San Francisco Dungeon 舊金山地牢

The San Francisco Dungeon is a tourist attraction which recreates historical events using 360° sets, special effects, and live actors. Visitors walk through the Dungeon, and are guided through each show by professional actors. The attraction also contains a dark boat ride.

The San Francisco Dungeon was opened in June 2014, following the success of its European counterparts which include the London Dungeon and the Amsterdam Dungeon. The Dungeons are owned and operated by Merlin Entertainments.

舊金山地牢是一個旅遊景點,使用360°套裝,特效和現場演員重現歷史事件。 遊客穿過地下城,由專業演員指導每個節目。 該景點還包括乘坐黑船。

舊金山地牢於2014年6月開業,此前其歐洲同行包括倫敦地牢和阿姆斯特丹地牢。 Dungeons由Merlin Entertainments擁有和運營。

Location:Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco, California, USA
Coordinates:37.80823°N 122.41479°WCoordinates: 37.80823°N 122.41479°W
Owner:Merlin Entertainments

坐標:37.80823°N 122.41479°W坐標:37.80823°N 122.41479°W

Shows and rides include:

-The Descent- visitors descend into the Dungeon in an old mine shaft elevator and meet businessman Colonel Jack Gamble
-Gold Rush Greed- a re-enactment of the clash between the natives and the new settlers on the American frontier in 1848
-Lost Mines of Sutter’s Mill- visitors search the maze of mines for any remaining gold
-Streets of San Francisco- visitors meet gang The Hounds and their leader Sam Roberts down Kearny Street
-The Court of San Francisco- a re-enactment of an old San Francisco courtroom where visitors are interrogated by former mayor and judge “Mad Meade”
-Miss Piggott’s Saloon- recreation of an old drinking saloon featuring Miss Piggott and Shanghai Kelly
-Shanghai Kelly’s Boat Ride- boat ride through the back waterways to learn about the lives of those who were sold to work as sailors
-Chinatown Plague- recreation of the streets of San Francisco during the Black Death epidemic in 1900
-The Ghosts of Alcatraz- recreation of the Alcatraz military prison during the 1800s


– 下降 – 遊客乘坐舊礦井電梯進入地牢,並與商人Jack Gamble上校見面
-Gold Rush Greed- 1848年美國邊境當地人和新定居者之間衝突的重演
– 薩特的磨坊失去了地雷 – 遊客可以在迷宮中尋找任何剩餘的金礦
– 舊金山的街道 – 遊客會遇到幫派獵犬和他們的領導人Sam Roberts沿著Kearny街走下去
– 舊金山法院 – 重新頒布舊舊金山法庭,前市長和法官“Mad Meade”審訊訪客
-Miss Piggott的Saloon-以Piggott小姐和上海凱利為特色的舊式飲酒沙龍
– 上海凱利的乘船乘船穿過後面的水道,了解那些被出售作為水手工作的人的生活
-Cinatown Plague- 1900年黑死病流行期間舊金山街道的娛樂活動
– 惡魔的幽靈 – 在19世紀期間重建阿爾卡特拉斯軍事監獄

Gripping storytelling in 360º themed sets
A series of live actor led shows about San Francisco’s dark and sinful past
State-of-the-art special effects
Laughs, screams, and top-notch actors
We’re the dark comedy of attractions; dark, atmospheric and very, very funny.

我們是景點的黑暗喜劇; 黑暗,大氣,非常非常有趣。


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