King Power MahaNakhon 大京都大廈

King Power MahaNakhon (Thai: คิง เพาเวอร์ มหานคร), formerly known as MahaNakhon (มหานคร), is a mixed-use skyscraper in the Silom/Sathon central business district of Bangkok, Thailand. It was opened in December 2016. It features the unconventional appearance of a glass curtain walled square tower with a cuboid-surfaced spiral cut into the side of the building. Following transfer of the first residential units in April 2016, at 314.2 metres (1,031 ft) with 77 floors, it was recognized as the tallest building in Thailand on 4 May 2016 by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH). Featuring hotel, retail and residences, 200 units of The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Bangkok inside the building are priced between around $US1,100,000 to $US17,000,000, making it one of the most expensive condominiums in Bangkok.

The building was recognised as the tallest building in Thailand until the Magnolias Waterfront Residences at ICONSIAM breaks the record in 2018 with the height of 317 metre.

King Power MahaNakhon(泰語:คิงเพาเวอร์มหานคร),前身為MahaNakhon(มหานคร),是泰國曼谷Silom / Sathon中央商務區的綜合性摩天大樓。它於2016年12月開業。它具有玻璃幕牆方形塔的非常規外觀,在建築物的側面切割出長方體表面的螺旋形。繼2016年4月轉移第一個住宅單元,在314.2米(1,031英尺)處有77層後,它被高層建築和城市人居委員會(CTBUH)於2016年5月4日確認為泰國最高建築。該酒店擁有酒店,零售和住宅,擁有200套曼谷麗思卡爾頓酒店,售價約為1,100,000美元至17,000,000美元,是曼谷最昂貴的公寓之一。

該建築被認為是泰國最高的建築,直到ICONSIAM的Magnolias Waterfront Residences在2018年打破了317米的高度。

General information
Type:Residential, retail, hotel, public observaratory
Location:114 Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra Road, Bang Rak, Bangkok, Thailand
Coordinates:13°43′25″N 100°31′42″ECoordinates: 13°43′25″N 100°31′42″E
Current tenants:Freehold
Construction started:20 June 2011
Completed:April 2016
Opening:August 29, 2016
Owner:King Power MahaNahon Plc.
Roof:314 m (1,030 ft)
Technical details
Floor count:78
Floor area:150,000 m2 (1,600,000 sq ft)
Design and construction
Architecture firm:Ole Scheeren
Developer:Pace Development

地點:114 Naradhiwas Rajanagarindra路,Bang Rak,曼谷,泰國
坐標:13°43’25“N 100°31’42”ECoordinates:13°43’25“N 100°31’42”E
所有者:King Power MahaNahon Plc。
建築公司:Ole Scheeren
開發者:Pace Development

Design and location
The tower is the shape of a square prism with the appearance of a rough spiral with cuboidal surfaces cut into the side of the building. The building features a pixelated ribbon that swirls around the exterior, peeling back its surface layer to expose an inner layer, creating balconies with views of the city. The glass walls are divided horizontally and vertically, adding to the building’s “pixelated” appearance. Its height surpassed that of the Baiyoke Tower II’s record of 304 metres (997 ft) at the time of completion in 2016, making it the 88th tallest building in the world.

Among the features of the building are: 10,000 square metres (110,000 sq ft) of retail space (MahaNakhon CUBE and MahaNakhon HILL Retail components); 209 residences serviced by Ritz-Carlton, which, with prices ranging from approximately 42 – 500 million baht (US$1.2 – 14m), are among the highest prices asked for Thai luxury real estate, freehold or leasehold in Bangkok; the Orient Express Bangkok hotel, with 154 rooms including 9 suite and 2 penthouses, to be operated by AccorHotels; as well as a rooftop observation deck. MahaNakhon features Thailand’s first L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon (Bangkok), Thailand’s first restaurant by Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, Thailand’s first Vogue Lounge, and the largest Dean & DeLuca in Thailand.

An outdoor plaza (“MahaNakhon Square”), will connect the tower to the Chong Nonsi station of the BTS Skytrain Silom Line and the Bangkok BRT station on Narathiwat Ratchanakharin Road.

In January 2013, PACE Development announced the sale of the highest-price condominium penthouse in Thailand at MahaNakhon, a two floor, 1,500-square-metre (16,000 sq ft) residence costing 480 million baht.

PACE Development has marketed MahaNakhon overseas, including in the Middle East, the first time that a Thai property developer has marketed Thai property in the Middle East as well as in Hong Kong and Singapore.

塔是方形棱柱的形狀,外觀呈粗糙螺旋狀,立方體表面切入建築物的側面。該建築設有一條像素化的帶狀物,圍繞外部旋轉,剝離其表面層以暴露內層,創造了可欣賞城市景觀的陽台。玻璃牆水平和垂直分開,增加了建築的“像素化”外觀。它的高度超過了Baiyoke Tower II在2016年完工時的304米(997英尺)記錄,使其成為世界上第88高的建築。

該建築的特色包括:10,000平方米(110,000平方英尺)的零售空間(MahaNakhon CUBE和MahaNakhon HILL零售組件);麗思卡爾頓酒店提供服務的209套住宅,價格約為42-5億泰銖(約合1,200萬至1400萬泰銖),是曼谷泰國豪華房地產,永久業權或租賃權的最高價格;曼谷東方快捷酒店擁有154間客房,包括9間套房和2間頂層公寓,由雅高酒店經營;以及屋頂觀景台。 MahaNakhon是泰國第一家L’AtelierdeJoëlRobuchon(曼谷),泰國第一家餐廳,由Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto,泰國第一家Vogue Lounge,以及泰國最大的Dean&DeLuca。

