Les Voyageurs

French artist Bruno Catalano has created an extraordinary series of eye-catching bronze sculptures called “Les Voyageurs” in Marseilles that depict realistic human workers with large parts of their bodies missing.

The sculptures were put on display in Marseilles to celebrate its position as the 2013 European Capital of Culture. They are skillful works of art even without the omissions, but the missing parts of the sculptures make them truly extraordinary and unique. They leave room for the imagination – are they missing something, or is it something that these “voyagers” have simply left behind? What’s especially impressive is that some of the sculptures seem to stand on very little support, giving them a sort of ethereal and surreal appearance.

Only ten of the life-size sculptures were presented at the port of Marseilles – many more can be seen on his website.

法國藝術家布魯諾·卡塔拉諾(Bruno Catalano)在馬賽(Marseilles)創作了一系列引人注目的青銅雕塑,名為“Les Voyageurs”,描繪了真實的人類工作者,他們的大部分身體都缺失了。

這些雕塑在馬賽展出,以慶祝其作為2013年歐洲文化之都的地位。 即使沒有遺漏,它們也是技藝精湛的藝術品,但雕塑的缺失部分使它們真正非凡和獨特。 他們為想像力留下了空間 – 他們是否遺漏了某些東西,或者這些“旅行者”只是留下了什麼? 特別令人印象深刻的是,有些雕塑似乎站在很少的支撐上,給它們一種空靈和超現實的外觀。

在馬賽港口只展出了十件真人大小的雕塑 – 在他的網站上可以看到更多。

“Travelers” is a series of different statues depicting women and men walking a suitcase in their hands. The peculiarity of these works is that the body is never totally represented, it is always incomplete. This detail may lead to reflection Indeed, it could mean that the traveler is looking for a place where he could rebuild himself? That a person builds his experiences and that we cultivate our adventures? That when we leave, we leave behind us a part of our past? Everyone has to make sense of “travel”.

“旅行者”是一系列不同的雕像,描繪了女人和男人手裡拿著行李箱。 這些作品的獨特之處在於,身體永遠不會被完全代表,它總是不完整的。 這個細節可能會導致反思確實,這可能意味著旅行者正在尋找一個可以重建自己的地方? 一個人建立他的經歷,我們培養我們的冒險經歷? 當我們離開時,我們將過去的一部分留給我們? 每個人都必須理解“旅行”。



FROM:Bruno Catalano Marseille 2013

FROM:Les Voyageurs di Bruno Catalano – Angelo Branduardi – il viaggiatore

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