The world’s largest June 4th monument was completed in Los Angeles, and nearly 200 people from all walks of life attended the inauguration ceremony. Chen Weiming, the creator and sculptor of the monument, said, “We don’t want to forget the tragedy that occurred in June 4th 30 years ago. That is the pain in the hearts of Chinese people.”
The June Fourth Monument is located on Interstate 15 connecting Los Angeles and Las Vegas. It consists of two giant numbers, “6” and “4”. The back of the base is engraved with more than 200 people collected by Tiananmen mother Ding Zilin. The name of the June 4 victims. Chen Weiming said, “The sculpture itself is 6.4 meters high, plus a 2.5-meter pedestal, just 8.9 meters, meaning the commemoration of 89 June. This park is just 6,400 miles from Beijing, China, and the azimuth angle is 64 degrees.”
For the purpose of establishing sculptures, Chen Weiming said that they want to use sculpture to maintain people’s memories of the June 4th incident and remind the world to never forget the threat of the dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party.





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