室外廣場(“MahaNakhon Square”)將塔樓連接到BTS Skytrain Silom Line的Chong Nonsi站和Narathiwat Ratchanakharin Road的Bangkok BRT站。


PACE Development已經將MahaNakhon推向海外,包括在中東,這是泰國房地產開發商首次在中東以及香港和新加坡銷售泰國房產。

MahaNakhon, which translates to ‘great metropolis’, has an urban spirit at its core. “The idea behind MahaNakhon was to take the life of the city and bring it up the tower in a dramatic, spiralling movement,” says Ole Scheeren, Principal of Büro Ole Scheeren, of the 77-storey complex.

MahaNakhon,意為“偉大的大都市”,以城市精神為核心。 這座77層高的建築群的BüroOleScheeren校長Ole Scheeren說:“MahaNakhon背後的想法是把這個城市的生活帶到一個戲劇性的,螺旋式的運動中。”

The tower has the look of being eroded. A pixelated ribbon coils around the tower, its glazed skin peeling open to reveal terraces and balconies – and signs of human life. The podium is similarly prised open; it is split into two parts that define the outdoor public plaza.

塔有被侵蝕的外觀。 一條像素化的帶狀物纏繞在塔周圍,其釉面皮膚剝開,露出露台和陽台 – 以及人類生活的跡象。 講台同樣珍貴開放; 它分為兩部分,定義了戶外公共廣場。

The Mahanakhon Building has been carefully crafted and applied the concept of Pixels to create a 3D ribbon that surrounds the well-constructed building and breaks the traditional pattern of smooth exterior glass construction. It is dissolved and gives people a sense of digital effects. Exaggerated vision, but it is a real building.


FROM:MahaNakhon Bangkok Rising, The Night of Lights : Light Show

Among them, 1 to 20 floors are the Bangkok Edition Hotel operated by The Ritz-Carlton, 23 to 73 floors are The Ritz-Carlton apartments, 74 to 77 floors are the highest panoramic sky bar in Bangkok, and there are high-end shopping malls on the ground floor. The upscale restaurant and Vogue Lounge are fully condensed and enjoyable.

其中,1至20層樓為The Ritz-Carlton經營的Bangkok Edition Hotel、23至73層樓為The Ritz-Carlton酒店公寓、74至77層樓則為曼谷最高的全景sky bar,底層則有高級商場、高檔餐廳及Vogue Lounge,充分濃縮頂級享受於一身。

Because the building is designed like Lego, it consists of square cubes in different ways. It truly meets the requirements of “the only one” in the top-level customer floor of the hotel apartment. Each apartment has 2 to 5 bedrooms. The never-repeating pattern and the balcony with panoramic glass curtains allow people to walk to the most luxurious top of Bangkok at any time. This oversized glass balcony is rare in the world of high-rise buildings, but it is very suitable for the typhoon-free tropical rainforest climate in Bangkok; it also reserves enough space for each unit to be specially custom-made. The glass curtain wall system can fold the balcony window and fold the window sash inside the ceiling to easily transform the interior and exterior space, enjoying the luxurious scenery of the Chao Phraya River and the metropolis.

因建築物在設計上如樂高般,由一個個正方體以凹凸不一的方式組成,真正滿足購買酒店公寓的頂級客層對於「絕無僅有」的要求,每戶2至5房不等的豪華公寓均擁有絕不重複的格局,並享有全景玻璃帷幕的陽台,讓人可以隨時走向曼谷最奢華的頂端。 這種超大玻璃陽台在世界性的高樓層建築實屬少見,但對曼谷沒有颱風的熱帶雨林氣候來說是非常適宜的;同時還為每戶單位保留足夠的挑高空間,配備特別訂製的玻璃帷幕牆系統,可以摺疊陽台窗戶,將窗扇內折至天花板,輕鬆完成內外空間的轉換,盡享湄南河與大都會的豪華風光。

King Power Mahanakhon, Thailand, builds the 314-meter-high “Mahanakhon SkyWalk” on the 74th, 75th and 78th floors. It is currently the tallest Bangkok high-altitude bar and 360-degree viewing platform in Thailand. The view of Bangkok can be seen from the tallest building in Thailand. The high-altitude corridor of the Grand Kyoto Building in Bangkok is open to the public on November 16th, 2018. It covers indoor and outdoor viewing platforms, as well as transparent glass corridors. It also has the highest altitude bar in Thailand and an image super speed elevator that can be reached on the 74th floor in 50 seconds.

泰國王權大京都大廈(King Power Mahanakhon)於74、75和78樓打造標高314米的「曼谷大京都大廈高空走廊」(Mahanakhon SkyWalk),是目前泰國最高的曼谷高空酒吧和360度觀景台,可從泰國最高建築將曼谷景致盡收眼底。曼谷大京都大廈高空走廊2018年11月16日對外開放,涵蓋室內與室外景觀台,以及透明玻璃走廊,並附設泰國最高的高空酒吧和50秒內即可登上74樓的搭載影像超高速電梯。



FROM:MahaNakhon: Building Thailand’s Tallest Tower | The B1M

FROM:Inside MahaNakhon July 2016: Bangkok Rising

FROM:City Flight @ MahaNakhon Pavillion & M Silom

FROM:Mahanakhon Tower

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