Right now, though all eyes are on the August opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney is hard at work at the reinvention of Epcot, which includes some major projects, including almost a dozen new attractions and restaurants. However, even though these projects vary largely in size and scope, there’s one corner of the park that will be almost unrecognizable after Epcot’s transformation: the France pavilion. Right now Disney is taking some massive steps to completely reimagine this part of the World Showcase including new places to eat, play and more. Here’s everything you know about the “new” France pavilion, which will currently doesn’t have an opening date, but is largely rumored to be coming next year.

現在,儘管所有的目光都集中在8月份的星球大戰:迪士尼好萊塢電影公司的銀河邊緣,迪斯尼正在努力改造Epcot,其中包括一些重大項目,包括近十幾個新的景點和餐館。 然而,儘管這些項目的規模和範圍差別很大,但在Epcot改造後,公園的一角幾乎無法辨認:法國館。 現在,迪士尼正在採取一些重大舉措,完全重新構想世界展覽的這一部分,包括新的吃飯,玩耍等等。 以下是關於“新”法國館的所有信息,目前還沒有開幕日期,但很大程度上傳聞將於明年上映。

1. Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

Of course, the biggest new addition to the France pavilion will be Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure which is now under construction and is rumored to open sometime in 2020. This Ratatouille-themed 3-D dark ride (which will essentially be a clone of a ride that already exists at Disneyland Paris) will use trackless technology to “shrink” guests down to the size of a rat, and is being constructed in a massive expansion pad behind the current France pavilion. Disney hasn’t released a lot of information about this new attraction, but we expect that to change in the coming months as this is the next “big” new ride on the schedule after the phased opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge later this year.

當然,法國館最大的新成員將是雷米的料理鼠王冒險,現在正在建設中,據說將在2020年的某個時候開放。這種以料理鼠王為主題的3D黑闇騎行(基本上是一個騎行的克隆) 已經存在於巴黎迪斯尼樂園(Disneyland Paris)將使用無軌技術將客戶“縮小”到一隻老鼠的大小,並且正在當前法國館後面的一個巨大的擴展墊上建造。 迪士尼尚未發布有關這一新景點的大量信息,但我們預計未來幾個月會有所改變,因為這是星球大戰分階段開放後的下一個“大”新車:今年晚些時候銀河邊緣。


However, as we get closer to the opening of the first newly-constructed ride in the World Showcase since the 1988 addition of Maelstrom in Norway (we’re not counting overlays like Frozen Ever After or the Gran Fiesta Tour), Disney will need to add some capacity to the France pavilion, which they will do with the following two new aditions:

然而,隨著我們越來越接近自1988年在挪威加入Maelstrom以來在世界展覽中首次新搭建的車型(我們不計算像“冰雪奇緣”或Gran Fiesta Tour之類的覆蓋物),迪士尼將需要 為法國館增加一些能力,他們將採取以下兩個新的願望:

2. New quick/table service Crêperie hybrid restaurant

The most recently-announced addition to the France pavilion is a brand new unamed hybrid quick/table service restaurant that will feature the cuisine of celebrity chef Jérôme Bocuse, the mastermind behind the pavilion’s Chefs de France brasserie and its celebration of gourmet cuisine, Monsieur Paul. This new location will feature a menu inspired by the Brittany region of France, and will have savory crepes called galettes and sweet crepes. And though the France pavilion already has plenty of places to eat (this will be the fifth dining location in this pavilion), this new hybrid restaurant should be a nice addition to the lineup with a simple menu with familiar options.

No opening date for this new location has been announced, but considering this new location will be a part of the France expansion, we’re guessing that it will likely open in 2020, alongside the afroementioned Ratatouille attraction.

最近宣布的法國館增添了一個全新的無人值守混合快餐/餐桌服務餐廳,其中包括著名廚師JérômeBocuse的美食,該餐廳是法國頂級廚師小酒館的幕後策劃者,也是美食家的慶祝活動,Monsieur Paul。 這個新的位置將以法國布列塔尼地區為靈感的菜單,並將有美味的薄餅,稱為galettes和甜薄餅。 雖然法國館已經有很多吃飯的地方(這將是這個展館的第五個用餐地點),但這家新的混合餐廳應該是一個很好的補充,有一個簡單的菜單和熟悉的選擇。



3. Beauty and the Beast Singalong

Last year it was announced that a brand new new Beauty and the Beast sing-along attraction would be coming to Epcot’s France pavilion, and will play in the theater that is currently home to “Impressions de France.”This new show will play in addition to the French film, and is being created by Don Hahn, producer of the animated and live-action “Beauty and the Beast” film.

No timeline has been provided about when this new show might debut, and while we initially thought this new show would debut sometime this year, with Disney perhaps looking to make an “event” out of the full reboot of the France pavilion, we might have to wait until next year to experience this new live show.

去年宣布全新的Beauty and the Beast唱片將會出現在Epcot的法國館,並將在目前是“Impressions de France”的劇院演出。此新節目將另外播放 這部法國電影正在由動畫片和真人秀“美女與野獸”電影製片人唐·哈恩創作。

這個新節目何時首次亮相時沒有提供時間表,雖然我們最初認為這個新節目將在今年的某個時候首次亮相,但迪士尼可能會想要在法國館完全重新啟動時製作一個“活動”,我們可能會有 等到明年才能體驗這個新的現場表演。


While Disney hasn’t released much about the total reboot coming to France as part of the larger Epcot reimagining, we imagine we will hear a lot more about this project (as well as more information about Epcot’s new nighttime spectaculars (yes there’s more than one!) and the highly-anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy attraction later this year at the bi-annual D23 Expo, which will take place August 23-35, right before the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

雖然迪士尼沒有發布太多重新啟動法國作為更大的Epcot重新構想的一部分,我們想像我們會聽到更多關於這個項目的信息(以及有關Epcot的新夜間觀眾的更多信息(是的,不止一個) 今年晚些時候將在8月23日至35日舉行的“星球大戰:迪士尼好萊塢影城銀河邊緣”開幕前的兩年一度的D23世博會上,備受期待的銀河吸引力守護者



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