Edificio Celanese Mexicana

The Celanese Mexicana building, built in 1968 by Ricardo Legorreta, celebrates its fiftieth anniversary this 2018. It is a construction that was erected seven years after Avenida Revolución on which it is located, a road that connects Benjamin Franklin to the University Olympic Stadium. Half a century has passed and, since then, the undoubted weight of time has changed its surroundings, however, the monumentality of the building remains and constitutes its immediate landscape. A building that, in the words of Octavio Paz, is ‘a stone made of time’.

塞拉尼斯墨西哥建築由Ricardo Legorreta於1968年建造,慶祝其2018年成立五十週年。 這座建築是在AvenidaRevolución建成後七年建成的,這條連接著本傑明富蘭克林和大學奧林匹克體育場的道路。 半個世紀過去了,從那以後,毫無疑問的時間重量改變了它的周圍環境,然而,建築的紀念性仍然存在並構成了它的直接景觀。 用奧克塔維奧帕茲(Octavio Paz)的話說,這座建築物是“時間製造的石頭”。

Volumetrically, the building is constituted by the influence of the principles of modern architecture. Its monumentality is enhanced by rising on a slope that recalls the pre-Hispanic roots, but has changed the volcanic stone for the new stone of that century: concrete. Its free floor exists, it is an inclined ramp that even today, works as a space of rest and vigilance, and from where the accelerated city is appreciated. Structurally, the free floor before being supported on a series of piles, Legorreta intelligently decides to concentrate all its weight on a single hollow column that functions as the backbone of vertical circulations and that also allows free and flexible floors for offices; in turn, the mezzanines work as a series of reinforcements that transmit the loads to the tensors, small vertical lines that make up the facade and give character to the building. As for the orientation, this was resolved by leaving horizontal windows and enclosure walls in the area of ​​the tensioners, while in the free-façade areas, the windows go from floor to ceiling, leaving the floors exposed.


Undoubtedly, the Celanese is an interesting case study, and is that the series of decisions taken by Ricardo Legorreta served to make it aesthetically interesting from its own structure. It could be said that it is a construction that knows how to dialogue with modern principles, but also with the site and its moment, finding structural solutions that activated Mexican architecture.

Thus, a building was made to the Mexican, a building to the Celanese.

毫無疑問,塞拉尼斯是一個有趣的案例研究,里卡多·勒戈雷塔(Ricardo Legorreta)所做出的一系列決定使其在自身結構上具有美學意義。 可以說,它是一個知道如何與現代原則對話的建築,也是知道如何與網站及其時刻對話,尋找激活墨西哥建築的結構解決方案。



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