Some Disney and more readers planning to come to Disneyland Paris on April 12 for the park Anniversary asked me if chances are that Phantom Manor would re-open for this celebration day.

I’ll give you an answer in a few seconds but, first, a reminder of what happened last week when Disneyland Paris released what could be seen as indirect news about Phantom Manor reopening when DLP announced that Spirit Photography, located temporarily in front of Phantom Manor, will close on April 23. At that time i said that it probably meant that Phantom Manor will NOT reopen before at least April 24, because Spirit Photography is right in front of the entrance of Phantom Manor, meaning that it had to be removed to allow guests to move inside Phantom Manor. I then added that, from that date Phantom Manor could reopen ANY day between April 24 and May 11, the date that leaked recently.

And guess what? I was wrong! After checking it appears that DLP announcement of the closure of Spirits Photography is nothing more than a regular closure announcement like the park does when they close a shop, a restaurant or an attraction. And if it happened that Phantom Manor is ready for an opening anytime soon they’ll simply move in one night this small Spirits Photography to allow guests to enter inside Phantom Manor garden and access the ride. Which means that potentially, and if the attraction was at last ready, Phantom Manor could reopen before April 24.

Now, back to the question about a Phantom Manor reopening on April 12. The short answer is “probably not” as there is still no certainty on the re-opening date. DLP Imagineers would love to have it ready for April 12 and they’re working hard to have the ride ready as soon as possible but due to the past shifts on the date this time it has to be a “dead sure” re-opening date.

In addition, Today is April 1st ( and by the way this article is NOT an April Fools! ) and DLP Anniversary is now in 11 days. And except if DLP Imagineers finally resolve all the issues they had on Phantom Manor in the next two days, it’ll be probably too short for DLP to have everything ready for the park Anniversary ( to train the ride cast-members and maintenance team about the changes and new effects, to prepare a media event, send invitations, etc ).

But there is a big “but” as on April 12 DLP also organize during the evening an InsideEars event during which all webmasters of fans websites will learn plenty of informations about the park future. And of course, there is little doubt that the date of Phantom Manor re-opening will be announced. I don’t think that InsideEars members will get a ride preview during this InsideEars evening, but never say never as if the ride happen to be ready in a few days, DLP might be tempted to do a preview during the InsideEars event…

So, most probably Phantom Manor will not be open on April 12 but from what i’ve heard so far it seems that DLP envision an opening for the very beginning of May, may be shortly before the target date of May 11 that was leaked one month ago. Meaning that DLP fans definitely won’t have too long to wait now to discover the updated version of Phantom Manor – and don’t worry, all the big, major scenes you love will still be there.



你猜怎麼著?我錯了!經過檢查後,看來DLP關閉Spirits Photography的公告只不過是公園關閉商店,餐館或景點時的常規關閉聲明。如果碰巧Phantom莊園已經準備好迎接開業,他們將在一夜之間搬進這個小小的Spirits Photography,讓客人進入Phantom Manor花園並進入這裡。這意味著潛在的,如果吸引力最終準備就緒,幻影莊園可能會在4月24日之前重新開放。

現在,回到關於幽靈莊園4月12日重新開放的問題。簡短的回答是“可能不是”,因為重新開放日期仍然沒有確定性。 DLP Imagineers願意為4月12日做好準備,他們正在努力盡快準備好乘車,但由於此時過去的轉變,這次必須是“確定的”重新開放日期。

此外,今天是4月1日(順便說一句,本文不是愚人節!)和DLP週年紀念日現在是11天。除非DLP Imagineers在接下來的兩天內最終解決了他們在幻影莊園遇到的所有問題,否則DLP可能會為公園周年紀念日做好一切準備(培訓騎行演員和維護團隊變化和新效果,準備媒體事件,發送邀請等)。

但是有一個很大的“但是”,因為4月12日DLP還在晚上組織了一場InsideEars活動,期間所有粉絲網站管理員將學習有關公園未來的大量信息。當然,毫無疑問,Phantom Manor重新開放的日期將會公佈。我不認為InsideEars成員會在這個InsideEars晚會期間獲得預覽,但是從來沒有說好像從未在幾天內準備好騎行,DLP可能會想要在InsideEars活動期間進行預覽……

因此,很可能幻影莊園將不會在4月12日開放,但從我迄今所聽到的情況來看,似乎DLP設想在5月初開放,可能是在5月11日的目標日期之前不久洩露了一個一個月前。這意味著DLP粉絲肯定不會太久等待現在發現幻影莊園的更新版本 – 不用擔心,你喜歡的所有大型主要場景仍然存在。



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