St Bavo’s Cathedral, Ghent

The Saint Bavo Cathedral (also known as Sint-Baafs Cathedral, or in Dutch Sint Baafskathedraal) an 89-meter-tall Gothic cathedral in Ghent, Belgium. It is the seat of the diocese of Ghent, is named for Saint Bavo of Ghent, and contains the well-known Ghent Altarpiece.

聖巴夫大教堂(也稱為Sint-Baafs大教堂,或荷蘭Sint Baafskathedraal)是一座89米高的哥特式大教堂,位於比利時根特。 它是根特教區的所在地,以根特的聖巴夫(Saint Bavo of Ghent)命名,並包含著名的根特祭壇(Ghent Altarpiece)。

The building is built on the site of the former Chapel of St. John the Baptist, a primarily wooden construction that was consecrated in 942 by Transmarus, Bishop of Tournai and Noyon. Traces of this original structure are evident in the cathedral’s crypt.

The chapel was subsequently expanded in the Romanesque style in 1038. Some traces of this phase of expansion are still evident in the present day crypt.

In the subsequent period from the 14th through 16th centuries, nearly continuous expansion projects in the Gothic style were executed on the structure. A new choir, radiating chapels, expansions of the transepts, a chapter house, nave aisles and a single tower western section were all added during this period. Construction was considered complete June 7, 1569.

In 1539, as a result of the rebellion against Charles V, the old Abbey of St. Bavo was dissolved. Its abbot and monks went on to become canons in a Chapter that was attached to what then became the Church of Saint Bavo. When the Diocese of Ghent was founded in 1559, the church became its cathedral. The church of Saint Bavo was earlier the site of the baptism of Charles V.





Interior 內部

Interior of the roman Crypt, with frescos of religious figures visible. 羅馬土窖的內部,與宗教人物壁畫可看見。


Elaborate stone and marble naves inside the upper church. 在教堂內部精心製作石頭和大理石洞穴。


The cathedral has four organs at disposal for liturgical celebrations. Most famous is the main organ in the Upper church: is the biggest organ in the benelux. In 1935 Mgr Coppieters commanded that the Klais organ from the world exheboition would be put inside the cathedral. The organ case dates from the 18th century and the complete organ has more than 6000 pipes inside. It has 5 manuals.

大教堂有四個器官可用於禮儀慶典。 最著名的是上教堂的主要器官:是比荷盧經濟聯盟中最大的器官。 1935年,Mgr Coppieters命令將世界上的Klais器官放在大教堂內。 器官盒的歷史可以追溯到18世紀,整個器官內部有超過6000根管道。 它有5個手冊。

The great organ built in 1935 by Klais is the biggest of the Benelux. Klais於1935年建造的大器官是比荷盧經濟聯盟中最大的。

The cathedral is noted for the Ghent Altarpiece, originally in its Joost Vijd chapel. It is formally known as: The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb by Hubert and Jan van Eyck. This work is considered Van Eyck’s masterpiece and one of the most important works of the early Northern Renaissance, as well as one of the greatest artistic masterpieces of Belgium.

大教堂以根特祭壇畫而聞名,最初位於其Joost Vijd小教堂內。 它被正式稱為:休伯特和揚·凡·艾克的“神秘羔羊的崇拜”。 這部作品被認為是范艾克的傑作,也是北方早期文藝復興時期最重要的作品之一,也是比利時最偉大的藝術傑作之一。

The cathedral is home to works of other artists of note. It holds the painting Saint Bavo enters the Convent at Ghent by Peter Paul Rubens. There are also works by or after Lucas de Heere, one of which is a View of Gent. Frans Pourbus the Elder painted 14 panels representing the History of Saint Andrew (1572) and a Triptych of Viglius Aytta (1571). Caspar de Crayer is represented by paintings of St Macarius of Gent, The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist and The Martyrdom of Saint Barbara. The church also holds works by Antoon van den Heuvel including the Christ and the Adulterous Woman and the Resurrection of Christ. There are also works by Lucas van Uden and Jan van Cleef.

大教堂是其他藝術家的作品的所在地。 它擁有聖巴夫的畫作,由彼得保羅魯本斯進入根特修道院。 Lucas de Heere也有其他作品,其中一個是紳士觀。 Frans Pourbus the Elder繪製了14塊面板,代表了聖安德魯歷史(1572年)和Viglius Aytta三聯(1571年)。 Caspar de Crayer的代表是Gent的St Macarius,施洗者聖約翰的斬首和聖巴巴拉的殉道。 教會還有Antoon van den Heuvel的作品,包括基督和通姦婦女以及基督的複活。 還有Lucas van Uden和Jan van Cleef的作品。

In the nave we find an impressive rococo pulpit (1741–1745), made in oak, gilded wood and white and black marble by Laurent Delvaux, with wrought iron fence by J. Arens, There are also chairs designed by the contemporary designer Maarten Van Severen. The main altar is placed between the nave and the Choir.

在教堂中殿,我們發現了一個令人印象深刻的洛可可講壇(1741-1745),由橡膠,鍍金木材和白色和黑色大理石製成,由Laurent Delvaux製作,由J. Arens製作鍛鐵圍欄,還有由當代設計師Maarten Van設計的椅子Severen。 主祭壇位於教堂中殿和合唱團之間。


FROM:St Bavo’s Cathedral, Ghent,Belgium.

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