Architects: Studio B Architects
Location: Aspen, Colorado 81611, United States
Category: Residential
Lead Architects: Scott Lindenau, FAIA and Ashley Clark, AIA
Design Team: Eric Sechrist, AIA
Area: 6000.0 m2
Project Year: 2017
Photographs: James Florio
Manufacturers: Wood Soffit & Ceiling, Arrigoni Woods

建築師:Studio B Architects
首席建築師:美國建築師協會的Scott Lindenau和美國建築師協會的Ashley Clark
設計團隊:美國建築師協會Eric Sechrist
照片:James Florio
製造商:木拱腹和天花板,Arrigoni Woods

The V-plan parti reflects the owner’s desire for privacy and gardens within a wedge shaped site on the Aspen golf course.

V-plan parti反映了業主對Aspen高爾夫球場楔形場地內隱私和花園的渴望。

Focused inward towards a large central courtyard, the program is pushed to the property edges to screen adjacent neighbors and direct framed views both into the courtyard and beyond to mountain views. The splayed shape is defined by two articulated gable structures that divide public and sleeping spaces, joined by an intimate family room that anchors the plan.

該項目向內傾斜朝向一個大型中央庭院,被推向酒店邊緣,以篩選鄰近的鄰居,並將景觀直接引入庭院和遠處的山景。 張開的形狀由兩個鉸接的山牆結構定義,分隔公共和睡眠空間,由一個固定計劃的私密家庭室連接。

Obscured from the street, a modest front facade creates a private approach, allowing the spaces and views to be revealed through a sequential progression. Within the interior, volumes are vaulted to reflect the gabled rooflines offering expansive, varying views as you circulate through the home.

從街道遮擋,一個適度的正面立面創造了一個私人的方法,允許通過順序進展顯示空間和視圖。 在內部,體積是拱形的,以反映山牆屋頂線,當您在家中流通時,提供廣闊,不同的視圖。

The contrast between the textured dark exterior cedar and the rich warm interior finishes create a dialogue that reflects the client’s spirit within a home that is both bold and comfortable.





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