The rain man

The combination between the sculpture and fountain makes the work that is located in Italy of Jean-michel Folon more impressive depth.

雕塑和噴泉之間的結合使得位於意大利的Jean-michel Folon的作品更加令人印象深刻。

The bronze man stands over 3 meters high and the water falls down the summit of the statue, in the shape of a fantasmagoric and almost real umbrella.


On May 16, Mayor Dario Nardella submitted a Facebook survey asking citizens for their opinions on the relocation of Jean-Michel Folon’s “Rain Man.” The Belgian artist’s statue had twice been damaged in 2015 and in 2017 by motorists at the roundabout in front of the Obihall theater in via Fabrizio de André. Considering that the work had been recently refurbished, the mayor proposed moving the beautiful figure to one of two safer, more prominent locations in the historic center.

5月16日,市長Dario Nardella提交了一份Facebook調查,要求市民就Jean-Michel Folon的“雨人”搬遷提出意見。這位比利時藝術家的雕像在2015年和2017年在前面的環形交叉路口遭到駕駛員損壞兩次。通過FabriziodeAndré的Obihall劇院。考慮到這項工作最近已經翻新,市長提議將這個美麗的人物搬到歷史中心的兩個更安全,更突出的地方之一。

The suaveness of the Folon Rain Man, with his Sherlock Holmes trench coat, rain boots, top hat, and umbrella tempted Florentines to sway from tradition. Votes flooded in, and in less than 24 hours, the mayor announced that the citizens had decided against moving the contemporary statue to the historic Piazza del Carmine or to the Piazza dei Ciompi near Sant’Ambrogio in the Santa Croce neighborhood.

Folon Rain Man的厚顏無恥,他的夏洛克福爾摩斯風衣,雨靴,大禮帽和傘誘惑佛羅倫薩人擺脫了傳統。在不到24小時的時間裡,市長們宣布,市民們決定不將當代雕像搬到歷史悠久的Piazza del Carmine廣場或者在Santa Croce附近的Sant’Ambrogio附近的Piazza dei Ciompi廣場。

The bronze sculpture had been donated to Florence in 2002 during the European Social Forum. Nardella maintains that although it will return to its former vulnerable position near the Varlungo Bridge, measures will be taken to protect both the statue and motorists from harm’s way.Twelve of Folon’s bronze and ceramic statues reside between the roses of the Giardino delle Rose near Piazzale Michelangelo. “Partir” depicts a suitcase which creatively frames Brunelleschi’s dome, Giotto’s Campanile, the Church of San Lorenzo, the Palazzo Vecchio, and other notable aspects of the Florence skyline. Additionally, Folon has had works exhibited around the Tuscan region, including at the Palazzo Vecchio and the Forte di Belvedere.

這枚青銅雕塑於2002年在歐洲社會論壇期間捐贈給了佛羅倫薩。 Nardella堅持認為,儘管它將恢復到Varlungo大橋附近的前脆弱位置,但仍將採取措施保護雕像和駕駛者免受傷害.Polon的青銅和陶瓷雕像位於Piazzale附近的Giardino delle Rose玫瑰之間米開朗基羅。 “Partir”描繪了一個創造性地構成Brunelleschi穹頂,Giotto’s Campanile,San Lorenzo教堂,Palazzo Vecchio以及佛羅倫薩天際線其他值得注意的方面的手提箱。此外,Folon還在托斯卡納地區展出作品,包括Palazzo Vecchio和Forte di Belvedere。


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