Saint Nicholas’ Church 聖尼古拉教堂

St. Nicholas’ Church (Dutch: Sint-Niklaaskerk) is one of the oldest and most prominent landmarks in Ghent, Belgium. Begun in the early 13th century as a replacement for an earlier Romanesque church, construction continued through the rest of the century in the local Scheldt Gothic style (named after the nearby river). Typical of this style is the use of blue-gray stone from the Tournai area, the single large tower above the crossing, and the slender turrets at the building’s corners.

Built in the old trade center of Ghent next to the bustling Korenmarkt (Wheat Market), St. Nicholas’ Church was popular with the guilds whose members carried out their business nearby. The guilds had their own chapels which were added to the sides of the church in the 14th and 15th centuries.

The central tower, which was funded in part by the city, served as an observation post and carried the town bells until the neighboring belfry of Ghent was built. These two towers, along with the Saint Bavo Cathedral, still define the famous medieval skyline of the city center. One of the treasures of the church is its organ, produced by the famous French organ builder Aristide Cavaillé-Coll.



中央塔樓部分由城市資助,作為一個觀察哨,帶著城鎮的鐘聲,直到鄰近的根特鐘樓建成。這兩座塔樓以及聖巴夫大教堂(Saint Bavo Cathedral)仍然保留著市中心著名的中世紀天際線。教堂的寶藏之一是它的器官,由著名的法國器官建造者AristideCavaillé-Coll製作。


The building gradually deteriorated through the centuries, to a degree that threatened its stability. Cracks were overlaid with plaster, windows were bricked up to reinforce the walls, and in the 18th century, little houses and shops were built up against the dilapidated facades. Interest in the church as a historical monument arose around 1840, and at the turn of the 20th century major restoration plans emerged. The houses alongside the church were demolished and much renovation work has been carried out since then.

幾個世紀以來,這座建築逐漸惡化,威脅到其穩定性。 裂縫被石膏覆蓋,窗戶被磚砌以加固牆壁,並且在18世紀,小房子和商店被建造在破舊的外牆上。 作為歷史紀念碑的教堂的興趣出現在1840年左右,並且在20世紀之交出現了重大的修復計劃。 自那時起,教堂旁邊的房屋被拆除,並進行了大量的翻新工程。

The organ in the Saint Nicholas’ Church, Ghent is one of the most important romantic organs of Belgium. It was built by the famous French organ builder Aristide Cavaillé-Coll.

根特聖尼古拉教堂的器官是比利時最重要的浪漫器官之一。 它由著名的法國器官建造者AristideCavaillé-Coll建造。

Before the Cavaillé-Coll organ, the church had an organ built in 1840 by the Flemish organ builder Pierre Van Pethegem.

In 1850, François-Joseph Fétis advocated the construction of a model organ in Belgium, he got support from dean Désiré Ignace Verduyn. They asked Cavaillé-Coll to make a proposal for a new organ, the first CC organ in Belgium.

In a first proposal of March, 1853, Aristide Cavaillé-Coll suggested a two-manual instrument, partially reusing material of the Van Peteghem organ. A second proposal also suggested a two-manual instrument with almost identical disposition.

The third proposal of September 3, 1853 describes the final three-manual organ in a new case with 16′ pipes in the front (Grand Orgue dit de seize pieds en Monfre).

Construction of the organ began in 1853, it was completed in 1856. The inauguration concert was performed by Louis James Alfred Lefébure-Wély on March 11, 1856.

在Cavaillé-Coll器官之前,教堂有一個由佛蘭芒風琴製造商Pierre Van Pethegem於1840年建造的器官。

1850年,弗朗索瓦·約瑟夫·費蒂斯(François-JosephFétis)主張在比利時建造一個模特風琴,他得到了院長DésiréIgnaceVerduyn的支持。 他們要求Cavaillé-Coll為比利時的第一個CC器官新器官提出建議。

在1853年3月的第一份提案中,AristideCavaillé-Coll建議使用雙手工具,部分重複使用Van Peteghem器官的材料。 第二項提案還提出了一種具有幾乎相同配置的雙手工具。

1853年9月3日的第三個提案描述了一個新案例中的最後三個手動器官,前面有16個管道(Grand Orgue dit de seize pieds en Monfre)。

該器官的建造始於1853年,於1856年完工。就職音樂會由Louis JamesAlfredLefébure-Wély於1856年3月11日完成。


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