Château de Montaigne 蒙田城堡

The Château de Montaigne is a castle mansion situated on the borders of Périgord and Bordelais, near Bergerac and Saint-Émilion, in the small commune of Saint-Michel-de-Montaigne in the Dordogne département of France. The structure originated in the 14th century and was the family residence of the Renaissance philosopher and thinker Michel de Montaigne.

ChâteaudeMontaigne酒店是一座城堡豪宅,位於Périgord和Bordelais的邊界,靠近Bergerac和Saint-Émilion,位於法國多爾多涅省的Saint-Michel-de-Montaigne小鎮。 該建築起源於14世紀,是文藝復興時期哲學家和思想家Michel de Montaigne的家庭住所。

Built in the heart of a majestic park, whose layout was designed by the philosopher himself, the residence was acquired in 1477 by the great-grandfather of Michel, Ramon Eyquem, a Bordeaux trader, who thus acquired the hereditary title of Seigneur de Montaigne (“Lord of Montaigne”).

Michel’s father, Pierre Eyquem, settled in the castle with his family, and there Michel spent a studious childhood—he is said to have spoken Latin until the age of six—before leaving to continue his studies in French at the college of Guienne in Bordeaux.

In 1584, Montaigne entertained in his castle the king of Navarre, Henri de Bourbon, the future Henry IV, and thus became a close royal friend at the same time as Condé, de Rohan and Turenne. Henry IV had already named him gentleman of the chamber (French: gentilhomme de sa chambre) by a patent letter of 1577.

From 1571 until his death in 1592, Michel de Montaigne wrote his famous Essays (French: Essais), major works of humanism of the renaissance, and fruits of a lifetime of reflection and reading.

After Montaigne’s death, his widow Françoise de La Chassaigne continued to reside in the castle. She entertained there Marie de Gournay, whom he had befriended in 1588 during a voyage to Paris, and to whom he had sent an annotated copy of the Essays requesting that she take care of its publication (which did not happen until fifteen months later).

In 1860, Pierre Magne, minister of Napoleon III, bought the castle. He withdrew there after the 16 May 1877 crisis and became generally distant from the meetings of the Senate. He died of disease on 17 February 1879.

The castle was completely rebuilt after a fire that seriously damaged it in 1885.

該莊園建於雄偉公園的中心,其佈局由哲學家自己設計,於1477年由米歇爾的曾祖父,波爾多商人Ramon Eyquem收購,因此獲得了Seigneur de Montaigne的世襲稱號( “蒙田之王”)。

米歇爾的父親皮埃爾·艾克姆和他的家人一起在城堡裡定居,米歇爾在這裡度過了一個好學的童年 – 據說他說拉丁文直到六歲 – 然後在波爾多的圭恩學院繼續學習法語。 。

1584年,蒙田在他的城堡納瓦爾國王,亨利德波旁,未來的亨利四世,在Condé,de Rohan和Turenne的同時成為了一位親密的皇室朋友。亨利四世已經通過1577年的專利信將他命名為他的紳士(法語:gentilhomme de sa chambre)。

從1571年到1592年去世,Michel de Montaigne寫了他著名的散文(法語:Essais),文藝復興時期人文主義的主要作品,以及一生反思和閱讀的成果。

蒙田死後,他的寡婦FrançoisedeLa Chassaigne繼續居住在城堡裡。她在那裡招待了瑪麗·德·古爾奈,他於1588年在巴黎航行期間與他結識,並向他發送了一份帶註釋的散文副本,要求她負責出版(直到十五個月後才發生)。



The architecture of the extant chateau has a neo-renaissance flavour. After crossing the gate, one arrives in a square court surrounded by ramparts. The round tower of the library is the only vestige of the 16th century and is a popular location for visitors of the castle. It is said that Michel de Montaigne composed his Essays here.

Since 2009, Château de Montaigne has been listed as a monument historique by the French Ministry of Culture.

現存城堡的建築具有新文藝復興風格。 穿過大門後,一個人到達一個被城牆包圍的廣場。 圖書館的圓塔是16世紀唯一的遺跡,是城堡遊客的熱門地點。 據說Michel de Montaigne在這裡撰寫了他的論文。



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