Though all eyes are on Disney’s Hollywood Studios as the August opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge approaches, Disney will be making a few new additions this spring across the resort. From a new show that has already debuted at Disney’s Animal Kingdom to the much-anticipated Cars attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and even a few fun little extras at Disney’s resorts, here’s every new experience coming to Walt Disney World this spring!

儘管所有的目光都集中在迪士尼的好萊塢影城上,因為8月份的星球大戰:銀河邊緣即將開幕,迪斯尼將在今年春天在度假村內增加一些新品。 從已經在迪士尼動物王國首次亮相的新節目到迪士尼好萊塢影城備受期待的汽車景點,甚至迪士尼度假村的一些有趣的小演員,今年春天來到沃爾特迪斯尼世界的每一個新體驗!


1. Bollywood Beats (Disney’s Animal Kingdom) 寶萊塢節拍(迪士尼動物王國)

Open: Now

The brand new Bollywood Beats show, which brings traditional Indian dance together with the fire of Hindi film opened last week at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in the Asia area of the park. This show will be performed several times daily at the stage across from the Anandapur Theater, and is expected to stick around for awhile.


全新的寶萊塢Beats秀,帶來了傳統的印度舞與上週印度電影之火在公園亞洲地區的迪斯尼動物王國開幕。 這個節目將每天在Anandapur劇院對面的舞台上進行幾次,預計會堅持一段時間。


2. Mariachi Cobre Presents … The Story of “Coco” (Epcot)  Mariachi Cobre呈現……“可可”(Epcot)的故事

Open: Now

Earlier this month a new show debuted in the outside area of the Mexico Pavilion that tells the story of Coco in a whole new way. For this new show the Mariachi Cobre group is joined by a pair of Folklórico (traditional Mexican folk dance) dancers who perform to the music of the film, pulling everyone into the story of the film. Miguel himself also appears in the show in the form of a whimsical, hand-crafted puppet who comes to life along with the dancers as the music from the film is performed. This show has been very popular in its opening days, and Disney has been changing the schedule at Epcot to try and control crowds in this area of the park.


本月早些時候,一個新的節目在墨西哥館的外部區域首次亮相,以全新的方式講述了Coco的故事。 對於這個新節目,Mariachi Cobre樂隊加入了一對Folklórico(傳統的墨西哥民間舞蹈)舞者,他們為電影的音樂表演,將每個人都拉進電影的故事中。 米格爾本人也以一個異想天開的手工製作的木偶形式出現在節目中,隨著電影中的音樂表演,這些木偶與舞者一起生活。 這個節目在開幕時間非常受歡迎,迪士尼一直在改變Epcot的時間表,試圖控制公園這個區域的人群。


3. Mermaid School (multiple resorts) 美人魚學校(多個度假村)

Open: Now

Select hotels at Walt Disney World are now offering a special “Mermaid School” experience where guests can wear a mermaid tail and learn how to swim with it. This experience is available for guests ages 4 and older in this hour-long class, which is available at Disney’s Art of Animation Resort, Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, and Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club Resorts. Cost for this experience is $50/person (plus tax)


華特迪士尼世界的精選酒店現在提供特殊的“美人魚學校”體驗,客人可以穿著美人魚尾巴,學習如何游泳。 這個長達一小時的課程可供4歲及以上的客人使用,可在迪士尼動漫藝術度假村,迪士尼加勒比海灘度假村以及迪士尼遊艇和海灘俱樂部度假村購買。 這次體驗的費用是50美元/人(加稅)


4. Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy (Disney’s Hollywood Studios)  Lightning McQueen的賽車學院(迪士尼好萊塢影城)

Open: March 31

Later this month, Disney will open a new Cars attraction will immerse guests in the world of Cars and bring them face to face with racing legend Lightning McQueen. Taking on the role of rookie racer, guests will cruise into the theater and find yourself face-to-face with this character, who will appear “live” on stage in animatronic form, while giant, wraparound screens that are nearly two stories tall and stretch more than 200 feet from end to end, pull guests into into the action.

The show will take place after the events of Cars 3, and feature McQueen going through some of his career highlights while testing out a new racing simulator before, inevitably, things go wrong (as they always do in theme park attractions!)


本月晚些時候,迪士尼將開啟一個新的汽車景點,讓客人沉浸在汽車世界中,並將他們與賽車傳奇人物Lightning McQueen面對面。 扮演新秀賽車手的角色,客人將巡游到劇院,發現自己與這個角色面對面,他們將以電子動畫的形式出現在舞台上“現場”,同時巨大的環繞式屏幕近兩層高, 從頭到尾伸展超過200英尺,拉客人進入行動。

該節目將在Cars 3事件發生之後進行,並且McQueen將在測試新賽車模擬器之前完成他的一些職業生涯亮點,不可避免地會出現問題(因為他們總是在主題公園景點中做!)


5. Captain Hook’s Pirate Crew (Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club resort) 胡克船長的海盜船員(迪士尼遊艇和海灘俱樂部度假村)

Open: April 28

Now that the Pixar kids’ experience is ending at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, a new kids’ experience at Disney’s Yacht and Beach Club will be taking place from 5pm to 8:30pm. In this new experience, Captain Hook will be looking for a new band of adventurers to learn the pirate code and follow clues leading to hidden treasure. As part of Captain Hook’s Pirate Crew, these young buccaneers will comb through the resort and set sail on a pontoon boat around Crescent Lake including an escape room type experience. Once the treasure is unearthed, all join in a Pirate Feast that includes selections such as Cannon Meatballs with marinara or macaroni and “gold” sauce for entrees, along with a treasure chest treat or fruit for dessert. This new offering will cost $55 (plus tax) per child and is available for ages 4 to 12.


現在皮克斯兒童的體驗正在迪斯尼當代度假村結束,迪士尼遊艇和海灘俱樂部的新兒童體驗將於下午5點至8點30分舉行。 在這次新的體驗中,胡克船長將尋找新的冒險家樂隊來學習盜版代碼,並追隨隱藏寶藏的線索。 作為胡克船長的海盜船員的一部分,這些年輕的海盜將穿過度假村,乘坐新月湖周圍的浮橋船,包括逃生房式體驗。 一旦寶藏被挖掘出來,所有人都參加海盜盛宴,其中包括Cannon Meatballs with marinara或者通心粉和主菜的“金”醬,以及用於甜點的百寶箱美食。 這項新產品每名兒童的費用為55美元(加稅),適用於4至12歲的兒童。


6. Fancy Nancy meet and greet 花哨的南希見面並問候

Open: May 1

Disney Junior character Fancy Nancy will be coming soon to an all-new character greeting location at Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ Animation Courtyard, where she’ll be meeting in front of her backyard playhouse. Nancy will also soon be part of breakfast at Disney Junior Play ‘n Dine at Hollywood & Vine – alongside Vampirina, Doc McStuffins and Roadster Racer Goofy. This new character experience will replace Sofia the First, who will no longer be meeting guests in this area at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


迪士尼少年角色Fancy Nancy將很快來到迪士尼好萊塢電影公司動畫院的全新角色問候地點,在那裡她將在她的後院劇場前面開會。 南希也很快將參加迪士尼少年戲劇’好萊塢和藤蔓的晚餐 – 與Vampirina,Doc McStuffins和Roadster Racer Goofy一起享用早餐。 這種全新的角色體驗將取代索菲亞第一,他將不再在迪斯尼好萊塢影城與這一地區的客人會面。



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