Mihai Eminescu statue

Mihai Eminescu works in Onesti (Romania) stimulates the viewer’s imagination
Mihai Eminescu在Onesti(羅馬尼亞)工作,以激發觀眾的想像力

This sculpture has been dedicated to one of Romania’s favorite literary stars. Eminescu looks stunning particularly at sun set and sun rise.

這個雕塑一直致力於羅馬尼亞最受歡迎的文學明星之一。 Eminescu看起來令人驚嘆,尤其是在日落和日出時。

The sculpture dedicated to Mihai Eminescu from Onesti presents the image of the poet formed by the branches of two trees with the stems deep in a marble socket. The author, considered by some as amateur and others a veil artist, managed to interconnect the monument with the surrounding space and nature. So, Eminescu’s face is not complete without what is seen beyond him – a melancholic poet, against the backdrop of a sunken redhead, a young Eminescu and lively on the background of the winding trees, or the face of an “old man like winter” when the branches monument are full of snow and promos. It’s like reading the same poetry, always discovering other and other meanings.

獻給來自Onesti的Mihai Eminescu的雕塑呈現了兩棵樹枝形成的詩人的形象,其中的莖深入大理石插座。 作者被一些人視為業餘愛好者和其他面紗藝術家,設法將紀念碑與周圍的空間和自然融為一體。 所以,Eminescu的面孔並不完整,沒有他所見到的東西 – 一個憂鬱的詩人,在一個沉沒的紅頭髮的背景下,一個年輕的Eminescu,在蜿蜒的樹木的背景上活潑,或者是一個像“冬天的老人”那樣的分支 紀念碑充滿了雪和促銷。 這就像閱讀相同的詩歌,總是發現其他和其他意義。

Beyond international recognition, the work is considered “valuable as an idea, not necessarily a completely original one” as critics express. Eminescu’s face in Onesti is similar to the famous “Eminescu Tree”, a work done in the 60’s by Aurel David Bessarabian plastic artist.

除了國際認可之外,正如評論家所表達的那樣,這項工作被認為是“有價值的想法,不一定是完全原創的”。 Eminescu在Onesti的面孔與著名的“Eminescu Tree”相似,這是60年代由Aurel David Bessarabian塑料藝術家完成的作品。


FROM:Monument to Mihai Eminescu in Onesti (Romania)

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