FROM:Bosco Sodi’s builds brick Atlantes installation beside Tadao Ando’s Casa Wabi

Mexican contemporary artist Bosco Sodi has handmade thousands of bricks and built them into this symmetrical set of 64 cubes on a beachfront site near to Tadao Ando’s Casa Wabi in Oaxaca, Mexico.

The site-specific installation is located on the beach in Puerto Escondido at the site of Casa Wabi – an artist’s retreat and art centre that Japanese architect Ando completed for Bosco Sodi’s Casa Wabi Foundation arts charity in 2014.

墨西哥當代藝術家博斯科·索迪(Bosco Sodi)手工製作了數千塊磚塊,並將它們建造在這個對稱的64塊立方體中,位於墨西哥瓦哈卡的Tadao Ando的Casa Wabi附近的海濱地帶。

特定場地的裝置位於埃斯孔迪多港的海灘上,位於Casa Wabi的地點 – 這是一個藝術家的靜修和藝術中心,日本建築師Ando於2014年為Bosco Sodi的Casa Wabi基金會藝術慈善機構完成了這一活動。

Called Atlantes, Sodi’s installation comprises stacks of reddish bricks arranged in an eight-by-eight grid. Identical spaces are left around each to create a symmetrical arrangement that draws on the concept of a chessboard.

“I wanted to do 64 cubes because I wanted to use the same structure as chess,” Sodi told Dezeen. “I wanted it to be very mathematical. The cube is a completely human form; you do not find the cube in nature.”

被稱為Atlantes的Sodi的裝置包括以8×8網格排列的紅色磚塊。 每個周圍都留有相同的空間,以創建一個利用棋盤概念的對稱佈局。

“我想做64個立方體,因為我想使用與國際象棋相同的結構,”Sodi告訴Dezeen。 “我希望它是非常數學的。立方體是一種完全人類的形式;你在自然界中找不到立方體。”

Each of the 64, two-metre-high blocks is formed from 1,600 clay bricks. Sodi handmade the bricks with a team of local craftsman, making a total of 102,000 pieces.

To make the bricks, the team extracted raw earth and mixed it with water and sand to form clay, and then shaped and smoothed by hand. The blocks were left to air-dry in the sun at the artist’s studio next door, which was also created by Ando.

64個兩米高的街區中的每一個都由1,600塊粘土磚組成。 Sodi手工製作了當地工匠團隊的磚塊,共計102,000件。

為了製作磚塊,團隊提取原土並將其與水和沙子混合形成粘土,然後用手成形和平整。 這些街區在隔壁藝術家工作室的陽光下風乾,這也是由Ando創作的。

“When Ando designed the foundation, he also designed the studio for me and the observatory next to it,” Sodi said.

Once hardened, the bricks were fired in a traditional Oaxacan kiln near the beach site that consists of local wood, jacaranda seeds and coconut shells. The firing process imbues the bricks with terracotta hues, as well as green and black streaks.


一旦硬化,磚塊就在靠近海灘的傳統瓦哈卡窯中燒製,該窯由當地的木材,蘭花楹種子和椰子殼組成。 燒製過程使磚塊具有赤陶色調,以及綠色和黑色條紋。

“This concept, of getting materials that come from the earth in all of the four elements – earth, fire water, air – to form clay, and after time, to bring it back to its origins [is important to me],” Sodi said.

Atlantes took over two years to complete, and the longevity with its surrounding is well-planned.

“這個概念,在地球,火水,空氣等所有四種元素中得到來自地球的材料 – 形成粘土,並且隨著時間的推移,將它帶回原點[對我來說很重要],”Sodi 說過。


When viewed from an aerial perspective, the cubes merge with the sandy landscape to form a near-perfect grid. Cacti and other low-lying bushes surround the project, with the Pacific Ocean and mountains in the distance.

“I wanted to do this completely human form, but slowly they [the bricks] will be deteriorating and the form will become organic again, like small mountains or abstract figures over many years,” said Sodi.

從空中角度觀察時,立方體與沙質景觀融合,形成近乎完美的網格。 仙人掌和其他低矮的灌木叢環繞著該項目,遠處是太平洋和山脈。



“[Eventually] they will become mountains of clay that are completely abstract and random, but in a very human way of arranging them.”

Casa Wabi, which also goes by the name Bosco Studio and House, is directed by Patricia Martin – best known as the curator of Latin America’s largest private art collection: Colección Júmex.


Casa Wabi也被稱為Bosco Studio and House,由Patricia Martin執導 – 最著名的是拉丁美洲最大的私人藝術收藏館館長:ColecciónJúmex。

Casa Wabi has become a new centre for the local community of Puerto Escondido, as well as a popular retreat for artists.

The surrounding gardens are designed by Mexican architect Alberto Kalach of TAX Architects, while nearby are a number of pavilions by well-known architects like Álvaro Siza, Kengo Kuma, and Solano Benítez.

Casa Wabi已成為Puerto Escondido當地社區的新中心,也是藝術家的熱門休閒場所。

周圍的花園由墨西哥建築師Alberto Kalach設計,由TAX建築師事務所設計,附近有許多著名建築師,如ÁlvaroSiza,Kengo Kuma和SolanoBenítez。

Oaxaca is one of Mexico’s 31 states, as well as the name of the municipality’s capital city.

Other projects in the region include a beach house with a thatched roof by Baaq in Puerto Escondido, and a contemporary concrete holiday home by Ludwig Godefroy and Emmanuel Picault in Playa Zicatela.


該地區的其他項目包括位於埃斯孔迪多港的Baaq的茅草屋頂的海濱別墅,以及位於Playa Zicatela的Ludwig Godefroy和Emmanuel Picault的現代混凝土度假屋。



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