Katara (cultural village) 卡塔拉(文化村)

Katara is a cultural village in Doha, Qatar. It is located on the eastern coast between West Bay and the Pearl.

It was soft-opened in October 2010 during the Doha Tribeca Film Festival (DTFF), an event that it has hosted ever since.

卡塔拉是卡塔爾多哈的一個文化村。 它位於West Bay和Pearl之間的東海岸。


Keeping pace with the emerging global culture that emphasizes the importance of diversity in human development, Katara Cultural Village is the largest and the most multidimensional cultural project of Qatar. It is a place where people come together to experience the cultures of the World. With beautiful theaters, concert halls, exhibition galleries, two mosques, and cutting-edge facilities, Katara aims to become a World leader for multi-cultural activities.

卡塔拉文化村與新興的全球文化保持同步,強調人類發展多樣性的重要性,是卡塔爾最大,最多維的文化項目。 這是一個人們聚集在一起體驗世界文化的地方。 卡塔拉擁有美麗的劇院,音樂廳,展覽館,兩座清真寺和先進的設施,旨在成為多元文化活動的世界領導者。

In line with the goals set forward by the Qatar National Vision 2030, Katara serves as a guardian to the heritage and traditions of Qatar and endeavors to spread awareness about the importance of every culture and civilization and as such, Katara hosts international, regional and local festivals, workshops, performances and exhibitions.

The cultural village was constructed on reclaimed coastal land on the eastern coast between the pearl and west bay to north of Doha and was soft-opened in 2010.

The project has been divided into four different regions and the visitors are free to stroll around the main Katara area which has been built in the style of the traditional Qatari alleyways called Al-Fereej.

根據卡塔爾2030年國家願景確定的目標,卡塔拉是卡塔爾遺產和傳統的守護者,並努力傳播對每種文化和文明重要性的認識,因此,卡塔拉擁有國際,區域和地方 節日,工作坊,表演和展覽。



The first region includes 37 traditional style buildings of various organizations and societies. This includes Qatar Fine Arts Society, Qatari Society for Engineers, Visual Art Centre, Childhood Cultural Centre, Qatar Photographic Society, Qatar Music Academy and Theatre Society. The main area also includes handicraft shop, book market, media center, academic facilities, coffee shops, green areas and information center, as well as access to a spacious, well-maintained public beach with water sports.

The second area features some of the finest international restaurants offering visitors a splendid taste of scrumptious diversity of culinary arts with original flavors of Middle East and the World’s most renowned cuisines. Retail and residential buildings constitute the third and fourth regions with excellent views of villas, shopping mall and other business establishments.

第一個區域包括37個不同組織和社團的傳統風格建築。 這包括卡塔爾美術協會,卡塔爾工程師協會,視覺藝術中心,兒童文化中心,卡塔爾攝影協會,卡塔爾音樂學院和戲劇協會。 主要區域還包括手工藝品商店,書市,媒體中心,學術設施,咖啡館,綠地和信息中心,以及通往水上運動的寬敞,維護良好的公共海灘。

第二個區域擁有一些最好的國際餐廳,為遊客提供美味多樣的烹飪藝術,中原的原味和世界上最著名的美食。 零售和住宅建築構成了第三和第四區,享有別墅,購物中心和其他商業場所的美景。

The Amphitheatre
Overlooking the radiant blue sea, The Katara Amphitheatre is an architectural beauty which was created as a fusion of the perpetual Islamic features and classical Greek theater concept. This 3275m2 landmark was officially opened on 11 December 2011 and the opening ceremony was highlighted by an amazing concert specially done by legendary Vangelis and featuring World-famous stars like Jeremy Irons, Angela Gheorghiou and Roberto Alagna. The amphitheater has a seating capacity 5000 persons and has hosted most popular events like open-air film viewings and pop concerts.

The Katara Amphitheatre俯瞰著璀璨的藍色大海,是一座建築之美,融合了永恆的伊斯蘭特色和古典希臘劇院概念。 這個3275平方米的地標於2011年12月11日正式開放,開幕式由傳奇的Vangelis特別完成的一場精彩的音樂會突出,其中包括Jeremy Irons,Angela Gheorghiou和Roberto Alagna等世界著名明星。 圓形劇場可容納5000人,並舉辦過大多數熱門活動,如露天電影觀賞和流行音樂會。

The Opera House
Home to the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, The Katara Opera House has rapidly become a lively focal point for some of the World’s top performers. The Opera House offers a lavish cultural experience with a blend of Oriental and late Victorian architectural styles, resultant from European 19th century models and conventional Islamic design. The theater has a seating capacity of 550 people.

作為卡塔爾愛樂樂團的所在地,卡塔拉歌劇院迅速成為世界頂級表演者的熱門焦點。 歌劇院提供奢華的文化體驗,融合了東方和晚期維多利亞時代的建築風格,由歐洲19世紀的模型和傳統的伊斯蘭設計。 劇院可容納550人。

Drama Theatre
The drama theatre offers a luxurious cultural experience with a blend of the traditional Islamic architecture of Doha and contemporary designs. The indoor Drama Theatre main stage elicits the sensitivity of open air experience. The theatre is constructed in such a way to host film screenings and a wide range of events. Moreover, this theatre is suitable for hosting receptions and functions before and after the performances as it has a separate entrance and annex hall.

戲劇院提供豪華的文化體驗,融合了多哈傳統伊斯蘭建築和現代設計。 室內戲劇院主舞台引發了露天體驗的敏感性。 劇院的建造方式是舉辦電影放映和各種活動。 此外,這個劇院適合在演出前後舉辦招待會和活動,因為它有一個單獨的入口和附屬大廳。



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