The Shoes On The Danube Bank 多瑙河岸上的鞋子

Sixty pairs of shoes mark the site in Budapest, Hungary, where fascist Arrow Cross militiamen shot Jews and threw their bodies into the river in 1944 and 1945. The memorial opened in 2005.

As World War II entered its final years, the national socialist Arrow Cross Party took control in Hungary. Led by Ferenc Szálasi, the party shared a number of beliefs with Germany’s Nazi Party – including Antisemitism. From October 15, 1944 to March 28, 1945 the Arrow Cross Party ruled the country as, in cooperation with the Nazis, thousands of civilians (mostly Jewish) were deported, sent to slave labour camps or murdered. At the same time, Arrow Cross militiamen ran loose in Budapest wreaking havoc and destruction. During the party’s five month rule, estimates suggest that 10,000 people were killed in the streets with a further 80,000 sent to concentration camps.

隨著第二次世界大戰進入最後幾年,全國社會主義者Arrow Cross Party在匈牙利獲得了控制權。 在FerencSzálasi的帶領下,該黨與德國的納粹黨分享了許多信仰 – 包括反猶主義。 從1944年10月15日到1945年3月28日,箭頭交叉黨統治該國,因為與納粹合作,數千名平民(主要是猶太人)被驅逐出境,被送往奴隸勞改營或被謀殺。 與此同時,箭頭十字軍民兵在布達佩斯肆虐,造成破壞和破壞。 在該黨的五個月統治期間,估計表明在街道上有10,000人被殺,另有80,000人被送往集中營。

During this time, Jews in Budapest were often rounded up on the banks of the Danube before being shot into the water which would then carry them away. Even more harrowingly, they were regularly forced to remove their shoes as these were a valuable commodity during the war; their murderers would then sell them or use them themselves.

在此期間,布達佩斯的猶太人經常被圍捕在多瑙河岸邊,然後被射入水中,然後將水帶走。 更令人痛心的是,他們經常被迫脫鞋,因為這些鞋子在戰爭期間是一種有價值的商品; 然後他們的殺人犯會賣掉它們或者自己使用它們。

In memory of those who lost their lives during the Arrow Cross rule, the “Shoes on the Danube” memorial was erected on April 16, 2005. Created by film director Can Togay and sculptor Gyula Pauer, it takes the form of 60 pairs of shoes cast in iron and anchored to the ground. Different styles and sizes can be seen, showing that nobody was safe – not men, women or children. Today, candles are placed in the shoes, flowers are laid alongside them and a plaque reads “To the memory of the victims shot into the Danube by Arrow Cross militiamen in 1944–45. Erected 16 April 2005.”

為了紀念那些在箭頭十字架統治期間喪生的人,2005年4月16日,“多瑙河上的鞋”紀念碑豎立起來。由電影導演Can Togay和雕塑家Gyula Pauer創作,它以60雙鞋的形式出現。 鑄鐵並固定在地面上。 可以看到不同的風格和大小,表明沒有人是安全的 – 不是男人,女人或孩子。 今天,蠟燭被放在鞋子裡,鮮花被放在旁邊,一塊牌匾上寫著“為紀念1944年至1945年由箭頭十字軍民兵射入多瑙河的受害者。 於2005年4月16日豎立。“



FROM:Shoes on the Danube

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