As attendance and revenue grow across the theme park industry, other businesses are looking at what elements from theme park experiences they can adopt to increase the appeal of their destinations. The themed entertainment design business now serves everything from museums to casinos as the public looks for unique and engaging experiences when deciding where to spend their money and time.

隨著主題公園行業的出席率和收入增長,其他企業正在研究他們可以採用的主題公園體驗中的哪些元素來增加其目的地的吸引力。 主題娛樂設計業務現在提供從博物館到賭場的一切服務,因為公眾在決定在哪里花錢和時間時尋找獨特而有吸引力的體驗。

Add Royal Caribbean Cruise Line to the mix of travel businesses stepping up their commitment to theme park-like entertainment. The Miami-based cruise line is finishing a major refurbishment of its private Caribbean island, CocoCay, adding a waterpark and other attractions for guests who are looking for a wider variety of leisure options on their vacations.

將皇家加勒比郵輪公司(Royal Caribbean Cruise Line)添加到旅遊企業的組合中,加強他們對主題公園式娛樂的承諾。 這條位於邁阿密的郵輪公司正在對其加勒比海私人島嶼CocoCay進行大規模翻新,為希望在假期中尋找各種休閒選擇的客人增添一個水上樂園和其他景點。

The main phase of the Perfect Day at CocoCay project opens in May, headlined by the Thrill Waterpark — designed by WhiteWater West, which has provided slides and water rides for parks around the world, from Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi to Carolina Harbor at Carowinds in the United States. With 13 slides across two towers, the park will have the most slides in the Caribbean and will feature North America’s tallest waterslide, the 135-foot Daredevil’s Peak.

CocoCay項目完美日的主要階段將於5月開幕,由WaterWater West設計的Thrill Waterpark標題為世界各地的公園提供滑梯和水上游樂設施,從阿布扎比的Yas Waterworld到Carowinds的Carolina Harbour。 美國。 該公園有兩個塔樓的13個滑梯,將在加勒比地區擁有最多的滑道,並將展示北美最高的滑水道,135英尺的冒失鬼峰。

If that’s not high up enough for you, CocoCay also will offer the Up, Up, and Away balloon ride, taking riders 450 feet above the island for what the cruise line is calling the highest vantage point in The Bahamas. That ride is coming from Aerophile, the French builder who has provided aerial attractions at Walt Disney World’s Disney Springs and the Disneyland Paris Resort.

如果這對你來說不夠高,CocoCay還將提供Up,Up和Away氣球之旅,將乘客帶到島上450英尺處,以便遊輪在巴哈馬群島中佔據最高的位置。 這次旅程來自Aerophile,這位法國建築師曾在華特迪士尼世界的迪士尼溫泉和迪斯尼樂園巴黎度假村提供空中景點。

Coming this fall, the cruise line will open the action sports-focused South Beach on the island, with glass-bottom kayaking and paddle boarding, plus volleyball, basketball, soccer… and an inflatable Zorb ball. Also opening later in the year will be an upcharge Coco Beach Club, which also will offer the first overwater cabanas in The Bahamas.

今年秋天,遊輪將在島上開放以運動為主題的南海灘,玻璃底皮划艇和划槳,以及排球,籃球,足球……和充氣的Zorb球。 今年晚些時候開放的還有一個可可海灘俱樂部,它也將在巴哈馬群島提供第一個水上小屋。

Other attractions on the island will include the Caribbean’s largest freshwater pool, Oasis Lagoon, with a kid-friendly beach area, a swim-up bar and three swim-up mini islands. Guests looking for a more active adventure could try the Caribbean’s largest wave pool for guaranteed surf… or, of course, there’s always the beach itself at Chill Island.

島上的其他景點包括加勒比海最大的淡水游泳池,綠洲潟湖,兒童友好的海灘區,池畔酒吧和三個游泳迷你島嶼。尋找更積極冒險的客人可以嘗試加勒比海最大的波浪泳池,以確保衝浪……或者,當然,在Chill Island島上總是有海灘。

Complementary attractions on Perfect Day at CocoCay will include Oasis Lagoon, Chill Island, South Beach, and the Splashaway Bay kids’ sprayground. Prices for the Thrill Waterpark will range from $44-99 per person for the day, or $39-74 for afternoon-only admission. Up, Up, and Away pricing ranges from $24-99 per person, and there’s also a Zip Line ($79-139) available that can be packaged with the waterpark. Here’s the full FAQ and price list.

CocoCay完美日的補充景點包括綠洲潟湖,寒冷島,南海灘和Splashaway Bay兒童噴霧場。 Thrill水上樂園的價格為每人每天44-99美元,或僅限下午39-74美元。 Up,Up和Away定價範圍從每人24-99美元起,還有一條Zip Line(79-139美元)可以與水上樂園一起打包。這是完整的常見問題和價目表。

Onboard its ships, Royal Caribbean also offers themed entertainment fans a variety of Broadway-style shows — including Mamma Mia, Hairspray, and Grease — plus ice shows, an Aquatheater and now escape rooms on several of its ships. (There’s probably an easy-yet-inappropriate joke to be made about an escape room on a cruise ship, but that’s what the comments are for, right?)

在皇家加勒比海船上,Royal Caribbean還為主題娛樂愛好者提供各種百老匯風格的表演 – 包括媽媽咪呀,髮膠和油脂 – 加上冰上表演,Aquatheater以及現在的幾艘船上的逃生室。 (對於遊輪上的逃生室來說,可能有一個簡單但不合適的笑話,但這就是評論的意思,對吧?)

Perfect Day at CocoCay will be available on three-to-eight-night cruises to The Bahamas, departing Miami, Port Canaveral, Baltimore, and Cape Liberty in New Jersey, with quoted prices starting at $339 per person, including taxes and fees.


Cruise fans, what’s your take on the intersection of cruises and themed entertainment? And for those of you who don’t take cruises, what would it take to get you on board?

遊輪迷們,您對遊輪和主題娛樂的交叉點有什麼看法? 對於那些不乘坐遊輪的人來說,讓你上船需要什麼?




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