Saint Michael’s Church 聖邁克爾教堂

Saint Michael’s Church (Dutch: Sint-Michielskerk) is a Roman Catholic church in Ghent, Belgium built in a late Gothic style. It has rich interior decoration.

聖邁克爾教堂(荷蘭語:Sint-Michielskerk)是一座位於比利時根特的羅馬天主教堂,建於哥特式晚期。 它有豐富的室內裝飾。

Documents from 1105 testify to the existence on the site of a chapel dedicated to St. Michael which was subordinate to another parish. The building was twice destroyed by fire early in the twelfth century and rebuilt.From 1147 it was recognized as an independent parochial church.

Construction of the current late Gothic church was probably commenced in 1440, and took place in two phases, separated by a long interval. During the first phase, in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, the western part of the building was built, including the tower, the three-aisled nave and transept. This was completed in 1528. The construction of the western tower continued and by 1566 two levels of the tower were completed. Then, due to religious conflicts, not only did construction stop, but looting and destruction took place. Part of the church was destroyed in 1578 by Calvinists and in 1579 the old choir was demolished.

Reconstruction of the church only started in 1623. The early Gothic choir was replaced by a choir in Brabantine Gothic. Local architect Lieven Cruyl made a design for the unfinished western tower in 1662. The design provided for a spire of 134-metre-high in Brabantine Gothic style but was never realised. As a result of these delays and cost concerns, the tower was in the end never completed. Only in 1828 was a flat roof built over the unfinished tower.

The sacristy in the north-east was constructed in Baroque style in 1650-1651.



教堂的重建始於1623年。早期的哥特式合唱團被布拉班特哥特式的合唱團所取代。當地建築師Lieven Cruyl於1662年為未完工的西部塔樓進行了設計。該設計提供了一個134米高的Brabantine哥特式風格的尖頂,但從未實現過。由於這些延誤和成本問題,塔樓最終沒有完工。僅在1828年,一座平屋頂建在未完工的塔樓上。


The exterior of the sober late Gothic church is entirely constructed with sandstone from Brussels and Ledian sandstone. The church has a rich Neo-Gothic interior, including an altar and a pulpit in that style. There are various 18th century statues, including a Saint Livinus by Laurent Delvaux, a wooden St. Sebastian by J. Franciscus Allaert, eight marble statues of saints and a copy of Michelangelo’s Madonna of Bruges by Rombaut Pauwels.

The church contains many Baroque paintings, including Christ Dying on the Cross by Anthony van Dyck, the Resurrection of Lazarus by Otto Venius and paintings by Gaspar de Crayer, Philippe de Champaigne, Karel van Mander, Jan Boeckhorst, Antoon van den Heuvel, Theodoor van Thulden and others.

There are confessionals from various style periods including a Baroque confessional from the early 17th century by François Cruyt with statues sculpted by Michiel van der Voort.

The organ dates back to an instrument that was built in 1817 by the organ builder De Volder. The style of the front is fully made in gothic revival. In 1951 the instrument was remodeled and expanded by the organ builder Anneessens. The organ has 47 stops on three manuals and a pedal.

Church Treasure
There are numerous silver and gold artifacts in the silver collection. An important item is the relic of St Dorothea, in silver. Very famous is the relic of the sacred “Doorn” brought to the church by Mary, Queen of Scots, and a relic of the true Cross a gift of the Archduke Albrecht and Isabella in 1619.

清醒的晚期哥特式教堂的外觀完全由布魯塞爾砂岩和萊迪安砂岩構成。教堂擁有豐富的新哥特式內部,包括祭壇和這種風格的講壇。有各種18世紀的雕像,包括Laurent Delvaux的Saint Livinus,J. Franciscus Allaert的木製聖塞巴斯蒂安,8個大理石雕像和Rombaut Pauwels的米開朗基羅的布魯日麥當娜。


有各種風格時期的懺悔,包括17世紀早期由FrançoisCruyt創作的巴洛克式懺悔,以及由Michiel van der Voort雕刻的雕像。

該器官可以追溯到由器官製造商De Volder於1817年建造的樂器。正面的風格完全是哥特式的複興。 1951年,該器械由器官建造者Anneessens改造和擴建。該器官在三個手冊和一個踏板上有47個擋塊。

銀色系列中有許多銀色和金色的文物。一件重要的物品是St Dorothea的遺物,銀色。非常有名的是神聖的“Doorn”的遺物,由蘇格蘭女王瑪麗帶到教堂,以及真正的十字架的遺物,是1619年阿爾布雷希特大公和伊莎貝拉大禮的禮物。


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