Disney has gotten a lot of criticism in recent years (and perhaps deservedly so) for taking out original park characters and content and replacing them with attractions and/or overlays based on movies (see Frozen taking over Maelstrom or Stitch’s Great Escape replacing Alien Encounter). However, it looks like, in at least one upcoming instance, Disney is actually doing the opposite, replacing a long-running movie tie-in attraction with an original experience created just for Disney Parks!

近年來,迪士尼已經獲得了很多批評(也許是當之無愧的),因為它取出了原始公園角色和內容,並用基於電影的景點和/或疊加取代它們(參見“冰雪奇緣”或“Stitch’s Great Escape”取代“異形遇見”) 。然而,看起來,在至少一個即將到來的實例中,迪士尼實際上正在做相反的事情,取代長期運行的電影搭配吸引力與為迪士尼樂園創造的原創體驗!

As some Disney parks fans may recall, The Circle of Life: An Environmental Fable was a film that played in The Land pavilion for over 20 years. While this short film was effective at getting its message of conservation across in a kid-friendly way two decades ago, many complained that the 70mm film was outdated, and in 2018, Disney closed this attraction forever, with many reporting that the theater space that formerly housed this attraction was going to be converted into backstage Disney performing arts rehearsal space, which would be permanently tucked away from guest view.

正如一些迪士尼樂園的粉絲們所記得的那樣,“生命之環:環境寓言”是一部在The Land館中演出超過20年的電影。雖然這部短片在二十年前以一種對兒童友好的方式有效地傳達了保護信息,但很多人抱怨70毫米電影已經過時,並且在2018年,迪士尼永遠關閉了這個景點,許多人報導了影院空間以前被安置的這個景點將被轉換成後台迪士尼表演藝術排練空間,這將永遠隱藏在客人的視線之外。

However, though we thought this was the end of the story for this under-used Epcot theater space, Disney surprised us this week by announcing that a new original film for The Land pavilion’s Harvest Theater is being produced and will be coming to the park soon!

然而,雖然我們認為這是這個未充分利用的Epcot影院空間的故事的結尾,但本周迪士尼宣佈為The Land pavilion的Harvest劇院製作一部新的原創電影,並將很快進入公園。!

Introducing Awesome Planet, coming soon to Epcot 即將推出令人敬畏的星球,即將推出Epcot

Earlier this week Disney announced Awesome Planet, a brand new original film especially designed for Epcot, which is officially described like this:

An on-screen exploration of the realm we call home, showcases the spectacular beauty, diversity and dynamic story of our earth with all the grandeur guests have come to expect.

With spectacular nature photography, immersive in-theater effects, and space sequences created by none other than Industrial Light & Magic (which provided the cinematic foundation for the Star Wars franchise), “Awesome Planet” will stir Epcot guests and deliver an environmental message that will resonate far beyond its final scenes.

Of course, this description is fairly general and vague, but the concept behind this new film still sounds really interesting and the ecologically-friendly message in Awesome Planet is definitely something that will align with the overall theme of the Land Pavilion, but will hopefully feel more up-to-date than its Lion King-themed predecessor. We’re also excited about the prospect of the Harvest Theater being upgraded to facilitate the special effects detailed above in the description of the new show.

本週早些時候,迪士尼發布了Awesome Planet,這是一部專為Epcot設計的全新原創電影,官方描述如下:



當然,這個描述相當籠統和模糊,但這部新電影背後的概念仍然聽起來非常有趣,Awesome Planet中的生態友好信息絕對符合土地館的整體主題,但有希望感受到比Lion King主題的前身更新。我們也對收穫影院升級的前景感到興奮,以便在新節目的描述中推廣上面詳述的特效。

This is just one of several new films coming soon to Epcot 這只是Epcot即將推出的幾部新電影之一

Of course, Awesome Planet isn’t the only new film coming soon to Epcot, as it is going to debut at a time of big changes for this park that will also bring a new Circle-Vision film to the China Pavilion, an updated film to the Canada Pavilion, and a “Beauty and the Beast” Sing-Along coming to the France Pavilion (which will likely have film and live-action components). Of course, these are all just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this park’s total reboot, but it’s nice to see that Disney is focusing on both large and small attraction changes at Epcot.

當然,Awesome Planet並不是即將到來的唯一新電影,因為它將在這個公園發生重大變化的時候首次亮相,這也將為中國館帶來一部新的Circle-Vision電影,一部更新的電影 到加拿大館,“美女與野獸”唱歌一起來到法國館(可能會有電影和真人演出組件)。 當然,這些都只是這個公園完全重啟的冰山一角,但很高興看到迪士尼專注於Epcot的大小吸引力變化。

When might guests be able to check out Awesome Planet for themselves? 客人何時可以自己查看Awesome Planet?

Though Disney’s announcement of this new film didn’t come with a specific opening date (or even a target) we’re going to guess that with Disney tying to add as much guest capacity to the resort before this summer, this new film may open in the very near future. While we don’t know the status of film production (or the aforementioned upgrades that will be needed inside the Harvest Theater), the timing of this announcement seems to hint that we may be able to check this new film out sooner than later, which is definitely exciting!

While its true that Epcot features more IPs than ever, it looks like Disney is at least trying to keep some of the old spirit of this park alive by developing at least a few new attractions that aren’t associated with Disney’s films and other properties, which is certainly a nice change of pace, and should provide some respite for guests who aren’t as interested in Disney’s film properties as they are original Disney parks experiences.

雖然迪士尼宣布這部新電影沒有特定的開幕日期(甚至是目標),但我們猜測迪士尼會在今年夏天之前為這個度假村添加盡可能多的客人容量,這部新電影可能會開啟 在不久的將來。 雖然我們不知道電影製作的狀態(或收穫劇院內需要的上述升級),但這個公告的時間似乎暗示我們可能能夠早點檢查這部新電影, 絕對令人興奮!

雖然Epcot比以往任何時候都擁有更多IP,但看起來迪士尼至少試圖通過開發至少一些與迪士尼電影和其他屬性無關的新景點來保持這個公園的一些古老精神, 這肯定是一個很好的節奏變化,應該為那些對迪斯尼電影產業不感興趣的客人提供一些喘息機會,因為他們是迪斯尼樂園的原始體驗。




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