La Géode

The Géode is a geodesic dome-type building, close to a sphere, located in the Parc de la Villette, in the 19th arrondissement of Paris.

It is also a movie theater and a film distribution company, a member of the Union of Independent Distributors.

Built by architects Adrien Fainsilber and Gérard Chamayou, it was inaugurated on May 6, 1985 by President François Mitterrand. Other geodes exist in France, but it constitutes with the cupola of the Palais des sports the only geode of the Paris region, since the closing of that of La Défense in 2001. Although La Géode opened its doors a year before the City of Science and Industry, it is now attached to it.

Géode是一個球形圓頂型建築,靠近球體,位於巴黎第19區的Parc de la Villette。


由建築師Adrien Fainsilber和GérardChamayou建造,於1985年5月6日由FrançoisMitterrand總統揭幕。 其他geodes存在於法國,但它與Palais des sports的沖天爐一起構成了自2001年LaDéfense關閉以來巴黎地區唯一的geode。儘管LaGéode在一年前開放了 科學與工業城,現在它依附於它。

Type: Geodesic Dome
Current Destination: Movie Theater
Architect: Adrien Fainsilber
Gérard Chamayou
Material: Steel, reinforced concrete
Opening: May 6, 1985
Owner: Pathé Gaumont Cinemas
Country: France
City: Paris
Address: Parc de la Villette (19th arrondissement)
Access and transportation
Underground: (M) (7) Porte de la Villette
Coordinates: 48 ° 53 ’40 “N, 2 ° 23′ 19” E

建築師:Adrien Fainsilber
地址:Parc de la Villette(第19區)
地鐵:(M)(7)Porte de la Villette

From 1985 until its privatization, the Géode was run according to a mixed economy company that expires in 2017. A contract gave the mention “temporary occupation of the domain”. The main shareholders were Universcience (51%), the Caisse des Dépôts (16%). She was nonetheless independent of the city of sciences, with her own employees. It does not receive any subsidy but must pay, for expenses, each year 800 000 € to the CNC and 400 000 € to Universcience.

Futuristic building in the late 80s, it is the incarnation of the technology of the time and is used for many activities including filming clips, the most emblematic being the clip Jackie Quartz “Live elsewhere” barely a year after its inauguration, where we observe the dome from every angle.

從1985年到私有化,Géode是根據2017年到期的混合經濟公司運營的。合同中提到了“暫時佔領域名”。 主要股東是Universcience(51%),CaissedesDépôts(16%)。 儘管如此,她仍然獨立於科學城,擁有自己的員工。 它沒有得到任何補貼,但必須支付費用,每年80萬歐元到CNC和40萬歐元到Universcience。

80年代後期的未來主義建築,它是當時技術的化身,用於拍攝剪輯等許多活動,最具代表性的是剪輯Jackie Quartz“Live others”僅僅一年 在就職典禮之後,我們從各個角度觀察圓頂。

To come up
Victim of the trivialization of new technologies of the still more immersive and qualitative image (3D, virtual reality, IMAX, Dolby Atmos …) the frequentation of the Géode, which amounted to 1 000 000 people in the years 85, fell by half in the 2000s, to finally fall to less than 300 000 in 2016. While the number of employees was close to one hundred in the 2000s, it was just over ten when the room closed on November 30 2018 for works following its acquisition by Pathé: the interior of the hall is obsolete and the renovations are estimated between 3 and 6 million euros; the reopening of the hall (and its adjoining spaces) is planned for the end of 2020 under a configuration held secret by the actors concerned.

With the expiry of mixed economy status, cinema is being privatized. Three buyers came forward: Pathé (opening of an adjacent multiplex in 2016 in Vill’up), the Compagnie des Alpes (manages the Futuroscope and has OMNIMAX rooms) and GL Events (project: convert the cinema into a convention center ). Only Pathé was selected in September 2017 and a modernization project is finalized in early 2018.

新技術的日益庸常身臨其境品質圖像的受害者(3D,虛擬現實,IMAX,杜比全景聲……)參加的Geode,總額為1 000 000人在85年下跌在二十世紀二十年代減半,最終在2016年減少到不足30萬。雖然在二十一世紀二十年代員工人數接近一百人,但在11月30日房間關閉時,員工人數剛剛超過十人。 2018年被Pathé收購後的工程:大廳內部已經過時,翻新工程估計在300萬到600萬歐元之間;大廳(及其相鄰處所)的重新開放計劃於2020年底由有關行為者保密。

隨著混合經濟地位的到期,電影正在私有化。三投標人已經出現:百代(在Vill’up開放於2016年的相鄰复用),COMPAGNIE DES阿爾卑斯(管理科帕,具有全天域劇場)和GL活動(項目:轉換電影中的會展中心)。 2017年9月僅選擇了Pathé,2018年初完成了現代化項目。


The Geode is a separate building behind the City of Science and Industry.

Its structure consists of a number of layers, a bit like an onion. The outer and visible layer is a triangularization geode 36 m in diameter, composed of 6,433 equilateral spherical triangles in polished steel that reflect light, a bit like a mirror. These triangles are one meter and a half long and are fixed on a thin metal frame with the same triangular geodesic structure, consisting of 2,580 steel tube bars. The steel triangles are not contiguous, so as not to compromise the “mirror” effect and to allow the triangles to expand under the effect of heat. The water seeping between them is collected in the basin surrounding the geode.

Below this outer layer is the main metal reinforcement, always taking the same geodesic structure, on which rest several layers respectively providing fire, heat and sound insulation, as well as sealing.

Even more inside, and quite independently of the external structure, is the structure housing the movie theater. It is a spherical reinforced concrete construction of 6,000 tons, supported by a central pillar 17 m high. The seats are inclined at 27 °.

Its construction and layout cost 130 million francs.

Before choosing the name “Geode”, after a great creative session, several names were imagined to name the building, such as “Bouboule”, “Irma”, “Minouchette”, “Double Zero” or even “Zezette”. But “La Géode” was retained by its similarity with a mineral geode (amethyst heart surrounded by a silica spherical gangue).







在選擇名稱“Geode”之前,在一次偉大的創意會議之後,有幾個名字被想像為建築物命名,例如“Bouboule”,“Irma”,“Minouchette”,“Double Zero”甚至是“Zezette”。但是“LaGéode”因其與礦物geode(紫水晶心臟被矽球狀矸石包圍)的相似性而得以保留。

Movie theater
Films were projected in IMAX format on a giant hemispherical screen 26 meters in diameter and 1000 m2 in area. It was sounded by Cabasse and had twelve sound points, plus four 55 cm subwoofers and a total of 21,000 watts of power.

The films broadcast last about an hour.

電影以IMAX格式投影在直徑26米,面積1000平方米的巨型半球形屏幕上。 它由Cabasse吹響,有12個聲點,加上4個55厘米低音炮,共21,000瓦的功率。


In the basin where the geode seems to float, 12 studs with loudspeakers are arranged around the Geode in the shape of a clock face. Sounds emitted by these pads mark the hours, minutes and seconds, using the reflections on the water and on the walls of the Geode to create indirect sounds. This system was set up in 1990 by Louis Dandrel.

在geode似乎漂浮的盆地中,12個帶有揚聲器的鉚釘圍繞Geode佈置成鐘面形狀。 這些打擊墊發出的聲音標誌著小時,分鐘和秒,使用水面和Geode牆壁上的反射來產生間接聲音。 該系統由Louis Dandrel於1990年建立。


FROM:Deconstructing La geode Paris

FROM:Omnimax cinema La Géode – Paris France

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