Statue of Franz Kafka 弗蘭茲卡夫卡雕像

Designed by the Czech sculptor, Jaroslav Róna, Statue of Franz Kafka is based on a scene from Kafka’s first novel, Amerika (1927), in which a political candidate is carried on the shoulders of a giant man during a rally. Located in Prague, the work of art was completed in 2003.

由捷克雕塑家JaroslavRóna設計的弗蘭茲卡夫卡雕像基於卡夫卡的第一部小說“Amerika”(1927年)中的場景,其中一名政治候選人在一次集會期間被一名巨人肩負著。 位於布拉格的藝術作品於2003年完成。

Next to the Spanish Synagogue in Prague is located the Statue of Franz Kafka and his stories, who was a native of Prague. He was a German language writer of novels and short stories, regarded by critics as one of the most influential authors of the 20th century. Kafka lives in a number of places in the Old Town of the Czech capital, and his face can be seen in many spots throughout the former Jewish section. However, the largest monument to him, ‘Memorial to Franz Kafka’ (2003), is a bit more introspective than the others. This statue depicts a large, headless and handless man, carrying a small man on his shoulder, as if it were depicting a father carrying his son. Nonetheless, the small man is a representation of Kafka. This image of a man carrying another man on his shoulders, walking through the streets of Prague, appears in Kafka’s story ‘Description of a Struggle.’

在布拉格的西班牙猶太教堂旁邊有弗蘭茲卡夫卡雕像和他的故事,他們是布拉格人。 他是小說和短篇小說的德語作家,被評論家視為20世紀最有影響力的作家之一。 卡夫卡住在捷克首都老城區的許多地方,他的臉可以在前猶太人區的許多地方看到。 然而,他最大的紀念碑,“弗朗茨卡夫卡紀念館”(2003),比其他紀念碑更具內省。 這座雕像描繪了一個巨大的,無頭的,沒有手的男人,肩上背著一個小男人,好像描繪的是一個抱著兒子的父親。 儘管如此,小人物是卡夫卡的代表。 這張照片是一名男子肩上背著另一名男子,穿過布拉格的街道,出現在卡夫卡的故事“鬥爭的描述”中。


FROM:The Statue of Franz Kafka

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