Crafting a Retail

Architects:Metropolitan Studio of Architecture
Location:Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan
Lead Architects :Syed Fawad Hussain, Leena Hassan
Client: Warda
Area :6720.0 m2
Project Year: 2017
Photographs :MIrza Omer
Manufacturers: Aparici, DAIKIN, Unilux

地點:白沙瓦,巴基斯坦開伯爾 – 普赫圖赫瓦
首席建築師:Syed Fawad Hussain,Leena Hassan
照片:MIrza Omer

MSA collaborated with WARDA, a clothing brand, on designing of their new stores, which are planned in various cities of Pakistan. Peshawar Flagship is the first in this series. Each flagship store is designed keeping in mind the idea that it will serve as a rejuvenating device for the brand. MSA has taken this collaboration as an opportunity to look closely at the retail culture of Pakistan in general and WARDA retail strategies in specific. These explorations helped in developing an overall thematic of the brand, where context becomes the central focus of the aesthetics of the flagships.

MSA與服裝品牌WARDA合作設計他們的新店鋪,這些店鋪計劃在巴基斯坦的各個城市進行。 白沙瓦旗艦店是本系列中的第一款。 每個旗艦店的設計都牢記著它將成為品牌的恢復活力的設備。 MSA將這次合作視為一個機會,密切關注巴基斯坦的零售文化和WARDA零售戰略。 這些探索有助於發展品牌的整體主題,其中背景成為旗艦美學的核心焦點。

WARDA flagship in Peshawar is the very first project realized in this series of MSA-WARDA collaboration projects. It is a two-story flagship store with a covered area of 6,720 sqft.. The lay out of the store responds not only to the programmatic requirements of the project but also to the retail behavior of the costumers. The design is used as a device that helped identifying and organizing what a brand can offer to its clients not the other way round.

白沙瓦的WARDA旗艦產品是該系列MSA-WARDA合作項目中實現的第一個項目。 這是一個兩層樓的旗艦店,佔地面積為6,720平方英尺。商店的佈局不僅響應項目的程序要求,還響應客戶的零售行為。 該設計被用作幫助識別和組織品牌可以為其客戶提供的設備,而不是相反。

The aesthetics of the project is driven by the careful study of the history of the built heritage of the city. From the choice of the material to its craftsmanship, the project relied on the local resources at the same time the project is a dedication to the contemporary culture of the retail. MSA conducted a thorough research of the built heritage of the city Peshawar. The city has a long history of using brick as a main construction material (Bala Hisar brick fort) and wood as the main interior material. MSA has inverted this relationship by using wood as the main exterior material and brick as the main finishing material of the indoor walls. This shift of materials has given the flagship a unique aesthetic experience and still maintains the same old traditional material pallet. This front metal and wooden screen mitigates the solar gain and also helps control the natural light intake.

該項目的美學是通過仔細研究城市建築遺產的歷史來推動的。 從材料的選擇到工藝,該項目依靠當地資源,同時該項目是對零售業當代文化的奉獻。 MSA對白沙瓦市的建築遺產進行了徹底的研究。 這座城市歷史悠久,以磚為主要建築材料(Bala Hisar磚堡)和木材為主要內部材料。 MSA通過使用木材作為主要外部材料並將磚作為室內牆壁的主要裝飾材料來顛倒這種關係。 這種材料的轉變使旗艦產品具有獨特的美學體驗,並且仍保持著相同的傳統材料托盤。 這款前金屬和木質屏幕可減輕太陽能增益,並有助於控制自然光線的攝入。

The wall behind the long cash counter is created in wood by employing a traditional technique of “Tarseem Bandi”, where the geometric pattern is made in wooden pieces and the spaces in between the pattern lines are given unique colors. Tarseem Bandi is usually found on the ceilings of the traditional Haveli’s of the city.

長現金櫃檯後面的牆壁採用傳統的“Tarseem Bandi”技術在木材中創造,其中幾何圖案由木製件製成,圖案線之間的空間給予獨特的顏色。 Tarseem Bandi通常位於城市傳統Haveli的天花板上。

Another important feature of the project is it’s indoor and outdoor plantation. A large chunk of the indoor space is dedicated to plantation in a jungle like arrangement. In the same way a tree is planted in front of the main door of the flagship that welcomes the costumers and participate in creating a distinctive sense of place. This tree grows with the store and both share a common history. The overall project heavily borrows its material and technical sensibilities from the building tradition of the city, Peshawar.

該項目的另一個重要特徵是它的室內和室外種植園。 大部分室內空間專門用於種植叢林般的安排。 同樣地,在旗艦的大門前種植一棵樹,歡迎顧客,並參與創造一種獨特的地方感。 這棵樹隨著商店而增長,並且兩者共享共同的歷史。 整個項目大量借鑒了白沙瓦城市建築傳統的材料和技術敏感性。



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