At Disneyland Paris the Season of Marvel Super-Heroes started today and thanks to Mx, D&M contributor and DLP Welcome webmaster we have pictures and 4K videos of the shows!

Lot of people today at DLP WDS for the start of the new seasons with long waiting time, up to two hours for the Marvel characters meet and greet, specially for Captain Marvel.

在巴黎迪斯尼樂園,Marvel Super-Heroes的季節從今天開始,感謝Mx,D&M撰稿人和DLP歡迎網站管理員,我們有圖片和4K視頻節目!

很多人今天在DLP WDS開始新賽季,漫長的等待時間,漫威人物長達兩個小時的會面和迎接,特別是對於Marvel船長。

Right at the entrance of the Studio 1 a big Captain Marvel statue is also greeting the guests.

Among the different shows, the Marvel Super Hero United stunt show who started during the previous season is back at Studio Theater, with a new lighting by Lighting Designer Tim Lutkin, who did the lighting of the Mickey and the Magician show, and it looks to me and Max that he did a great job. In addition the new lighting helps to don’t see the cables allowing to have some Marvel characters “flying” over the stage.

The object looking like a kind of flying saucer which was flying above the spectators is now only suspended over the guests but not moving anymore – apparently or probably for security reasons.
The other drones are according to Max a bit smalle rthan last season, allowing to better see the lighting effects. According to Max, the show is much better than last year even if the storyline is always one for a stunt show, i.e a bit primary.

Have a look to the full new show with the first 4K video below!

在不同的節目中,上一季開始的漫威超級英雄聯合特技表演回到了工作室劇院,燈光設計師蒂姆盧特金的新照明,他做了米奇和魔術師表演的照明,它看起來 我和馬克斯,他做得很好。 此外,新的照明有助於看不到電纜允許一些漫威角色在舞台上“飛行”。

看起來像飛行在觀眾上方的飛碟的物體現在只停留在客人身上但不再移動 – 顯然或可能是出於安全考慮。
上賽季其他無人機根據馬克斯的數量有點小,可以更好地看到燈光效果。 根據馬克斯的說法,這個節目比去年要好得多,即使故事情節總是一個特技表演,即有點主要。


FROM:[4K] Marvel Super Heroes United FULL Stunt Show 2019 – Disneyland Paris

The other show “Stark Expo, For a Better Future” is located on the oudoor stage and according to Max is “super!” with Red Skull, Loki, Black Widow, Spider-Man et dancers ( good or villains ) plus Captain Marvel! Have a look at the full show in the 4K vidoe below but it looks to me better than last year too. Note that there is too a “Dance with Guardians of the Galaxy” show, also on the outdoor stage, on which Groot appear for the first time, but the video will be added soon.

另一個節目“Stark Expo,For a Better future”位於室外舞台上,根據Max的說法是“超級!” 紅色骷髏,Loki,黑寡婦,蜘蛛俠和舞者(好人或壞人)加上漫威隊長! 看看下面的4K視頻中的完整節目,但它看起來比去年更好。 請注意,還有一個“與銀河守護者的舞蹈”節目,也是在戶外舞台上,Groot第一次出現,但視頻將很快添加。

FROM:[4K] Stark Expo : place à un avenir meilleur !

If Max could not shoot pictures of the Captain Marvel meet and greet because of the two hours wait time he did shot pictures of the one with Spider-Man which still had one hour wait ( without reservations ).


The New York yellow cabs below were previously at the Hotel New York and now serve as background decor.



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