First Generation

Made up of a group of five boys jumping into Singapore River, the sculpture shows the lighter side of everyday life around the river in the past. This playful activity was a common sight in the early days of the river, now surrounded by luxury hotels and towering corporate buildings. Chong’s sculpture acts as a reminder of simple pleasures, and shows how much daily life and surroundings in Singapore have changed over the years.

這個雕塑由一群五個男孩組成,跳進新加坡河,顯示了過去河邊日常生活的輕鬆一面。 這個有趣的活動在河流的早期很常見,現在被豪華酒店和高聳的企業建築所環繞。 Chong的雕塑作為簡單快樂的提醒,展示了多年來新加坡的日常生活和環境變化。

Material : Bronze
Location : Singapore River, in front of The Fullerton Hotel
Duration : Permanent
Collection : Singapore Tourism Board


This sculpture is one of four pieces that are part of the People Of The River sculpture series depicting various historical scenes of people who lived and worked along the river. It commissioned in the early 2000s by the Singapore Tourism Board. The other three pieces – The River Merchants, From Chettiars to Financiers and A Great Emporium – are also located nearby.

這個雕塑是“河流人物”雕塑系列的四部分之一,描繪了沿河生活和工作的各種歷史場景。 它於21世紀初由新加坡旅遊局委託。 其他三件作品 – The River Merchants,從Chettiars到Financiers和A Great Emporium – 也都在附近。


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