Location: Fiera Milano, Rho, Milan, Italy
Organizer: Federlegno Arredo Eventi spa

地點:Fiera Milano, Rho,米蘭,意大利
主辦單位:Federlegno Arredo Eventi spa

Salone Internazionale del Mobile is the world’s largest home design show. Salone del Mobile.Milano, Milano International Home Furnishings Show, is a broad arena for the design field, showcasing its avant-garde designs for young people who have grown up. This exhibition has become a melting pot for young designers in the design field. The same is true of the fact that more and more designs were first introduced in the salon showroom, and a large part of them later became the products of the standard production line of large companies. With the increase of long-term contracts between enterprises and young designers, this “experimental field” has gradually matured and been widely recognized, attracting more and more attention from international mainstream media. While Chinese furniture designers are visiting the Milan International Furniture Fair, they should spend more time watching the design activities of Milan Design Week. At the Salone del Mobile.Milano in Milan, Italy, there are not only furniture and home furnishing people. There are also many designers who design interiors and spaces. In this large exhibition hall, people can not only see the latest trends in furniture and accessories, but also the materials in space, the way they are displayed, and the form of architecture. All have high value, and some of the world’s top architects and designers design home furnishings are on this stage.

米蘭家具展(Salone Internazionale del Mobile)是世界上最大的家居設計展。意大利米蘭國際家居用品展會Salone del Mobile.Milano是為設計領域提供一個廣闊的舞台,給那些初出茅廬的年輕人展示其前衛的設計作品,此展已成為設計領域裡培養年輕設計師的熔爐。事實也是如此,越來越多在沙龍展廳上初次面世的設計,後來很大一部分都成為了大公司標準生產線上的產品。隨著企業與年輕設計師的長久合約的增加,這個“實驗場”已漸趨成熟並得到廣泛的認可,吸引了國際主流媒體越來越多的關注。而中國家具設計人士在參觀米蘭國際家具展的同時,應該多花時間認真的觀摩米蘭設計週的設計活動. 在意大利米蘭國際家居用品展會Salone del Mobile.Milano上不僅僅有家具、家居行業的人士,還有很多室內、空間設計和做建築的設計師……在這個偌大的展館裡,人們不僅能看到家具、飾品的最新動向,在空間的材料,展示的方式,建築的形式上,都有著極高的價值,世界一些頂級建築師、設計師設計的家飾作品均在這個舞台展現.

Exhibitors 參展廠家


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