Gravensteen 伯爵城堡

The Gravensteen (Dutch; literally “Castle of the Counts”) is a medieval castle at Ghent, East Flanders in Belgium. The current castle dates to 1180 and was the residence of the Counts of Flanders until 1353. It was subsequently re-purposed as a court, prison, mint, and even as a cotton factory. It was restored over 1893–1903 and is now a museum and a major landmark in the city.

Gravensteen(荷蘭語;字面意思是“Counts of Castle”)是比利時東佛蘭德省根特的一座中世紀城堡。 現在的城堡可以追溯到1180年,並且是法蘭德斯計數的住所,直到1353年。它隨後被重新用作法院,監獄,薄荷,甚至作為棉花工廠。 它於1893年至1903年重建,現在是一座博物館,也是該市的主要地標。

Coordinates:51.057222°N 3.720556°E
Site information
Owner:City of Ghent
Site history
Materials:Sandstone, Tournai limestone
Garrison information
Occupants:Counts of Flanders (1180–1353)

坐標:51.057222°N 3.720556°E

The origins of the Gravensteen date to the reign of Arnulf I (890–965). The site, which sat between two branches of the Lys river, was first fortified in around 1000, initially in wood and later in stone. This was soon transformed into a motte-and-bailey castle which burnt down in around 1176.

Gravensteen的起源可以追溯到Arnulf I統治時期(890-965)。 該遺址位於Lys河的兩個分支之間,最初在1000左右加固,最初是木材,後來是石頭。 這很快就變成了一座在1176年左右被燒毀的城堡和貝利城堡。

The current castle date to 1180 and was built by Philip of Alsace (1143–1191) on the site of the older fortification. It may have been inspired by crusade castles witnessed by Philip on the Second Crusade. As well a protective citadel, the castle was intended to intimidate the burghers of Ghent who often challenged the Counts’ authority.

The Gravensteen incorporates a large central donjon, a residence and various smaller buildings. These are surrounded by a fortified, oval-shaped enceinte lined with 24 small échauguettes. It also has a sizeable moat, fed with water from the Lys river.

From 1180 until 1353, the Gravensteen was the residence of the Counts of Flanders. The decision to leave was taken by Louis of Male (1330–1384) who transferred the court to the nearby Hof ten Walle.

目前的城堡建於1180年,由阿爾薩斯的菲利普(1143-1191)在較舊的防禦工事上建造。 它可能是受菲利普在第二次十字軍東征中見證的十字軍城堡的啟發。 這座城堡也是一座保護城堡,旨在恐嚇那些經常挑戰計數權威的根特市民。

Gravensteen包括一個大型中央區域,一個住宅和各種較小的建築物。 周圍環繞著一個帶有24個小échauguettes的強化橢圓形enceinte。 它還有一條相當大的護城河,用來自Lys河的水餵養。

從1180年到1353年,Gravensteen是法蘭德斯計數的住所。 決定離開的是路易斯馬累(1330-1384),他將法庭移交給附近的Hof 10 Walle。

After ceasing to be the residence of the Counts of Flanders, the castle entered a decline. It was used as a court and prison until the 18th century. From 1353 to 1491, it was the site of Ghent’s mint. It was later sold to an industrialist who converted the buildings into a cotton factory and various small buildings were constructed on top of the Medieval remains. At one point in time, it was scheduled for demolition. After gradually buying up the castle, the city of Ghent heavily restored the castle in a romanticising Gothic style between 1893 and 1907. first major restorations started under the direction of architect Joseph de Waele . In the footsteps of the great French restorer Eugène Viollet-le-Duc ( 1814 – 1879) he opted for a romantic gothic interpretation inspired by the era of Count Philip of Alsace. However, many details of the present-day Gravensteen, such as the flat roofs and the windows of the eastern outbuilding are not thought to be historically accurate.

The castle was later the centre piece of the Ghent World Fair of 1913 and remains open to the public.




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