Spending more than $1 million, the exciting new free-fall machine and show – “Escape from Alcatraz Island” is located in the huge underground space below San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf and will be on display at the San Francisco Dungeon Theme Park this Halloween. By then, it will be the first and only free fall machine in the nation’s underground theme parks. The new facility will be the finale in the full 60-minute dungeon experience, with complete design, scripts, characters and costumes, and finally lead you to the event with a thrilling free-falling machine, with a super-realistic bounce experience band You jump from the infamous Alcatraz Island to the cold waters of San Francisco Bay.

The construction of the new project is currently underway at sea level. At the beginning of the construction campaign, the interior walls of the dungeon must be dismantled to accommodate the new rides in the 25,000-square-foot underground space; then new spaces, steps, and environmental settings will be built around the space. The overall project was designed by Swiss-based WillTEC, a custom-built new facility with a total height of 23 feet and a free fall height of 11 feet. The facility will carry 18 passengers per passenger and will be carried by two Gondolas (Venice flat-bottomed boats), each carrying 9 passengers for a total length of approximately 33 seconds.

The new “Escape the Alcatraz Island” free-fall machine and show will premiere at the Halloween weekend, and visitors will experience the unique and unique experience of the nation under the iconic Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco to celebrate Halloween in such a unique way. In the “Devil’s Island Soul” scene, visitors will collectively pass through the dimly lit corridors and enter the desolate room to fully experience the ominous premonition brought by the scene.

The scene is filled with realistic prison scenes and props, including posters for prisoners and prison rules and regulations. Visitors will even be used as prisoners by fingerprints and prisoners to complete their tasks. The performances in the Dungeon Theme Park are completely real, and visitors can learn about the wonderful history of Alcatraz in the 1915 period. Then, the “Prisoners” will be towed to the uninhabited prison empty space and found themselves in an escape plan; the sirens will start, the police dogs will start to arrogant, the guards will shout loudly, and the searchlights will be fired at the prisoners who are trying to escape. “Face, the front is the rock wall, the only choice is to jump… jump into the dead San Francisco Bay. Finally, the lucky “Prisoner” can successfully escape from Alcatraz Island and complete the tour. Visitors can also take photos of their surprised expressions captured at the souvenir shop while riding their free-fall machine.





The San Francisco Dungeon Theme Park is divided into 10 theme areas. In these 10 interesting themes, you will follow the story development step by step into your own storyline. Let us see if you can Live to escape this Alcatraz Island!

Into the Jedi – The Descent
Greedy Gold Rush – Gold Rush Greed
Lost Gold Mine – Lost Mines of Sutter’s Mill
San Francisco Gangs – Gangs of San Francisco
San Francisco Court – The Court room of San Francisco
Miss Pigot’s Salon – Miss Piggott’s Saloon
Shanghai Kelly’s boat trip – Shanghai Kelly
Chinatown Plague – Chinatown Plague Street
Alcatraz Island – The Ghosts of Alcatraz
Escape Alcatraz drop ride – Escape Alcatraz drop ride
In these interesting episodes, you can enter an unexpected mirror maze in the disappearing gold mine theme and spend a wonderful time in the large mirror. Don’t worry about getting lost, because the actor will cleverly help guide you to the next room checkpoint when necessary; in the San Francisco court, you will be taken to the San Francisco court, and if you are lucky enough, you will be charged with the crime. Because you will be accused by the judge on the stage where you will be witnessed; or in Miss Shagot’s salon episode, drink the special wine of Miss Pigot!

The San Francisco Dungeon

Address: 145 Jefferson St #500, San Francisco, CA 94133
Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 12:00-18:00, Friday to Sunday 11:00-20:00


深入絕地 – The Descent
貪婪淘金 – Gold Rush Greed
消失的金礦 – Lost Mines of Sutter’s Mill
舊金山幫派 – Gangs of San Francisco
舊金山法庭 – The Court room of San Francisco
皮戈特小姐的沙龍 – Miss Piggott’s Saloon
上海凱利的船行 – Shanghai Kelly
唐人街瘟疫 – Chinatown Plague Street
惡魔島 – The Ghosts of Alcatraz
逃離惡魔島- Escape Alcatraz drop ride

舊金山地牢主題樂園(The San Francisco Dungeon)

地址:145 Jefferson St #500, San Francisco, CA 94133



San Francisco Dungeon Theme Park WEB:https://www.thedungeons.com/san-francisco/en/


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