Date: 2019.04.16-2019.04.18
Location: Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Paris, France
Organizer: Weyou Group

地點:Paris Expo Porte de Versailles,巴黎,法國
主辦單位:Weyou Group

The National Trade Show is dedicated to the design of furniture and work spaces. The Workspace Expo has experienced rapid growth over the past two years, proving the vibrancy of the industry and confirming that the broadest definition of the workspace is at the heart of the company’s focus. In some versions, the size of this exhibition has doubled. In 2018, more than 15,000 visitors came to visit exhibitors’ new products, innovations and ideas. Therefore, the exhibition has become one of the main activities in this field in Europe. More than ever, the Workspace Expo is a showcase of the French market where you need to build, develop and sustain your business. Whether it’s French or foreign, as an exhibitor at the Workspace Expo allows you to showcase your expertise and meet decision makers and prescriptions and players from the second European market. From April 16th to April 18th, 2019, we will join us at Hall 1 of Versailles to make the most of the vitality of the Workspace Expo and promote your development.

國家貿易展致力於家具和工作空間設計。工作空間博覽會在過去兩年中經歷了高速增長,證明了該行業的活力,並證實了工作空間最寬泛的定義是企業關注的核心。在一些版本中,這個展覽的規模翻了一番。 2018年,超過1.5萬名參觀者前來參觀參展商的新產品、創新和理念。因此,展覽會已成為歐洲這一領域的主要活動之一。比以往任何時候都多的工作空間博覽會是一個展示法國市場,你需要在那裡建立,發展和維持你的業務。無論是法國的還是外國的,作為一個參展商在工作空間博覽會允許您展示您的專業知識,並滿足決策者和處方和球員從第二歐洲市場。從4月16日到2019年4月18日,我們將在凡爾賽門1號展館加入我們,充分利用工作空間博覽會的活力,促進您的發展。

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