Skinopi Lodge

Skinopi Lodge is a hideaway in the heart of the world’s most beautiful group of islands – the Cyclades. Surrounded by amazing landscape and history, it offers both a peaceful retreat in nature and a sense of discovery with unique opportunities for exploration.

Skinopi Lodge酒店位於世界上最美麗的島嶼 – 基克拉澤斯群島的中心地帶。 酒店周圍環繞著迷人的景觀和歷史,提供寧靜的自然休閒場所和獨特的探索機會。

Architects: Maria Kokkinou – Andreas Kourkoulas
Associates: Marianna Lizard, Artemis Halari, Yiorgos Iliadis
Landscape Architect: Helli Pagkalou
Structural Engineer: Helliniki Meletitiki S.A.
Electrical – Mechanical Engineer: Nicolaos Bartsakoulias
Lighting Consultant: L4A Petros Kaisaris

建築師:Maria Kokkinou – Andreas Kourkoulas
同事:Marianna Lizard,Artemis Halari,Yiorgos Iliadis
景觀設計師:Helli Pagkalou
結構工程師:Helliniki Meletitiki S.A.
電氣 – 機械工程師:Nicolaos Bartsakoulias
照明顧問:L4A Petros Kaisaris

A balcony on the sea, an observatory at the entrance of Milos Bay.

On a magic carpet, made out of pebbles, bushes and wildflowers, scattered stone elements project like ancient ruins in dialogue with the topography. Ruins that aspire to merge within a mesmerising landscape. This flying carpet is at the border between land and sea that accommodates a submerged fishing village. The architectural intervention tries to be as minimum as possible in order to respect the beauty and to allow for an appreciation of the space through the senses. The framed views are filled with boats in transit and the large openings allow for air flow filled with smells. The least is what is everything.


在由鵝卵石,灌木叢和野花製成的神奇地毯上,散落的石頭元素像古代遺址一樣與地形對話。 渴望在令人著迷的景觀中融合的廢墟。 這張飛毯位於陸地和海洋之間,可容納一個沉沒的漁村。 為了尊重美感並允許通過感官欣賞空間,建築干預盡量減少。 框架視圖充滿了運輸中的船隻,大開口允許充滿氣味的氣流。 什麼是最重要的。


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