InterContinental Bordeaux Le Grand Hôtel 洲際波爾多大酒店

The hotel is a landmark in Bordeaux, dating back to the 1770s, and was designed by the same architect who built the Grand Théâtre (now the opera house) just across the Place de la Comédie. Though it originally belonged to an aristocratic family, the building became a hotel in 1902 and was expanded and renovated by Regent under the eye of hotel designer Jacques Garcia in 2007, taking over some adjacent 18th-century buildings. Some of his other high-profile projects include La Mamounia in Marrakech, the NoMad Hotel in New York City and Hôtel Costes and La Réserve in Paris. As you’ll see, Garcia is known for extravagant, flamboyant interiors and the InterContinental Bordeaux did not disappoint on that count. The hotel was taken over by InterContinental in late-2015, decorated again by Garcia, and has a total of 130 rooms and suites now, as well as two restaurants, two bars — one of which is on the roof — and a sumptuous spa.

該酒店是波爾多的標誌性建築,其歷史可以追溯到1770年代,由同一建築師設計,該建築師在Place delaComédie廣場對面建造了GrandThéâtre(現為歌劇院)。 雖然它最初屬於一個貴族家庭,但該建築於1902年成為一家酒店,於2007年由攝政公司在酒店設計師雅克·加西亞的眼中進行了擴建和翻新,接管了一些相鄰的18世紀建築。 他的其他一些備受矚目的項目包括馬拉喀什的La Mamounia,紐約的NoMad酒店以及巴黎的HôtelCostes和LaRéserve。 正如您所看到的,加西亞以其奢華華麗的室內設計而聞名,而波爾多洲際酒店也沒有讓人失望。 酒店於2015年底被InterContinental接管,再次由Garcia裝飾,現在共有130間客房和套房,還有兩間餐廳,兩間酒吧 – 其中一間位於屋頂上 – 還有一個豪華的水療中心。

The hotel enjoys the most commanding position in the city, on the Place de la Comédie, facing the iconic Grand Theatre. This is the heart of the Triangle D’Or, three broad 18th-century boulevards laid out at the peak of Bordeaux’s maritime trading fortunes. The tram is outside your doorstep and the tourist office a minute’s stroll away.

酒店位於喜劇廣場(Place delaComédie),面向標誌性的大劇院(Grand Theatre),享有市內最優越的地理位置。 這是Triangle D’Or的核心,三條寬闊的18世紀林蔭大道在波爾多的海上貿易命運高峰期佈局。 電車就在您家門口,旅遊局距離酒店僅有一分鐘的步行路程。

Style & character
The building was designed by celebrated Parisian architect Victor Louis. Ironically he completed this vast private mansion – a bastion of extreme privilege, in 1789, the year that egalitarian ideals ignited the French Revolution. Jacques Garcia’s interior design conjures all the opulence of the baroque period; vaulted limestone ceilings are hung with huge chandeliers, the lobby is adorned with outsize urns and black lacquered furniture; marble surfaces gleam, silk curtains are ruched and pelmeted, chairs are claw-footed.

該建築由著名的巴黎建築師Victor Louis設計。 具有諷刺意味的是,他完成了這個巨大的私人豪宅 – 一個極端特權的堡壘,在1789年,平等主義理想點燃法國大革命的那一年。 Jacques Garcia的室內設計讓人聯想到巴洛克時期的所有富裕; 拱形石灰石天花板懸掛著巨大的吊燈,大堂裝飾著特大號骨灰盒和黑色漆面家具; 大理石表面閃閃發光,絲綢窗簾被褶皺和玻璃,椅子是爪足。

Service & facilities
Multi-lingual staff strike the right balance between attentiveness and unobtrusiveness. The Wine Concierges organise bespoke tours and tastings at some of the region’s most inaccessible grand crus chateaux, with helicopter transfers available on demand, while the Golden Key Concierge will book you everything from tailor-made day trips to theatre tickets.

There are two bars and a fitness centre, as well as on-site and valet parking. The sublime Nuxe Spa boasts 10 treatment rooms, a sauna, steam room and rooftop hot tub. The piéce de resistance is the high-ceilinged swimming pool in which red and gold columns stand out against matt black surfaces.

多語種工作人員在註意力和不引人注目之間取得了適當的平衡。 Wine Concierges酒店在該地區一些最難以到達的Grand crus chateaux組織定制旅遊和品酒活動,並可根據要求提供直升機接送服務,而Golden Key Concierge將為您預訂從量身定制的一日遊和劇院門票等各種活動。

酒店設有兩間酒吧和一個健身中心,並提供內部和代客泊車服務。 壯觀的Nuxe Spa中心設有10間護理室,桑拿浴室,蒸汽浴室和屋頂熱水浴池。 耐高溫的游泳池是高天花板的游泳池,紅色和金色的柱子突出了暗淡的黑色表面。


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