Here we go for a new Disneyland Paris pictorial update and this is the first article of a series that will present in-depth pictorial reports on Disneyland Paris hotels. The first article today is about the beautiful Disneyland Paris Hotel at the entrance of the park, thanks to great pictures and videos from Max, D&M contributor and DLP Welcome webmaster.

Important Note: make sure to stay till the end of this article as the Disneyland Paris, From Sketch to Reality book will be released soon in ENGLISH digital eBook edition and i tell you all you need to know to enjoy an incredible special offer for your pre-order!

在這裡,我們將進行一個新的巴黎迪斯尼樂園圖片更新,這是一個系列的第一篇文章,將介紹巴黎迪斯尼樂園酒店的深入圖片報導。 今天的第一篇文章是關於公園入口處美麗的巴黎迪斯尼樂園酒店,感謝Max,D&M撰稿人和DLP歡迎網站管理員的精彩圖片和視頻。

重要提示:請務必留到本文末尾,因為巴黎迪斯尼樂園,從草圖到現實的書籍將很快在英文數字電子書版本中發布,我告訴您需要知道的所有內容,以便為您的預設享受令人難以置信的特別優惠 -訂購!

So, let’s move inside the five stars hotel and have a look at the always elegant Victorian lobby.


The large hallway on the first floor leading to the rooms and restaurants. The hotel is in good condition but i’ve been told that it should go a complete renovation after the Hotel New York has ended and after Disneyland Paris 30th Anniversary year in 2022, so starting in 2023.

一樓的大走廊通往客房和餐廳。 酒店狀況良好但我被告知在紐約酒店結束之後以及2022年迪斯尼樂園巴黎30週年之後應該進行全面翻新,所以從2023年開始。

Let’s have a look inside the rooms!


Back in 1992 some publicity pictures were released showing rooms inside each hotel and here is the one released for the Disneyland Paris Hotel.


Here is a first video showing the rooms and the hotel indoor swimming pool.


FROM:[4K] Disneyland Hotel Room & Swimming Pool – Disneyland Paris

The next video will show you the Tinkerbell room, a good choice …if you can afford it.


FROM:[4K] Tinkerbell Room – Castle Club – Disneyland Hotel – Disneyland Paris

And if you really, really, have enough money the Sleeping Beauty Suite with its 180 square meters and the best possible view on the park is unmissable! This is the suite where Michael Jackson was staying when he was coming at DLP in the 90’s…

如果你真的,真的,有足夠的錢睡眠美容套房180平方米,公園最好的景色是不可錯過的! 這是邁克爾·傑克遜在90年代來到DLP時所住的套房……

FROM:Sleeping Beauty Suite – Disneyland Hotel – Disneyland Paris

…and it’s also in that suite that Disneyland Paris had welcome in 1993 the at-that-time-famous sextuplets.


Let’s move to the Inventions restaurant / buffet where the food is excellent and, surprise, Mickey, Minnie and others Disney characters welcome the guests.


Nearby the Cafe Fantasia is a great place to enjoy some tea or drinks and to enjoy the best view on DLP Fantasia Gardens at the entrance of the park.

附近的Cafe Fantasia咖啡廳是享用茶或飲料的理想場所,您可以在公園入口欣賞DLP Fantasia Gardens花園的美景。

Some pictures of the outside of the hotel shot in different locations than what you see usually.


Let’s go back inside to see the Castle Lounge which also have a great view on the park entrance, but on the other side!

讓我們回到裡面看看Castle Lounge,它也可以看到公園入口處的美景,但另一邊!




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