Spoon bridge and Cherry 勺子橋和櫻桃

This giant spoon and cherry was erected in 1985 by artist Claes Oldenburg and his wife, Coosje van Bruggen and is the centerpiece of the Walker Art Center’s Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, the largest urban sculpture park in the world. Oldenburg was an artist who was known for making oversized versions of everyday objects and food products. Together with his wife he set up a number of public sculptures, including Chicago’s Batcolumn sculpture. The spoon was Oldenburg’s idea, who had a habit of doodling spoons ever since 1962 when he was inspired by a spoon resting on a piece of fake chocolate. The cherry in the piece was van Bruggen’s idea, wanting to use it as a comment on the garden’s otherwise staid layout.

1985年,藝術家Claes Oldenburg和他的妻子Coosje van Bruggen建立了這個巨大的勺子和櫻桃,是世界上最大的城市雕塑公園 – 沃克藝術中心明尼阿波利斯雕塑公園的核心。奧爾登堡是一位以製作日常物品和食品的超大版本而聞名的藝術家。他和他的妻子一起建立了許多公共雕塑,包括芝加哥的Batcolumn雕塑。勺子是奧爾登堡的想法,自1962年以來,他一直習慣於亂塗湯匙,當時他的勺子靠在一塊假巧克力上。這件作品中的櫻桃是van Bruggen的想法,想要用它作為對花園其他沉穩佈局的評論。

The spoon itself weighs 5,800 pounds and the cherry, another 1,200 pounds. The cherry’s stem also acts as a fountain which sprays into the bowl of the spoon and off into the pond beneath. Even the pond itself has meaning, being shaped to resemble a linden seed, drawing attention to the rows of linden trees planted nearby.


The city of Minneapolis seems to have largely embraced the massive sculpture, expressing almost universal outrage when Spoonbridge and Cherry was vandalized in 2012 as part of a “Kony 2012” protest. The artwork was cleaned up and still remains as a somewhat goofy, definitely unforgettable icon of the Minnesota city.

明尼阿波利斯市似乎已經基本上接受了這個巨大的雕塑,當Spoonbridge和Cherry在2012年遭到破壞時作為“Kony 2012”抗議活動的一部分,表達了幾乎普遍的憤怒。藝術品被清理乾淨,仍然是明尼蘇達州城市中一個有點愚蠢,絕對令人難忘的偶像。


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