Paneum. Wunderkammer of Bread (from panis, latin bread and museum) is a museum about the millennium-old culture of bread making. It is located at the headquarters of the food manufacturer Backaldrin in Asten in Upper Austria.

Paneum。 麵包的Wunderkammer(來自panis,拉丁麵包和博物館)是一個關於千年古老的麵包製作文化的博物館。 它位於上奧地利州Asten的食品製造商Backaldrin的總部。

Architects: Coop Himmelb(l)au
Location: Asten, Austria
Category :Exhibition Center
Design Principal: Wolf D. Prix
Project Team: Albara Arab, Martina Bighignoli, Daniel Bolojan, Donna Riedel, Benjamin Schmidt, Damian Witt, Denitsa Parleva, Risa Kagami Area: 1850.0 m2
Project Year: 2017
Photographs: Markus Pillhofer
Manufacturers: Schindler, Wiehag, KRAUS Betriebsausstattung und Fördertechnik GmbH, HÜBLER Kälte- und Klimatechnik Gesellschaft mbH, Hirsch Malerei und Mehr GmbH, Held & Franke Baugesellschaft m.b.H., STETORO neu GmbH, Tischlerei Hofer GmbH

建築師:Coop Himmelb(l)au
設計負責人:Wolf D. Prix
項目組:Albara Arab,Martina Bighignoli,Daniel Boloyan,Donna Riedel,Benjamin Schmidt,Damian Witt,Denitsa Parleva,Risa Kagami面積:1850.0 m2
照片:Markus Pillhofer
製造商:Schindler,Wiehag,KRAUS BetriebsausstattungundFördertechnikGmbH,HÜBLER製冷與空調公司mbH,Hirsch Painting and Mehr GmbH,Held&Franke Baugesellschaft m.b.H.,STETORO GmbH,Tischlerei Hofer GmbH

The Customer Information Centre and Event Forum PANEUM – Wunderkammer des Brotes – for the company Backaldrin in Asten consists of two elements: a box-shaped plinth building with foyer and event rooms plus the “Wunderkammer des Brotes”, a two-story freeform exhibition area floating on top. The chosen materials augment the contrast of these two elements: The square base building shows a cast-in-place concrete façade while the rounded wood structure of the museum is clad with stainless steel shingles.

客戶信息中心和活動論壇PANEUM – Wunderkammer des Brotes – 為Asten公司的Backaldrin公司提供兩個元素:一個帶有門廳和活動室的箱形底座建築以及一個兩層自由形式的展覽區“Wunderkammer des Brotes” 漂浮在上面。 選擇的材料增強了這兩個元素的對比:方形基礎建築展示了現澆混凝土立面,而博物館的圓形木結構則採用不銹鋼瓦片。

The base building houses the event rooms and the adjoining rooms. This area can be used for a variety of events as presentations, receptions or workshops for up to 120 visitors. The design of the exhibition area is based on the idea of a cabinet of curiosities, a concept for collections originating in the Baroque period. This concept is especially appropriate for the unusual and small-scale objects in the collection related to the topic “bread” which is presented in the exhibition area.

基地大樓設有活動室和相鄰的房間。 該區域可用於舉辦各種活動,如最多120位訪客的演示,招待會或研討會。 展覽區的設計基於一個好奇的內閣,一個源自巴洛克時期的收藏概念。 這個概念特別適用於與展覽區域中呈現的“麵包”主題相關的集合中的不尋常和小規模對象。

The center of the “Wunderkammer des Brotes” is formed by a circular atrium, in which selected items from the collection are individually suspended from the top, as in a differentiated crystal chandelier. The atrium is enclosed by a spiral stair where visitors can look at the exhibited items from various perspectives. The stair provides access to the two exhibition levels, where the objects are presented with the help of walls, tables, and cabinets that are integrated into the architecture. Additionally, all floors can be accessed by elevators. The atrium is naturally illuminated from above while the exhibition spaces have artificial light.

“Wunderkammer des Brotes”的中心由一個圓形中庭組成,其中選定的產品從頂部單獨懸掛,如同差異化的水晶吊燈。 中庭被螺旋形樓梯包圍,遊客可以從各個角度觀看展出的物品。 樓梯可以通往兩個展覽樓層,在這些展覽樓層中,借助牆壁,桌子和櫥櫃展示物品。 此外,所有樓層均可通過電梯抵達。 中庭自然從上方照亮,而展覽空間則有人造光。

The self-supporting wood shell of the exhibition structure is visible in the interior. It is composed of layered circles of cross-laminated timber. This method of construction enables the realization of the free form. The high degree of prefabrication with 3D CNC technology (Computerized Numerical Control) leads to a short building time. Leaving the precisely shaped wood timber exposed on the interior, with just a layer of paint, made additional interior finishes unnecessary.

展覽結構的自支撐木殼在內部可見。 它由交叉層壓木材的分層圓圈組成。 這種構造方法使得能夠實現自由形式。 使用3D CNC技術(計算機數字控制)進行高度預製會縮短建造時間。 將精確成型的木材木材暴露在內部,僅塗上一層油漆,就不需要額外的內飾。


FROM:ZV BHP’18 _ PANEUM – Wunderkammer des Brotes

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