Date: 2019.04.11-2019.04.14
Location: Expo Georgia Exhibition Center, Tbilisi, Georgia
Organizer: ExpoGeorgia Co.

地點:Expo Georgia Exhibition Center,第比利斯,格魯吉亞
主辦單位:ExpoGeorgia Co.

International Exhibition on Construction, Renovation, Restoration and Decoration The Caucasus Architecture is one of the largest and most popular industrial events in the country and throughout the Caucasus. After 20 years of development, the International Architecture and Interior Design Exhibition has become a recognized and recognized event of high international value and significance. The event provides an ideal opportunity for providers of building materials, machinery, technology and services to meet with Georgian and Caucasus construction companies, developers, architects, state representatives and other key players in the industry to exchange valuable information. And negotiate the agreement. The exhibition aims to help innovation enter the local market faster. We provide a platform for international and local companies to meet and build productive partnerships with buyers to organize effective supply chains for mutual benefit and business growth. With increasing investment in the region, the Caucasus Construction 2019 provides the ideal choice for industry professionals and key players in the global construction industry to network and showcase their latest products and services under the same roof. It provides the perfect brand exposure for key people and organizations in the industry.

國際建築、裝修、修復、裝飾專業展覽會 高加索建築是該國和整個高加索地區最大和最受歡迎的工業活動之一。經過二十年的發展,國際建築和室內設計展成為一個具有很高國際價值和意義的公認和認可的活動。活動為建築材料,機械,技術和服務的提供者提供了理想的機會,以便與格魯吉亞和高加索建築公司,開發商,建築師,州代表和該行業的其他主要參與者會面,交換有價值的信息並協商協議。展覽旨在幫助創新更快地進入當地市場。我們為國際和本地公司提供了一個與買家會面並建立富有成效的合作夥伴關係的平台,以組織有效的供應鏈,實現互利和業務增長。隨著該地區不斷增加的投資,高加索建設2019為全球建築行業的行業專業人士和主要參與者提供了理想的選擇,以便在同一屋簷下網絡和展示他們的最新產品和服務。它為行業內重要的人員和組織提供完美的品牌曝光。

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