Bent Annexe

Architects: BENT Architecture
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Category: Extension Lead Architects Paul Porjazoski, Lana Blazanin, Tilde Sheppard, Merran Porjazoski, Ian Wilson
Area: 207.0 m2
Project Year: 2018
Photographs: Tatjana Plitt
Manufacturers: Austral Bricks, Urban Salvage, InStyle, Douglas and Bec, Frencham Cypress, Signorino Tile Gallery, Perini Tiles, Pop and Scott

建築師:BENT Architecture
類別:推廣首席建築師Paul Porjazoski,Lana Blazanin,Tilde Sheppard,Merran Porjazoski,Ian Wilson
照片:Tatjana Plitt
製造商:Austral Bricks,Urban Salvage,InStyle,Douglas和Bec,Frencham Cypress,Signorino Tile Gallery,Perini Tiles,Pop和Scott

BENT Annexe adds additional living space to a 1960s home with a lot of charm, while also reconnecting it to the garden. In contrast to the heaviness and introspective nature of the original home, this new, light-weight and light-filled Annexe is open and outward-looking, feeling more like a sheltered place in the garden that traditional living space.

BENT Annexe為20世紀60年代的住宅增添了額外的生活空間,充滿魅力,同時還將其重新連接到花園。 與原始住宅的沉重和內省性質相比,這款新穎,輕巧,光線充足的附件是開放式和外觀式的,感覺更像是花園中的庇護場所,傳統的生活空間。

Carefully peel away the ad-hoc additions to the rear, leaving only the generously proportioned rooms of the existing home, left a great base to start from. The Annexe tucks neatly under the existing eaves with new spaces wrapping around the original home, united by a continuous roofline which folds overhead.

小心翼翼地剝去後面的特別添加物,只留下現有住宅的寬敞比例的房間,留下了一個很好的基礎。 附件整齊地折疊在現有的屋簷下,新的空間環繞著原來的房屋,由連續的屋頂線組合在一起,折疊在頭頂上。

The original rooms of the home have been restored and revitalised to contain bedrooms, while a separate living area in the front room takes advantage of the existing corner windows and a feature fireplace. The new living areas hug the outdoors, giving the impression of a garden creeping inside. Brick walls to the east and west protect the open living spaces from leering neighbors to either side and focus attention back to the garden.

房屋的原有房間經過修復和恢復活力,設有臥室。前室的獨立起居區配有現有的角落窗戶和壁爐。 新的生活區域擁抱戶外,給人一種在裡面爬行的花園的印象。 東西兩側的磚牆保護開放的生活空間免受鄰居的衝擊,將注意力集中到花園。

The trick to making the Annexe feel like a part of the garden is creating green spaces on both sides, by separating the addition from the original home with a courtyard. Of course, the central courtyard improves cross-flow ventilation and lets north light into the master bedroom, but with full-height windows on both sides of the living area, it also creates the illusion of one continuous space, blurring the boundary between inside and outside.

讓附件感覺像是花園的一部分的訣竅是在兩側創造綠色空間,將原來的家與庭院分開。 當然,中央庭院改善了橫流通風,讓北極光進入主臥室,但是在生活區兩側都有全高窗戶,這也造成了一個連續空間的錯覺,模糊了內部和外部之間的界限 外。

A brick plinth in the living room – at just the right height for sitting – extends out into the garden. Brick paving also crosses the threshold between inside and out, further blurring the boundaries. A window seat pops out from the dining room to give the kitchen and dining light and views of the backyard. Casement windows open onto the backyard and the special seat is bathed in golden north light, making it the perfect spot to sit with a cuppa and a book.

客廳裡的磚底座 – 坐在恰當的高度 – 延伸到花園裡。 磚鋪路也穿過內外之間的門檻,進一步模糊了邊界。 用餐室設有一個靠窗的座位,提供廚房和用餐燈,並可欣賞後院的景色。 平開窗戶通向後院,特殊座椅沐浴在金色的北極光中,是您與茶杯和書籍坐在一起的理想場所。

The Annexe spills outside onto a decked outdoor dining area, protected by a retractable shading device. With a circular plunge pool just a short dash away, this is the perfect place for entertaining and long summer evenings outdoors. The home is passively designed to reduce the need for heating and cooling. High- level windows in the living area capture views of the sky and let north light deep into the home, warming the concrete floors for passive heating. Meanwhile, louver windows can be opened up to encourage a breeze for passive cooling. BENT Annexe fulfills a need for additional living space, but it also creates a home that feels like it’s a part of the garden, drawing adults, kids and dogs alike out and into the backyard.

附件溢出到甲板上的戶外用餐區,由可伸縮的遮陽設備保護。 酒店距離圓形小型游泳池僅有很短的路程,是您在戶外享受娛樂和漫長夏日夜晚的理想場所。 家庭被動設計,以減少加熱和冷卻的需要。 起居區的高層窗戶可以捕捉到天空的景色,讓北極光深入家中,使混凝土地板變暖,進行被動加熱。 同時,百葉窗可以打開,以鼓勵微風進行被動冷卻。 BENT Annexe滿足了對額外生活空間的需求,但它也創造了一個感覺就像它是花園一部分的家,吸引成年人,孩子和狗一樣出入後院。


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