Cineteca Nacional Siglo XXI

Mexican practice rojkind arquitectos has been awarded the design of ‘cineteca nacional del siglo XXI’ by the national council for culture and the arts of mexico. with a focus on generating new cinematic experiences, the renovation project will increase the complex’s built area from 20,000 m2 to almost 29,000 m2, of which 7,000 will be dedicated to the public.

墨西哥實踐rojkind arquitectos被墨西哥文化和藝術委員會授予“cineteca nacional del siglo XXI”設計。 該改造項目將重點放在產生新的電影體驗上,將建築面積從20,000平方米增加到近29,000平方米,其中7,000個將用於公眾。

Architectural project: Rojkind Arquitectos
Interior design: Alberto Villareal Bello, Esrawe Studio
Structural engineer: CTC Ingenieros
Roof structure engineer: Studio NYL
Landscape consultant: Ambiente Arquitectos
A/V consultant: Auerbach Pollock Friedlander
Acoustical consultant: Seamonk
Lighting consultant: Ideas y Proyectos en Luz
Graphic design: Citrico + Welcome Branding

Program: Cultural
Construction Area: 49,000 m2
Location: Mexico City

建築項目:Rojkind Arquitectos
室內設計:Alberto Villareal Bello,Esrawe Studio
結構工程師:CTC Ingenieros
屋頂結構工程師:Studio NYL
景觀顧問:Ambiente Arquitectos
A / V顧問:Auerbach Pollock Friedlander
照明顧問:Ideas y Proyectos en Luz
平面設計:Citrico + Welcome Branding


Recognizing the medium’s technological advancements which has allowed viewers to access ‘moving pictures’ beyond the standard screen setting, the design aims to remove film from its classic exhibition site and heighten the experience of the common space – parks, cafe, square – as a place of communication. the pre-existing parking which occupies a large sector of the plot will be transferred to a six-level (above grade) parking, freeing up space for an outdoor amphitheatre, a public park, and a central plaza. covered by a porous, canopy-like roof form, the central plaza will integrate trees into its layout to draw the elements of the park to its center. in addition, the project will add four new screening rooms (increasing seats from 2050 to 3050) and expand the archive vaults to house 50,000 more reels of films.

認識到媒體的技術進步使觀眾能夠在標準屏幕設置之外訪問“動態圖片”,該設計旨在將電影從其經典展覽場地中移除,並提升公共空間的體驗 – 公園,咖啡館,廣場 – 作為一個場所 溝通。 佔用大部分地塊的預先存在的停車場將被轉移到六層(高於等級)的停車場,為室外圓形劇場,公共公園和中央廣場騰出空間。 中央廣場由多孔的天蓬狀屋頂覆蓋,將樹木融入其佈局,將公園的元素吸引到其中心。 此外,該項目還將增加四個新的放映室(從2050年到3050年增加席位),並擴大檔案庫,以容納50,000多卷電影。
Rènshí dào méitǐ de jìshù jìnbù shǐ guānzhòng nénggòu zài

Surface parking was consolidated into a six story structure freeing 40% of the site. Then the pedestrian friendly “back entrance”, located across the street from the historic town’s cemetery, was reactivated –70% of Cineteca patrons use public transportation and arrive by foot–. The reclaimed space now houses the new program organized along two axes, one perpendicular to the street of Real Mayorazgo becoming the main pedestrian entrance and the other perpendicular to Av. México-Coyoacán for both car and pedestrian access.

地面停車場整合為六層結構,佔地面積的40%。 然後,位於歷史悠久的城鎮墓地街對面的行人友好的“後門”重新啟用 – -70%的Cineteca顧客使用公共交通工具併步行抵達。 回收空間現在包含沿兩條軸組織的新計劃,一條垂直於Real Mayorazgo街道成為主要的行人入口,另一條垂直於Av。 México-Coyoacán可以通往汽車和步行道。

The axes intersection became a new 80m x 40m public plaza sheltered from the weather by a hovering canopy connecting the existing complex with the new screening rooms. Clad in composite aluminum panels, with varied size triangular perforations, the roof structure wraps around the new screening rooms and becomes their façade. The sheltered space functions as the foyer for the old and new screening rooms and can accommodate additional program options such as concerts, theater, exhibitions, etc. “We didn’t want it to feel like you’re in the lobby of a commercial cinema, we wanted it to feel more like a university campus, with everything floating in a park” says design principal Michel Rojkind.

An outdoor amphitheater, extensive landscaping and new retail spaces were added to the original program expanding the possibilities for social and cultural interaction and exchanges, and giving the complex a university campus feel.

軸線交叉口成為一個新的80米x 40米的公共廣場,通過將現有建築與新的放映室連接起來的懸浮天篷避開了天氣。 複合鋁板採用不同尺寸的三角形穿孔,屋頂結構環繞新的放映室,成為他們的外觀。 庇護空間是新舊放映室的門廳,可以容納其他節目選擇,如音樂會,劇院,展覽等。“我們不希望它感覺像是在商業電影院的大廳裡 設計主管Michel Rojkind說,我們希望它感覺更像是一個大學校園,一切都漂浮在公園裡。



FROM:La Cineteca Nacional de la Ciudad de México

FROM:Cineteca Nacional Siglo XXI

FROM:Cineteca Nacional Siglo XXI | 13 Bienal de Arquitectura de Venecia

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