人,藝術愛好者和當地辦公室工作人員對此表示欽佩或開玩笑說,很快就成了費城的標誌性建築。 但雕塑與日常物品的相似之處不應掩蓋其藝術品質。 事實上,它並不是普通衣夾的複製品,而是一種風格化的程式化版本。 藝術評論家寫下了它“飆升”的外觀和Cor-Ten鋼的“天鵝絨般”質地,它在天氣變成溫暖的紅棕色。 雕塑邀請了許多詮釋,奧爾登堡本人將這種形式與康斯坦丁·布朗庫西的著名雕塑“費城藝術博物館中的吻”進行了比較。 就像布朗庫西的作品一樣,Clothespin呈現出兩種獨立的形式,融合在一起。


FROM:Clothespin by artist Claes Oldenburg – Museum Without Walls™: AUDIO

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